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  1. I will try to get back to you soon. The holidays are a bit tense for me, once they are over I should return back to normal. Sorry for the wait!
  2. Few questions: What other mods do you have enabled? Are you running an up to date server, or the beta server? Can you send me the log for the server? Any other information would be great. Everything works on my end so if I had to guess it would be a mod incompatibility. Edit: One more thing, does the server run fine with this mod disabled? I think you may be running something incorrectly. Just trying to get all the bases covered.
  3. Mod is fully compatible with the beta branch. No update required.
  4. That's weird. Let me check it out. Something is definitely broken. I will check it out when I have more time. For now I have removed the boat check. Mod Update v0.2.1: Remove boat check for SMR. Temporarily.
  5. Just to clarify, the all deities toggle will include all deities loaded at the time of mod loading. This should in theory add the spell to ALL deities including custom ones and any not on the individual allow list. If you've got a custom deity from another mod, unfortunately, this mod may or may not add it to that deity; it depends on when the custom deity was loaded. Hopefully ago will create a priority loading system for mods so that these things can be fixed. Or maybe a load new spell/ load new deity interface but that's up to him and may take some time. Until then if you've got an issue with another mod, please let me know and I will try my hardest to see if I can work around it or work with the mod creator to implement it. Again, thanks for the support guys.
  6. No problem, I forgot to mention, if you post bugs and feature requests to github issues section that makes me a whole lot more organized so I'd appreciate it that if you have a github account post features/bugs there instead of here. If not, you can post them here but I might miss them. Thanks again for the support guys.
  7. New Mod update v0.2! Don't allow AF and BotD to exist in the same pickaxe Add libila config option Add feature to not need all corners to be uncovered to rock (Experimental) New dredge like item (seafloor mining rig) to mine underwater New pickaxe (azbantium pickaxe). Works the same way as the enchantment but instead of power it uses ql to determine chance Make sure to replace the config file and re-do your configurations; Some have changed Make updating easier, just drag jar file and replace (make sure you delete old jar files)
  8. Sure, I'll add that in as a config in the next update.
  9. The source looks good! You may want to update your beta still seems like it has base edits.
  10. Hi, fantastic mod, however, you're doing a base edit which might break compatibility with other mods. You should look into bytecode injection and modification with javassist. I had a bit of trouble with it at first but once you get the hang of it, it should be ok.
  11. Thanks, remember to keep checking back, I have some big ideas for this mod and I should be updating it quite often until it's done.
  12. I've gone ahead and updated the mod for you. You can now enable the spell for all deities and you may enable the use of WoA and AF at the same time.
  13. I figured as much. Are you planning on making a priority loading system? If not, like I said, I could make that an option on my end, it's simple enough.
  14. Nappy, that message is meant so that a pickaxe would not get over powered. If you've got WoA and AZ, you'd be able to surface mine considerably faster than what a balanced game looks like. If the pickaxe has WoA, you won't be able to cast this spell on it. If you cast this, then you cast WoA, it will work, this will change so that you can't cast WoA on it. I might make this configurable. I'm not sure what you mean by your first point. Could you elaborate? Are you saying that the mod won't work with this mod because it won't override which gods are allowed? I could put in a configurable option to allow all gods and ignore the individual ones if that's the case.
  15. Features Azbantium Fist enchantment that allows faster surface mining dependant on power Seafloor Mining Rig item to mine underwater Azbantium Pickaxe item alternative to Azbantium Fist (off by default) Remove surface mining restriction altogether (off by default) Don't require all corners to be uncovered (off by default) Detailed configuration Ago's Mod Loader required Information Azbantium Fist (Enchantment) Azbantium Fist works just like Wind of Ages (requires statuette, etc.) but is for the Magranon deity by default. The power directly relates to the chance you have to mine a slope down. Without the enchantment, you have a 25% chance. As the power increases, the chance goes up till you get to 100% at power 100. Seafloor Mining Rig (Item) Seafloor Mining Rig acts like a dredge but is for mining. The ingredients are: 5kg of iron lump 1kg of steel lump Continue: 2kg of lead lump 1 thick rope Azbantium Pickaxe (Item) Similar to a pickaxe, made exactly the same as one, but the ql of the pickaxe also decides the chance of lowering a rock slope. Off by default. Other features You can enable 'alwaysLowerRockSlope' in the configs and any mining will always lower rock slope. Doing so will make AF and Azbantium Pickaxe useless. You can enable 'noNeedToUnconverRock' in the configs and you will no longer need to uncover all rock tiles. This is an experimental feature and is known to convert some surrounding tiles into rock tiles. Enable at your own risk. Remember, this is an alpha, expect big changes and some bugs. Installation: Make sure you have ago's mod loader - Download here Extract contents into the mods folder Enjoy! Download: