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  1. 5s for the Hammer? CoD Somebodyx. If not, thanks anyway!
  2. Wts selling out #1

    Would buy large axe for 6s if possible. CoD to SomebodyX
  3. Purchased - Please Close

    I've acquired what I've asked for. Thanks again and please close thread.
  4. Enhanced Smelting / Refining

    +1. Does sound like a pretty decent idea to me.
  5. Hello, I have a one-of-a-kind Fantastic Glimmersteel lump that is 89.94 QL. I was curious how much will this be worth. Would say this could potentially be the only one in Wurm atm(Maybe :P) Please give me a Price Check on it, Thanks. Will sell if the price is right! PS, I've been told the statistics for a Fantastic lump is quite neat Notes below is from what I've heard. Fantastic Lump chance is 1/27,000 to obtain, and it's Glimmersteel. Imping with a Fantastic Lump gives 1/100 chance to make an item go Fantastic by transfer. -SomebodyX
  6. Introducing SVC

    Nice Comic...Love the one with Zarwin lagging ...Had like 0 HP in 3 seconds Edit: Comic #7, Norad does only make comics and nothing else
  7. Wurm Meetup 2010 (Friday/Sat)

    Insanity has went fourth to a new level ...Anyways, the vent is fun..come on the Wurm Party that's pretty fast to travel to
  8. Introducing SVC

    Awesome Comic, Meet the Kabill&Gau team was awesome
  9. evybdy join da vent of cool people!!!

    Madness Happened on this Ventrilo, it's probably happening all weekend..feel free to join in.. Osu Night Tonight!! (8/7/2010)
  10. evybdy join da vent of cool people!!!

    Yah, Join us...Miku is here
  11. Introducing SVC

    LOL that's exactly what I said to Norad, "Doesn't she look like a character from Maplestory...that SHIELD NORAD..THE SHIELD"
  12. Introducing SVC

    Cubeman's Character at Slide 11...Brilliant Keep up the good workz
  13. Introducing SVC

    I don't know why, after reading these comics..feels like I must keep reading them