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  1. Wurm Online 12th Anniversary Patch Notes 5/JUN/18

    Im so disapointed, about the goal change... I only had 3 goals left, i belive it was one silver, one gold and a diamond goal Annnnd now im left with 4 goals, two diamond goals, one gold and one silver goal, which all are harder than those i had, and makes the time i spend grinding my fishing to 71 for the 190 kg fish goal, totally waste of time \o/ Not happy at all with this update.....
  2. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Hi u can sign me up for Carp, Finecarp, Masonry and Blacksmithing imps
  3. Forest Giant

    Hi we have penned the Forest Giant and invite u all to come have a sving at it. Loot is private. Time for the fight is: Location is E13 ingame map [23:36:49] This is within the village of Giant Beach Resort.
  4. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    Cod 1 tall banner, 1 banner and a flag to Dagdamor plz if tall banner cant be mailed, i want to reserve and pick up all 3 plz
  5. Horses and Mine Doors

    I can confirm this bug, had that happen several times, unsaddled horses just passed the minedoor and ran off
  6. WTS High Vyn / Nahjo Enchants (updated)

    Stone chisel, iron QL_72 CoC_100 4,0s Cod to Ninjarubberduck plz
  7. ✨Cyber Monday in Wurm "Supreme Deals!"✨

    Rare Basinet Helm, Steel - 5s Cod to ninjarubberduck plz
  8. Rares, moon metals, supreme

    Rare steel helm(w78) - 5s Cod to Ninjarubberduck plz
  9. [Fixed] Fighting BUG

    Bug confirmed, i have the same issues
  10. El Goblino

    seems like
  11. Fire and Sand Impalong - Exodus - 20th-22nd October

    i'll drop by, sometime saturday sign me up for. Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Fine carpentry and Masonry regards Ninja
  12. Animal Taming - Event Messages

    Big +1