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  1. Hey JP how much to barrow a boat again to get a cart over to an island in the bay?
  2. Well no clue why this isn't a thing, was suggested back in 2017, it's 2021 now. Mine Doors are already 2 tiles wide, there are left and right tile archways. You've already coded in higher tile Portcullises. So this is like the next thing that is needed for the ever expanding deeds that have been around since 2006. Highways have now become 3 tiles wide from the old 2 tile wide, even more so there are places making 5 tile wide highways. Making a need for not just 2 tile wide gates but a system for wider gates. even more so the ability to put cats eyes and waystones in the center of tiles. so +1
  3. I wanted to know if you're planning to do a new map dump next month as it's half way into the year.
  4. You know I played this 5 years ago, I'm a returning player, there are others who have returned as well. NFI should not have features that SFI doesn't. I don't care the reasoning, the mechanics we have on SFI should also be on NFI. No exceptions no excuses. Sailing to the PvP server should be a thing as well. PMK should also be a thing over on NFI, you got streamers who already have deeds with over 25 people on them who wish they could make a banner or such on NFI but can't because you held back such features from them. This is stuff that brought you income, make use of it. NFI may have the most population right now, but you're holding them back from experiencing the fullness that others have on SFI. I mean I just paid for another 5 Silver JUST to get a wagon that had the JK template on it. Want y our servers to keep running, want to be able to pay some of your devs, provide such features to NFI and bring NFI features to SFI Give NFI sailing to PvP and PMKs
  5. Please add Athandra 3472, 6278
  6. More along the lines it just seamed this forum died and I figured the TS died with it lol. Checked the TS after I posted, and it doesn't really seam that active cept maybe the one channel I saw with people in it. There is also the fact that people can hide themselves inside channels if they wish to [aka certain ranks can't see into certain channels]. I know TS mechanics a bit from my work as moderator on a MC Server that had an active TS.
  7. I take it that the TS is not really used by wurm players any longer?
  8. Alright so I see that you wish for more of us to use Paypal, correct? If this is so, than why the heck do you only have choices for silver that make us pay 10 eur's? Suggestion: allow for us to pick the amount of silver we wish to buy, I'm pretty sure you can figure out the math to see how much you can sell a silver for, heck 2 silver well even better 3 silver, without the need to go and have 3 different charges to our account just to get 3 silver or 5 silver. Also something that should be put down. Don't force us to buy silver along side a 1 month premium purchase allow us to get 1 month premium for 8 eur not this 10 eur thing because of a silver added in. add these option choices to paypal users because all I see for purchases with paypal are the paypal deals and I don't care for the dang paypal deals. I want to use paypal to buy 3 silver, not my dang credit card. Now if there is an option for paypal to buy stuff that isn't from deals, well i'm sorry to say you don't show it well enough.