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  1. THANKS to all who joined! See you next time, when I try to catch a cow and find a dragon.
  2. Yes, thank you for your help! timer is correct now! Thanks lovelie!
  3. I’m out of home atm. Can’t change the timer right now sorry. It’s still 23:00
  4. 23:00 in Germany (UTC+2) is 21:00 in UTC - Thanks timowi
  5. The venerable scared white dragon as been claimed and trapped in my mine. Short event for public slaying! https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/White_dragon TODAY! 23:00 in Germany (UTC+2) is 21:00 in UTC - thanks timowi https://cadence.yaga.host/#1901,2539 The easiest way is to move from EAST to my Deed "Myrtana". Would be nice, if you write a comment if you wanna join and with how many alts etc. Thank you and see you later!
  6. COD me rare pickaxe please
  7. Still Need latern? Comtact me ingame
  8. Fish Filet as well?
  9. Highway from Hinkelstein [2525, 3387], [2497, 3387]
  10. Hinkelstein - 2497, 3387 Thank you!
  11. Our Deed: Delucia - at 2296, 3499