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  1. Alright another Pearlnorth at 24x 8y. Screenshot Please add. Regards, Gigs
  2. Helloes =) Could need a room for Giganthor! Regards :)
  3. Okay, Disbanded Hollow Hills at North Maple Island and redeeded North Bearshark Bay! Please Update Regards, Giganthor
  4. Perfect! Thank you very much for your great service over and over again!
  5. COD me that shortbow, pls. If available, blank rare saw, and carvin knife, pls.
  6. Helloes Please add my second deed "Hollow Hills" at 46x 40y Maple Island . Thank you! Regards, Giganthor
  7. Howdy peeps, same here, Looted a fountain, brought it do my deed, dropped it, was able to drink. After the update on second May it didnt work anymore! Edit: Barrels and Huge Barrels work fine for me! Regards, Giganthor
  8. The White Sands is no more, just found out while traveling around. Regards, Gigi
  9. Hey folks, im looking for Romp, the owner of Port Allure. The deed is disbanded and he started already a new one, which is also disbaned. Both by Upkeep. It seems, that he is inactive, but ill give it a try. Theres still one Building left, preventing me to expand to the shore. Got half of the building in perim, but no dmg changes for days I'd be very pleased if anyone could help me. Maybe someone who knows him, is able to contact him other ways, than wurm to ask for me. Thanks very much. Regards, Gigi