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  1. Purchased Transmutation liquid, COD, which was delivered promptly. It worked just as the seller described, and was labeled clearly to avoid confusion in the multiple tiles applied. I now have 2x2 clay upon my mountain top. This saves me an hour trip to the coast. Thank you very much
  2. LOL. That is terrifying. At least there isn't a tornado full of them.
  3. +1 provided you cannot bleed out during sleep. Sleep bonus ticks are calculated in offline sleep. Perhaps some method is available to Regen your faith for all those priest alts sitting idle, and for the wounded to heal. Fo supports this idea, if it heals the wounded.
  4. I plan to run the Tut with an alt, for practice for our GV CA channel. Once folks get the activate, click mechanics, most things flow easily. I ran a new player deed for a few years called Lemosa Docks, and then Lemosa Homestead. New players are a ton of fun to be around. We used small lots, usually 8x8, that had a notch missing that got filled by a 2x2 house. Everyone had a secure locked backyard that way for animals and farm. Tons left after a week or two, but many stayed on to be long term players, still friends to this day. The 'give everything' approach didn't work well, when they find out how long it takes to move on. The 'build anything you want here' approach worked very well. Either they leave after a day or two, or a week, or they stayed on. There was always someone there to answer questions, explain mechanics, and hunt together. This seemed to really help them.
  5. I have a cross country flight today, and will pick up a bag of taters (precious) as my carry on. Just need them to open the door for me....what are those masks for anyway...
  6. Are you certain you were the same religion? What religion were you before, when you got this convert, and what religion was the conversion to?
  7. Very odd. It is the only one that went on the ground. The other 9 went in your inventory. Perhaps you were too encumbered... Good catch Alectrys!
  8. Check spam, create a new account name, or try again after 3 days when the request times out, and that name is released. Add wurm.game.server@wurmonline.com to your address book, to ensure your emails are not blocked in the future. After the expiry, you could use another email address temporarily, and use that same character name again. Just use /changeemail to set it to your official email address.
  9. Did you copy a previous install folder of Wurm over to this PC? I got the null event once doing that, until i deleted my player folder, and all its saved settings. All the missing files were put back at default once I logged in again.
  10. New players also try to tunnel into mine doors, and struggle a bit until we help them understand the mechanics. The tool tip of "pavement" would help the learning process. No tool tip for "mine door" though. /pvp Pavement can be removed with a shovel easily enough. +This would create many design choices not currently open unless one surface mines a hill to create the natural rock face.
  11. -1. Stone slabs last for thousands of years, only eventually covered by growth, or wind blown dust, buried slowly below the earth, or grown over. One of the greatest features of Wurm is it's malleable environment. If an old abandoned or dead end road bothers your view of the scenery, change it into what appeals to your desire for more natural wilderness. If you don't like that section of pavement in the woods, make it a prairie, or a forest. If you can barely see the steppe, and don't like that forest section between you and that view, make it steppe. If you always wanted a sandy beach along the water, create a desert shoreline, complete with abandoned ships wrecked against a dune. It only takes one dirt per 2x2 tiles to create a forest. Though that photo above may be a grief damaged area, someone inclined to surface mine it to 20 slope could create a working forest with only a small crate of dirt. Using flatten along a tile border, it is easy enough to spread dirt down a hill, and across the slope.. That image could be deeded for a year and turned into forest, grass, a horse pen, etc. with only a weekend of effort. Not everyone plays nice. Deeding areas you value is critical to protect them, and ensures no other uses their creativity to change it to something not fitting your vision, and in the process erases your labor and hard work. Happy Wurming!
  12. A player reported this from meals that were in a Large magic chest for some time. Perhaps this is important, as the meals may be from an older code set.
  13. It is reported that some meals can be bugged, and on examine will cause a disconnect. You do not get info when you examine them. Casting opulence works, but examine then will crash you out. Anyone else seen this, or have further info?