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  1. When I create a keybind using the console, the next time I load wurm the keybind is gone. This is a recent change; it worked fine up until a week or 2 ago. I thought it might be an issue with multiple clients running, but it happens with only 1 client. It happens on both my laptop (normal client) and desktop (unstable client). It might be related to me copying keybind files from my laptop to my desktop, but that shouldn't effect the laptop. Changing and saving keybinds in the launcher works fine, but there are a few commands you can't set there, as well as duplicate keybinds can't be set there.
  2. The bronze age came before the iron age. Working with iron/steel wasn't complicated by the material, but by the temperatures required to produce it. Copper/bronze can be smelted in a campfire(RL, not game, in game can even do iron and steel). Pretty much working any iron repeatedly in a forge makes a form of steel, the best blacksmiths knew recipes for steel though they didn't realize it wasn't still iron until much later. Iron is far to brittle to make weapons from in it's pure forms.
  3. Black Drake Hide Jacket - 90ql - 56AoSP 25s Black Drake Hide Pants - 90ql - 58AoSP 22s
  4. If the tile has 3 extra dirt, flatten will take 1 dirt from inventory or do nothing. [18:00:03] You use a dirt in one corner. If the tile has 2 extra dirt, flatten will dig 1 dirt leaving the tile with 1 dirt extra and ending. I'm not sure how it works if you have dirt, might take 2 from inventory. If the tile has 1 extra dirt, flatten will dig leaving tile flat. [17:59:46] You assemble some dirt from a corner.
  5. My comment about borders was only in relation to the sharks issue on borders without pre-existing links.
  6. I haven't used a horse in ages, because it's so much more useful to have the storage of a cart even if I don't need that much room. Horse theft can be stopped with branding, though might not stop murder. It'd be nice if branding was character specific rather than deed specific. Add a deed managed button like gates have. It would make living on someone elses deed much better.
  7. I find deliveries that don't require the bulk of a boat far easier on Indy via cart, and my cart goes faster. If you don't care about the protections or the deed marker system, the old method of road building still works just fine.
  8. If you don't plot course before reaching the border, you will be kicked out of the boat and have to manually turn it around to get back in. The border unloads you from current island and loads you into another. I'm not sure what meaning of invisible wall your using. There is nothing beyond the border, it's more like non-existent space than a barrier to prevent you from traveling further. The other 2 questions I don't know the answer to. I'm guessing since there aren't land bridges, that it's not currently possible.
  9. I also use Lastpass. They did have a security breach a couple years ago, but no passwords were stolen. As for a single point of failure, browsers save passwords is lightly or unencrypted files, a high priority target for any malicious virus or malware. Apart from keeping the passwords in your head, no digital storage solutions are perfect. If you go into your browser settings, there should be a list of saved passwords. Most browsers allow you to see the password if you choose to.
  10. Flat items fall through the ground. Items like wemp, with very low profile just vanish(on dirt). Dropping other items creates the shovel box and items can be picked up. This has happened over a couple restarts. I noticed horses hooves seem to be below ground too (on grass). I haven't looked into other terrains or pavement yet.
  11. If it was a google spreadsheet, open your google drive, click items linked to me, and it'll show a history of files you've opened.
  12. The doc According to the design doc, this is exactly how it should work. And the deed doesn't really need to be end of a highway, just a T junction rather than the highway going straight through the deed.
  13. I tested both of my graphics profiles with both live and unstable client. The wemp is hidden and mouseover doesn't see it on either field/dirt or cobblestone. The wemp is visible on unstable in both profiles but has an interesting texture, looks like a candycane. I'm not sure why but 1 profile has GLSL disabled, the other has FBO disabled, and since neither has both disabled I don't see either option affecting this. A little more exploration, this happens indoors on pavement or floor tiles, even 2nd floor tiles. The wemp is not visible from below either.
  14. Instead of or in addition to adding slope checking code, some areas could be marked as off limits to animals. The cliffs along the north side of Indy and Xan, 10-20 by up to 50 tiles of area virtually impassible to players, that animals run up to the water and move back and forth across these cliffs not being able to go north and never going far enough in other directions to ever leave the cliffs. This is just an example, I know of several such places on Indy where animals end up in dead zones they stay until they die of old age.
  15. Diagonal slope can't exceed 40 either. can be 40 on both sides, and 1 on the other sides, and can't pass.
  16. Previous name options for tents were in the permission window. The permission window was removed, taking naming with it.
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  18. Yo-yo's require string, which comes from cotton, which requires farming. Since you have farming already for yo-yos, chopped veggies are just simpler. For Fo, cloth needs string which needs cotton, still need farming. For Mag you need mining, so they can skip farming. Fixing yo-yo's requirements back to original for people that want to play with yo-yos is a great idea. This thread was specifically about yo-yo favor comparison, which was lacking the major factor of get-price/favor per item for the comparable items. This was the major reason chopped veggies were added, to level the ball field. If you are expecting devs to go back to yo-yo vs lock favor balancing, I doubt that's in their roadmap. The homogenized chopped veggies are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.
  19. Selling Favor Gems 1.5c/ql 10 80+ql gems 12s. Gems under 30ql accepted for payment 50i/ql, under 10ql 1c/ql
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  21. you are testing on an active protected pavement? with a green catseye?
  22. Size runes allow larger items. Volume runes allow more items. I'd like to compile a list of what benefit they offer for specific containers Size 5%: Wagon - loading bsb Volume 10%: Wagon - 1 additional large crate.
  23. I will enchant any tool with Blessings of the Dark or Wind of Ages for 35c. The casts will be random, minimum 60. I do get occasional 80+ but not many. I will not promise anything over 60 atm. My channeling is 74. I don't shatter many items, but they do happen. I do not offer any guarantee against shatters but only charge for successful enchants. I would prefer not to cast on rares. I can also cast Life Transfer, Nimbleness or Mind Stealer for 50c. Frostbrand, AoSP, Web, Lurker in the Deep/Dark for 35c. Same restrictions as above. Animal, Libila, Dragon, Human Demise 15c.
  24. Please add sort options to the Almanac. Time until ripe would be greatly appreciated.
  25. This thread is over 2 years old.