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  1. Sandstone, Marble, Slate forges, ovens, altars, coffins, tables... Could even be creative, heat faster, burn longer, hold more or other perks. Also a use for those pesky rare sandstone shards and bricks
  2. WTS 2k grapes 6s

    WTS 2k grapes 6s contact kelody/kenolein in game or kelody on forums.
  3. 29000 ql in gems

  4. Fishing

    The fishing page was updated with many of the new systems. It does not properly address how to make new fishing rods and their difference from poles. It also still suggests a fine fishing pole. The fishing pole page should be updated to suggest people use (or at least learn about) the new rods.
  5. Let fruit juice be used to make berry gin. Add Strawberry wine (at least was told it wasn't possible). Right now, the only uses I've found for fruit juices are ice cream (needs snow, not very useful ) or fruit-aid (not very useful),
  6. WU - GM Functions Discussion

    Can't you get credit for the tutoral by doing /tutorial, then /skiptutorial. Hard to type when you don't have a chat window though.
  7. If you update java, and have both 32 and 64 (or just 32) bit java installed, wurm often picks 32 and requires 64. This is usually the case of people reporting issues like this. Why are you posting in a player self help question thread, and not the technical support forum? (way down the forum page)
  8. Those aren't just keybinds, they are entire profiles. On the launcher, under character select it says default. Change that. If you want to find a way to mass change keybinds in game, look up how the game can run exe files (text, not executable).
  9. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Please make smile examine not overwrite give birth date when animal isn't pregnant. The setting of given birth 24 hours / 7 days is cleared.
  10. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    New guard tower at Q19 - 43x 53y and Exodus haven is gone. PS: It's been commented that the wiki lndy map no longer points to the correct map. (I didn't verify).
  11. The building of Haven's Landing

    Other spawn points have standard or near standard perimeter. I gave up counting Haven's perimeter at 20. I doubt any server has space near spawns for that kind of perimeter to be added now.
  12. Priest Journal

    The new journal might be a step up from the old personal goals, It carried forward one major flaw. It doesn't take into account priests. For new players, doing tasks before becoming a priest, or losing .5 faith isn't a big deal. For existing priests at or near cap, losing .5 faith means joining a sermon group to regain it as prayers give virtually no faith.
  13. Priest Journal

    Paawheelr had this until it was nerfed. Paa lost so much this patch. But this post was about the journal, not generic priest complaints.
  14. The building of Haven's Landing

    There are at least 3 mines in just a few minutes walk from haven, though none have signs and some may have collapsed. The closest 1 is just south of the road that runs east west along the north edge of Haven. As for getting rid of the ore, I wasn't suggesting not adding a trash bin. I don't know how permissions work in Haven, are we allowed to build anything like that? I had thought of delivering the smelter I left in silver mountain tunnel to haven mine.
  15. The building of Haven's Landing

    Alternate fix to the ore piles problem would be to add a smelter or forge to the mining area. A newbie asked me what good mining was if he couldn't carry any of it. I explained about using a cart, but that's not obvious to most new players.
  16. Fo the nature god?

    If Fo is devoted to nature, why would he want his priests to spend time underground mining? I understand the desire for balance, but wood cutting is a much better fit.
  17. Fo the nature god?

    He requests sacrifices of cloth, which require ending the life of cotton plants.
  18. This is still a bug. It is very annoying. It is more than annoying when the ceiling is at or above the max flatten distance and can't be fixed. BTW, this isn't a call for be able to level the adjacent tile with concrete or something, just that level doesn't break the currently flat tile.
  19. [Fixed] ghost horses

    I have a half dozen ghost horses on my deed. At least 1 is listed twice in get info. I can locate them on my dock, but there isn't a horse anywhere near.
  20. Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy

    Silver Mountain Highway and Diamond Highway catseyes have been finished all the way to the Crystal Canal Bridge. I do not know how it connects up north, but it does.
  21. Pawheelr priest is able to dig, flatten and level, but not dig_to_pile.
  22. The building of Haven's Landing

    Was adding catseyes to the highway leading down to the water, and it turns out someone deeded it in the last 24 hours and I couldn't finish. If anyone knows the deed owner or in the Albia alliance, please have them finish.