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  1. Crystal Canal Academy at Crystal Lake Gardens and Terraces Welcoming new and returning players A new home at the south end of Crystal Lake right on the Canal. More info and pictures coming soon. No labor or tax required to join. Housing options and craft facilities are under construction now.
  2. This idea died. I had a couple villagers but not anything in the way of help and was more than I could take on myself at the time. I'd still love to be involved in a community deed, but I probably won't be mayor again.
  3. Silvermink Ranch, Independence

    Bump, Lowered prices.
  4. I have a selection of 5 speed horses and foals, hell horses and foals, and bison for sale. All animals are clean, no non-speed traits. Bison 40c ea. Nightshade, Shadow and Molten - 1s ea. Cinder, Ash, Envious - 50c ea. Ebony Black, Blood Bay and Piebald Pinto - 50c ea. Black, Brown, Grey, White, Gold - 25c ea. Skewbald Pinto Females 1.5s each. Appaloosa, Chestnut and Silver Black soon(tm). I am located in the Crystal Canal, Independence Server. Free Delivery available to coastal areas for orders over 2s. Gems under 30ql accepted for payment 50i/ql, under 10ql 1c/ql
  5. You can purchase a deed, to customize as you please. The servers themselves are shared among all players. You can customize areas without a deed, but risk having another player deed on or near your location. This isn't possible if you put a deed first.
  6. Deed Lighting

    I live in the shadow of a mountain. I only get sun first thing in the morning, and late afternoon. Can we get an deed option to leave deed lights on all day? It is noticeably darker when the lights turn off in the morning.
  7. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    Can this be retroactively updated since journal beginning or do we have to cast again?
  8. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    Numbers on unstarted or single unit tasks are showing 100%, when not started or shouldn't have a number at all. (wine and restore fragment for me).
  9. Global spell goal

    This is premature and unknown, but a hope it's implemented this way. Global Spells are NOT shared among links, only the caster receives credit. Give all linked priests completion for global spells. 1 priest of 8 or more getting the goal completion will make it very difficult for many people to ever finish this goal. Linked priests do now get credit. This is still a very difficult task if the community isn't helpful. Rite of Death can now be cast on Freedom also. I do not know if they fixed the issue with demigods not gaining power.
  10. Size runes allow larger items. Volume runes allow more items. I'd like to compile a list of what benefit they offer for specific containers Size 5%: Wagon - loading bsb Volume 10%: Wagon - 1 additional large crate.
  11. Global spell goal

    OP updated, only caster receives credit.
  12. WTS Cheap Dirt

    40c/k - pickup Q19 Indy - Silvermink Ranch Bring your own containers Up to 100k available. Knarr full - 43 crates with crate drop - 12,900 dirt - 11s delivered to any external coast (knarr included for 18s)
  13. WTS Cheap Dirt

  14. Silvermink Ranch, Independence

    Back in Business 2019
  15. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Is this process expected to take weeks or months? From the sounds of it a test server should be fairly soon.
  16. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Yesterday Indy had 300+ people and worked better than it has in weeks. Today, It's the worst it's been since moving back to the old hardware. Please investigate.
  17. WTS compasses

    Compasses: 64ql 86woa 85c 60ql 88woa 75c 59ql 71woa 45c
  18. WTS compasses

    bump - 3 left, prices lowered!
  19. Closed

    Auctioning a Supreme Pinewood Freedom Wagon Starting Bid: 50s/50e Minimum Increment: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 75s/75e Sniper Extension: 1hr from last bid.
  20. WTS compasses

    [20:16:41] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than 3 minutes.
  21. Pre-priest patch, a white lighter priest that joined hots was Lib on Chaos, and kept God on Freedom. Now Lib follows the player home. My mag follower now has no diety on freedom just from visiting Chaos, having been hots already. He was 30 faith Magranon before visiting. My 100 faith Fo priest ended up a 100 faith Lib priest on freedom (and 1 faith on Chaos) from joining Hots on Chaos. Either the wiki needs to be fixed, or this needs to be fixed and players need to be informed, possibly even putting up a WSA for priests not to join black light kingdoms. The wiki needs fixing on the priest page and a warning added about possible priest/faith loss. In the past, chaos religion didn't effect freedom, it should continue to be so seeing as faith is still not connected. A statement of the intended way this should work, and making it work that way would help players like me know if I can't join friends on Blacklight kingdoms. This does not effect player gods.
  22. White Lighter priests and Hots Kingdom

    In the past, Chaos and Freedom religions and kingdoms were independent. I had already used transfer on Freedom (indy) before going to Chaos as a BL kingdom. I was given no warnings when I crossed, no option to change kingdom. I just found out when returning to Freedom, I had no faith or religion anymore. This has happened again to another of my characters, a Vynora priest this time. I don't care whether I'm a priest or have any faith on Chaos. I do care it stripped 100 faith from my Freedom side. I did not pray or convert while on Chaos, I do not know if I have any faith while on Chaos.
  23. WTS compasses

    bump, a few left.
  24. Let fruit juice be used to make berry gin. Add Strawberry wine (at least was told it wasn't possible). Right now, the only uses I've found for fruit juices are ice cream (needs snow, not very useful ) or fruit-aid (not very useful),