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  1. Locatin is: F11 Follow the lighs up It might be in local from water, but not sure bout that tho see u all there
  2. Hi all We are killing a poor Goblin Leader on Pristine, and u are all invited to attend for hit and blood. Loot is private The slay is on Saturday 9pm CET Location will be added later
  3. Not that we need help killing it, we just choose to make it public and share it
  4. Caption: Move along, nothing to see here !!!
  5. Add me plz
  6. Cod #1 and #3 to ne plz
  7. Awesome deed, here a overview pic i took today
  8. So when can i catch u online?
  9. Hi im interrested in two items, that needs u to be here PM plz, same name ingame
  10. Hi plz cod me this File, iron QL_82 WoA_90 + CoC_92 2,5s Cod to Ninjarubberduck
  11. +1 this really needs to be fixed/looked into