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  1. Want to Buy: Shielding Shoulder Pads (Pair) and Pandemonium Wagon Please PM with offers here, or in game to Kegan
  2. +1. I must wear more creature parts.
  3. No worries, we will be here for a very long time, and our market is growing with new additions as we speak. Everyone is welcome here 24/7 =]. Ah, newspring. The walled island suburbs of Xanadu, from what I hear =P.
  4. I apologize, i did kind of sound like a d.i.c.k. there =/. Its just the futility of all this from his end is just cannon fodder at this point. Hopefully he realizes that from what I said in that post. Let us know when/if you do, we would be happy to assist you here in the market with anything you need - just let us know =]
  5. Ill sum it up for you. Guy logs in after 7-8 months of not playing. Guy realizes he lost land near his island, and no longer has walking access (which means its not an island in the first place). Guy gets mad and throws threats. Guy starts closing the harbor intentionally to get back at all of us for doing nothing to him in the first place. Now you're caught up =P I love the sound of commerce in the morning. They sure beat usin' those shoddy troll clubs =]
  6. Out of 134 thousand threads and over 1.3 million posts, no one makes anyone come into these -- including you. Feedback is feedback regardless of whether someone wants to hear it or not =]. Also, this publicity is great for our market. Over 12 new merchants, and over 5 new people to our resort. In the end, a forum is meant for discussions of all kinds. Also, it's Rockybalboa & Co. I'm just a worker here =] Make some popcorn. We have dozens of screenshots, small GIF's, and tons of chat logs. No need to plaster all of that up here though. =P Basically, since he has /ignore on all of us in game, he feels he has to come onto here and make all these posts. He feels this is a "formal" way to notify us of things In this case in particular he is basically saying "Im going to continue building this bridge -- against the Head GM's orders, etc etc." We only made 1 forum post -- a public service announcement -- about the waterway closing. Yes, it did end up turning into a sand throwing fest, but once it was closed we thought it was the end of it. Each successive page to this dilemma has been a thread he himself has created -- and seeing as he throws out "high lords of wurm" and other slings towards us, we will not hesitate to input our two cents on the matter, when he makes a thread, every single time. On a side note, come on down to the market -- we have lots of nice deals and offer a friendly environment for all =]
  7. We don't play "high lords of Wurm". We were simply doing this to protect the waterways from an intentional closing off due to you getting upset. If you would of built a regular bridge, not impeding access -- we wouldn't of even made that post informing the public of the close off. Although - seeing as our alliance owns literally every deed around yours, and there are about 6 humans working to better the area, we feel we have a say when someone who wishes 0% interaction with others and no teamwork tries to close off the area due something trivial and stupid. We were even willing to help you build this bridge 100%, until you backed out of the previous agreement. we don't want any problems, we just want to keep access for traders. You are -- and have always been -- free to do whatever you wish. As long as it wasn't intentional greifing/harassment. We just want to work together, where-as you just want to close everything off, and wall your deeds in. As long as a bridge of "adequate" size to keep "clear access" is built -- like Enki said, then all will be well =] *Also* Making a forum thread and then not wanting any replies and then forcing it closed is just petty. We are all wiling to talk here, as this is a public communication forum =]
  8. As much as The Glasshollow Market Crew has done everything to foster teamwork (including doing all the work for a previous bridge agreement he backed out of), we will not resort to lowering ourselves to his level. Plus he is continually hiring more NPCs to attack anyone and everyone who comes near his island deed -- so its not going to happen without fighting and screaming. The funny thing is is he is hiring someone to dig where we were originally doing it ourselves, for free. I don't understand that. You're welcome to visit the market anytime though, we have a nice selection of things =].
  9. Actually it's rather clear that every single person in this thread can read just fine, hence the "LOL", and *facepalms* and all the other posts that are 100% on topic to whats going on. =]. By a "drama attack" Im going to assume you mean a "realization of most posters that what I am asking people to do is hilarious and/or petty". "Harassed by the Drama nuts" Is coming from the guy who literally is the Architect of All refusal in this matter - who will not work with us in any way and is finding any way to cause unnecessary tension in the area =P. Although you are persistent to refuse your GM orders -- it is not wise. We tried to work with you, so all of this is on you man. We all just want to get along =].
  10. Haha, literally, metaphorically, and any other "phoric" way you can think of. I think at this point its a combination of a refusal to do what was he was ordered to do, and a refusal to see he is intentionally causing harm to an area out of spite. All of this stems from the grudge Russ has towards the old Rocky from way back, and why he refuses to work with anyone around here, he thinks we are all "rocky warriors", therefore he fights tooth and nail =P. In fact when I first met him he refused to believe I wasnt Rocky an another alt for quite some time, and proceeded to be rather harsh to me from day 1. Agreed!! A super capacity flatbed wagon being hauled by dozens of animals. How wonderful a sight that would be. Hey, is that a Mol Rehan truck?
  11. Good point. In this particular case, when you have a vengeful neighbor in between all your alliance deeds threatening to close off a highly trafficked waterway for a market that has been around since the birth of Xanadu, it tends to get the attention of everyone around =P.
