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  1. I can't even stay on land for more than a minute or so at NE xan, there are 6+ spiders, plus scorpions and wolves on any given hillside
  2. this guy gets it also you need flint and steel to light forges, ovens, and char piles,
  3. that's why I need friends to help me zerg rush hell hounds unless I find a hell hound near guards, it'll be hard to kill them by myself
  4. now that hell hounds drop charcoal for steel, a start with nothing playstyle is more viable, but I'll need a friend or two to help me stay on track, I plan on making an alt but I haven't chosen a server yet, and help would be appreciated
  5. okay I'm at xan, a guy from a nearby village fatynoob helped guide me to the village, but I'm not entirely sure I'm at the right place
  6. I'll pitch in, I've been meaning to get some skill in leatherworking, and this seems like a good opportunity
  7. I could really use someone to transport me from celebration to xanadu, celebration is mostly conquered, filled to the brim with mountain lions and I can't seem to find any clay so I can't start my own home stead, if someone was to take me to xanadu, I would appreciate it and be sure to repay the favor once I am able