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  1. To test I modified a mod, but now I want to test that everything works. I added the dependencies as the stackoverflow thread, but now how do I compile with IntelliJ?
  2. Ok, guess I found the answer:
  3. Inside the guard tower on top of the hill next to the sword to become Mol-Rehan Cancellor (star symbol) there's a locked Magic Chest. The key to this chest has a name, "Magpie" (screenshot). For its location check the screenshot and the (rhombus symbol). To find this one I had to look up the DB, google wasn't helping...
  4. This solution is very simple, yet it will work great! I'm playing on a private server with few friends, power playing like stacking crates or dirt bridges are not allowed, but my small crate plus the BSB will do just fine. I will add high quality materials in the small crate and everything else in the BSB.
  5. Don't worry, you have nothing to do with me crafting a small crate, in the wiki it doesn't state that it behaves like a BSB, and it seemed a nice solution for my wood high quality wood, but now I'm out of options. I already have a BSB where I am storing lower quality wood and stone shards BTW. I don't even know if the Huge Tub actually decreases the decay rate of items inside it.
  6. I also tried to make a small crate, did it always behave like a Bulk Storage Bin by averaging the item quality and combining them? I tried to fit in my 34 remaining logs, including the high quality ones (>60) that I was keeping for improving, and now inside there's just 20 logs with 39 quality. I will ask permissions to update that wiki…
  7. In this page of the wiki it's stated that Huge Tub can contain up to 28 logs, therefore I crafted one for my forgery. However, empirical experience suggest that this is a lie! "The log will not fit in the huge tub". It may be a plugin that's messing up, anybody else (possibly playing without plug ins) that can confirm this issue (or prove otherwise)? EDIT: My tub is completely empty.
  8. Ban the IP? What year is this? You can't ban a player by banning his IP. Most of IPv4 are dynamic.
  9. Thanks for the link, it will help. Since this evening I'm finally in holiday and I will have time to do something.
  10. I'm not experienced with Java, I have found in the code the method that I should call and the parameters I need to do another non-related thing, but now I have no clue about how to make a mod for Ago's mod loader for that. I will have to learn to use that also. I have to find out also how to import classes and compile using the server.jar files. I don't mean writing "import path" in the class file, I mean how to tell the compiler how to find the files to import. From university time I remember how to use javac from shell to compile a class, but it was my exercise files. I'm currently using IntelliJ IDEA community edition. I was not yet able to find the method you were talking about, and I would also like to make a mod to rebalance dual-wielding, and that one would be really hard. I looked at combatEngine for several hours and I haven't yet figured out were dual-wielding is described, there were some "secondary weapon", weapon2, but I haven't yet figured out how it works. EDIT: I figured out how to use Ago's Mod Loader, now I need to figure out out to tell the compiler how to import stuff.
  11. It might fix the absence of a red dragon in my server, thank you. Yet it's not an ideal solution.
  12. I checked the DB, and in my server there's only one Black Dragon, one Green Dragon Hatchling, and no Unique monsters. I would love a mod that check the existence and alive status of each Dragon and Unique Monsters, and if they are dead/non-existent it respawns them. Maybe the check should be only on Unique Creature dies, and server start. If anybody manages to do this I would be really happy :).
  13. There are only vague information about it, and vague is a generous term, at least for what I managed to google. Anybody that might be willing to have a look on the source code to teach us exactly how dual-wield scale? At low level it's know that it's really bad, certainly worse than a 2-hand axe, but what about at high levels?
  14. Mthec when I said "whom to blame" I was thinking in a playful tone. I appreciate your mod and your work. (And actually I really didn't even knew if it was a bug of the game or what) I like your solution, I will install the update tonight and I'll let you know. Thanks for the help again!