  12. Hehe. I like the way you think =P. Luckily the HGM has done this already(metaphorically) -- we are just waiting patiently for him to comply =] From what the old neighbors (who have since moved away due to his actions in the past) have claimed, this is exactly what he does =P. In reality the "Get rid of free dirt" title is misleading, it should say "You can dredge anywhere, but come over here and dredge in our neighbors perimeter for me" =]
  13. If that's in reference to Meldichoir's statement, than no. Russ is trying to get people to come do his work for him and to come and dredge dirt out of our perimeter(s). (He would be able to do it himself, but as he has made all of us KOS and has hired multiple spirit guards -- showing no sign of working with us, we temporarily have returned the favor until all this gets sorted out). The dirt Meldichoir is referencing is the dirt that, for literally weeks, he was verbally taunting us about getting -- like "Hey, I've got 30k dirts now, think that's enough to close off the harbor?" etc etc. He verbally tries to get a rise out of all us here in local when he can =P
  14. The funny thing is is there is already a canal to the east of his revenge island deed -- something that has existed for over 4 months [We were literally digging it, until he himself told us to stop -- hence the reason it is not complete]. Now seeing as he is requesting a "5 tile perimeter rule" to his deed, that only leaves the 5 squares of our market perimeter for you to dig in for this supposed canal. So he is literally asking you to come dig in our perimeter(s), and not his, adding more fuel to an already unstable situation. If we wanted someone to dig this canal deeper on our own land, we would let people know. He can't make that choice for us =P. While we encourage anyone and everyone to visit our market for all of your needs, there is no need for you to get swept up in all this ridiculousness local drama.
  15. Making a forum post over a physical action and then claiming for no response/drama is weird. The intent was the exact opposite hence the creation of the thread. All of this could of been taken care of in game, informing the public was a direct attempt for attention =P. "Being fair" would be to do what you were instructed by the Head GM, not continuing to add dirt to your landbridge =P. But yes, please close.
  16. = The only way our boat is in his way, is if he is continuing to drop dirt on his landbridge (which he has been told directly to not do), its not stopping him from making a regular, passable bridge across the wide expanse. My boat is in the middle of a giant waterway, not hindering him or anyone else in any way (except by continuing to do what he was told not to do). Instead of a support ticket, I guess he has chosen to bring this here. =P
  17. According to PMs from Russwoods from the night before, he is planning on only leaving "2 squares" open for a boat bridge, which is clearly against a direct order from a GM to build a bridge of appropriate measure. This is, once again, the accused person refusing to do what he has been told directly by a head GM, and any and all forum posts here-after by him with something we have done is his way to try to seem like he is the innocent party, in the face of a direct refusal of orders from a higher party. [20:08:39] <Enki> Remove this attempted landbridge and try to get along wiht your neighbors, Build a bridge of appropriate measure to maintian clear access, and get along with your neighbors, or move. [20:09:03] <Russwoods> so i am to be punished here [20:09:23] <Russwoods> for just playiing game within the rules [20:09:36] <Enki> umm no... you havne;t [20:11:13] <Russwoods> and what happens if if i do not comply with this Can you believe he said that to Enki? Doesn't seem very smart to me.
  18. Yea, but at least all of this will work in our favor anyways, this just helps us draw attention to our new market additions. Glad to see a lot of the visitors here in the market are aware of the Grinch. His reputation has gone down quite a few chunks from all of us in the wide glasshollow area, and a good dozen or so people who've been here in the past few days. So far so good =P. I always make sure to take pictures with my phone of my entire computer screen with an expanded chat window, just so their go-to claim of "Oh, chat logs can be easily manipulated" can't always be referenced. When i have a semi-opaque chat window with all kinds of landscape details in the background see-through, you would clearly see signs of editing and it would take much more skill than hitting Backspace and changing a simple .txt file. ;]
  19. Exactly. -- Fun fact, he destroyed all his buildings on that island, He even admitted he no longer wants to use it (We have this in chat logs) -- Its just an excuse to do something 100% destructive to the "flow" of an area as justification for "revenge". Either way, this is coming from some kid who takes long breaks for months and months at a time and doesn't even really "play", this is all he's been doing since his return months ago. He lost some land (reference to rule "deed it or lose it"), came back, threw a hissy fit, and now is just turned into a vengeful troll. Either way, no skin off our bones -- Its just the waterways we are trying to protect. Glad to see someone local who has common sense and judgement, you are a welcome face here in the market anytime =]
  20. The Name and Shame thread has been closed to due excessive sand throwing and complaining, but seeing as reputation is everything, and he pretty much hermits here in the market, this is the only way we can show the true colors of someone who flip flops what he says more than a politician sweating bullets on Super Tuesday. Regardless, we just wish to inform everyone of the Grinch of Glasshollow since a lot of people come in and out of this market, we just think it should be fair to tell you to steer far and wide of him and his alts (Lynwoods/chasswoods) when you come here. He has also been known to "kick to the curb" people who have worked for him in the past, so take what is being agreed upon with a grain of salt and demand up-front payment. He admits that he plays alone -- and refuses to work together -- which is completely against playing on Xanadu, right next to a spawnpoint for beginners and a sprawling market. Placing your deeds and refusing to work with anyone around you is childish, especially if you show no interest in any other human player whatsoever. Since the market is fairly large and sees daily use, this is pretty much a public service announcement. All of us here at Glasshollow Market & Harbor strive and work very hard to keep this place full of stock, maintain a friendly helpful environment, and do all that we can to keep the area as wonderful, convenient and easy to access and joyous as it was when it first sprang up near the creation of Xanadu long ago. It's just sad when 1 immature person tries really really hard to bring everyone down because he doesn't get what he wants. Enjoy your stay, fill your coffers, and let the commerce continue =].