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  1. 5s for the Hammer? CoD Somebodyx. If not, thanks anyway!
  2. Would buy large axe for 6s if possible. CoD to SomebodyX
  3. I've acquired what I've asked for. Thanks again and please close thread.
  4. +1. Does sound like a pretty decent idea to me.
  5. Hello, I have a one-of-a-kind Fantastic Glimmersteel lump that is 89.94 QL. I was curious how much will this be worth. Would say this could potentially be the only one in Wurm atm(Maybe :P) Please give me a Price Check on it, Thanks. Will sell if the price is right! PS, I've been told the statistics for a Fantastic lump is quite neat Notes below is from what I've heard. Fantastic Lump chance is 1/27,000 to obtain, and it's Glimmersteel. Imping with a Fantastic Lump gives 1/100 chance to make an item go Fantastic by transfer. -SomebodyX
  6. Nice Comic...Love the one with Zarwin lagging ...Had like 0 HP in 3 seconds Edit: Comic #7, Norad does only make comics and nothing else
  7. Insanity has went fourth to a new level ...Anyways, the vent is fun..come on the Wurm Party that's pretty fast to travel to
  8. Awesome Comic, Meet the Kabill&Gau team was awesome
  9. Madness Happened on this Ventrilo, it's probably happening all weekend..feel free to join in.. Osu Night Tonight!! (8/7/2010)
  10. LOL that's exactly what I said to Norad, "Doesn't she look like a character from Maplestory...that SHIELD NORAD..THE SHIELD"
  11. Cubeman's Character at Slide 11...Brilliant Keep up the good workz
  12. I don't know why, after reading these comics..feels like I must keep reading them
  13. I_like_this_comic.jpg
  14. Eir

    Eir is the best player and GM ...Helps a little too much to the point that you don't do work because she gets too lost into it Celebration O_O!
  15. Wow, I thought a GM would move him, but ok, guess he is doomed then. Sorry Gargols X__X
  16. mm Doesn't the referrer email the Premium to the person and he has to confirm it on email? Then Gargols can log in?