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  1. Well after looking through the code and database I believe the game does not actually store the ingredients used to make the food. Instead it calculates and stores just the weight, CCFP, difficulty and the bonus (the base offset in the list of affinities the food inspires). The actual affinity your character gets is based off your character's ID. There are 2 ways it calculates the offset, depending on whether you have the new affinity calculation feature turned on. I suppose it would be easy enough to make a mod that would show you the values, though that is outside the scope of my original request and not what I was looking for. However, it does make me think that maybe if you are cooking for multiple people you could just rename each food with a number to represent the "base" affinity (bonus) instead of trying to use a list of ingredients. To get the real value would require knowing what would be the affinity on one food with a know affinity for a 0-offset character, but it probably doesn't really matter if you have only 1 cook. Rename the food with the corresponding affinity number, provide each person with a list of numbered affinities, and then the can figure out what their offset is from the offset you used to make the list. The cook would probably still have to keep a list or spreadsheet with the ingredients they used along with affinity number so they could recreate it.
  2. There was a tool posted in the Unlimited Modding/Tools forum that would extract the skills for players and let you add them to a new installation. However, it is about 3 years old and I have no idea if it still works (never used it myself). While one might think they can just copy the .map files over to a new installation, this would probably create a lot of problems since buildings, item, players, etc. would still be at their old locations, likely above or below ground, in the water, etc. With a tool like I mentioned it should be possible to set the skills of the players on the new server using the values saved from the old one. If you do decide to try playing with it MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR FILES!
  3. Better still don't change the original code directly, as it means anytime there is an update your changes get lost. Instead use the techniques that Java provides to override and modify the behavior of the classes. While this doesn't guarantee that things won't break with an update, it greatly reduces the chance.
  4. The whole affinity system is overly complicated, in my opinion. I can understand why they wanted to make it different for each person, so you couldn't just look on a website and get specific recipes for each affinity. But it seems a little illogical to me that a food that gives one person say mining affinity might give another gardening, for example. If you are just cooking for yourself you could rename each meal you make with the affinity it gives, and just record the recipes somewhere. If you are cooking for multiple people, it makes it more difficult. I would have preferred a system where the affinity was based on who cooked the meal, and not the person eating it. It would still mean that each cook would have to track recipes, but at least you wouldn't have to do it for every single character. Looking at the database structure it looks to me that each meal has links to the ingredients used to make it. The actual affinity calculation must happen as a character tastes or eats the food.
  5. Scorpions drop cochineal which is used to make red dye - can't think of anything else that drops those. They also drop insect meat, though you can get that from other insect type creatures as well. If you want fowl meat you need chickens and roosters. So there are some things unique to certain creatures or categories of creatures. In many cases you have more than one source, which is a good thing if you have trouble finding certain creatures. I don't know if it is possible to solo all the bosses, even with max skill and the best gear. Maybe, but I'm skeptical.
  6. I noticed the spreadsheet (and the website) are missing some of the newer skills like archeology and restoration, which is probably why I get incorrect predictions for most things. With added skills there are no doubt more than 138 skills so mod 138 is probably no longer be correct. And I can't even check to see if my character is bugged since that tool doesn't know about the new skills either (one of my casseroles is restoration). I also get a different affinity when I cook with a filet instead of a whole meat, and apparently the spreadsheet doesn't distinguish between the two. The problem with the way the cooking system calculation is implemented, anytime they change the list of skills or ingredients, a lot of your previously known foods are probably going to give different affinities.
  7. Well then have it so it will only show up for recipes you know. Besides, can you even cook something that requires a recipe drop without knowing it already? If you can't cook it then what would be the harm in knowing how it's prepared? For recipes you just haven't discovered by experimentation, you could find out the recipe by getting a copy of the recipe from someone else (a valid game mechanic), by just having someone tell you how to make it or by looking up the recipe online.
  8. It would be really nice if when one examined cooked food it told you how it was prepared (recipe). Just having something called say "bear meal" without any way of telling what the ingredients are makes it hard to know how to recreate it. As it stands now I rename everything when I cook it so I know, but it would be really nice if I didn't have to. Plus there is a limited length to the name, which means a lot of abbreviating for the complex recipes. Ideally this should be part of vanilla Wurm, but perhaps someone has a mod/can make a mod to do this.
  9. It wouldn't be a simple mod to change the game to allow the same character to be the mayor of multiple settlements due to the database structure and coding. Adding stuff to the database is one thing, changing the existing structure of the tables would open up the possibility of too many bugs.
  10. Bank item limit

    I actually looked into writing a mod to do this quite some time ago. There is just one routine that sets BANKS SIZE for each character when they are created. It is hardcoded to be set to 5, but wouldn't be hard to have it set it to some other value. However, there are some issues I never addressed. For one the bank management window doesn't scroll, so if you make it too large the later items won't be visible. Also I never looked into what would happen if you later made the size smaller and you have more than that new value worth of items in there. Handling these issues was a lot more work than I was able to invest at the time. In the end, since I was only playing solo and not running a server I found it just easier to edit the database (wurmeconomy.db, table BANKS) and change SIZE from 5 to the size I wanted for my character (only had one entry since I only had one character). If one wanted to get really fancy it might be nice to have it start with a small value and allow a player to purchase extra bank slots.
  11. It should be possible to make a mod for this since an admin can examine a tile and see if it has water.
  12. Better Tooltips was just updated - look a couple of posts back.
  13. I believe it means you have left the area controlled or influenced by your kingdom. To expand the area of influence you have to build guard towers nearby. That is why if you belong to one of the other existing kingdoms you can only build near them - they can also be expanded if you add guard towers.
  14. There are some other notable differences between Adventure and Creative. The Adventure map has 3 kingdoms, each with a starter town. There are also a lot of hidden things spread across the map - boats, chests with high quality gear, and other things waiting to be discovered. The starter towns have a trader that you can buy and sell stuff, a bartender which will give you refreshment when you are first starting, and a tutorial that goes over some very basic stuff. The Creative map is a blank slate - no towns, hidden treasures or NPCs of any kind, and no kingdoms.
  15. By default the client side is set to automatically update to a released update but not a beta. This behavior can be changed by finding the game in your steam library and going to it's properties. As far as a server goes, if you are using steam for the server on your machine the behavior should be the same default, and you can configure it to use the beta if you prefer. For servers hosted with a third party then it really depends on how they have things set up. Your players will need to be running the same version (released or beta) as the server. Servers that run with many users and mods should probably do some testing with a separate copy of the server running beta (or ideally even new release) software to make sure everything is working correctly before updating the main server.