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  1. Hi guys the name is Emortal, my friend is running my wurm server on a dedicated server. Running 2 IBM x3200 m3 servers, Xeon 2.80 GHz quad cores, 16 gigs of ram, 2 15x 300 gig SAS drives in raid 0, 120 MB down / 25 MB upload network all ran on a priority cisco switch to provide a lag free gaming experience. Backups for the servers are ran every 15 mins, to provide a stable recovery point. Alright done with the technical stuff lol Server is ran on the East Coast of the US. I've created my own custom map with the thanks and help of WGenerator The server is also working with the modloader. Right now we have Ago's Modloader along with a few mods including live map, & creature mod (which adds more creatures ingame). SpellMod: a mod that makes all spells available and removes many priest restrictions to make playing a priest with only one character more enjoyable CropMod: prevents crops from overgrowing and can add a few extras on harvest SeasonsMod: a mod that tells when exactly the seasons start Bag of Holding: a spell to magically enlarge your pen containers Skill gain at the moment is 5.0 Action speed multiplier is at 5.0 Max Creatures is at 14000 No Deeding Costs is enabled along with settlement upkeep costs Things will be tweaked if need be. I am really looking for people to help me build the city, and port for the main city of Acadia. I also need mature, friendly people to help with advertising & helpign with the forums and people who have experience with perhaps running a server, being a GM for another or a helper. Or people who would like to be apart of a new server in the beginning.
  2. Can someone please tell me how to even open up the program, i just built my computer earlier this week forgot i didnt install Java. So i went into the java folder and tried to use one of the applications to run the generator, now I dont know how to change the icon back to its original. How do I run it now?
  3. Hey guys, I'm on a friends server were constructing right now. I have made a settlement named, Novos Castellum (means New Village in Latin) I am making a harbor port to export ore from the big mountain I settled next too, and I could really use some ideas on some of the buildings I may include my town for my harbor esque' town. Ideas/Suggestions/Comments and Pictures for Ideas are Welcomed! Thanks In Advance!!