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  1. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

  2. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    oh okay. Would it still work well if it only affected those who died at the hands of a player?
  3. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Why is the death timer so high? I had to wait 5 minutes to respawn since I died to the same troll twice.
  4. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Does weapon quality or type make any difference? Also anyone know what the strategy is for building a well fortified deed on the coast? I heard of common strategies like dirt walls, gatehouses, and multiple layers of walls. I don't know where to put these or what to use. I suppose there also may be other strategies that are done. I could only find one guide on this on the wiki named "Tactics" but it's outdated and all the image links are broken so I don't really know what it is talking about.
  5. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    I was dying so much when I first played I felt like a noob. Now I can kill everything up to a spider without taking that much damage and it feels great. My fight skill is maxed right now and so is my halberd a polearms skill. I also maxed all my characteristics except for mind speed. Anyone know of a good way of training that one? Gains seem to have gotten really slow.
  6. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    I really appreciate the effort you are putting in Nappy. The way you describe PvE in a dangerous environment is exactly what I like. At first I felt a bit unwelcome because the attitude felt like "You are on a PvP server. Either you PvP or get out" I honestly just like PvE on pvp servers because it makes me feel like there's a purpose for everything I do. That I'm contributing to a war effort and not just gathering and building things just for the sake of building pretty houses. This is the first time I've been able to get into this game and stick with it for awhile.
  7. [WU] Datamining

    Is there anyway we can get a list of every effect each characteristic has? I've always been really curious about this.
  8. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Would it be possible to give a CR boost instead to the outnumbered members of fights? Oh I also decided to stay in HoTS because it is less populated. I may eventually go to MR though since it does seem pretty dead.
  9. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    This sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. How big of a bonus difference would the capitol have? I feel like having too big of a bonus may drive people away from crafting on their own deeds since it would be less effective than the capitol. Maybe we can also have certain locations give a specific bonus when a deed is built on them. This could create a need to build in different areas and people could fight over control of these areas. I'm pretty new to pvp so my suggestions probably don't make much sense in how they would work out but I'm just throwing them out there.
  10. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    In what ways do you think work on the home islands will be most useful? Right now I feel like me and maybe other people that do stay and aren't actively pvping aren't really liked and considered dead weight and useless. I know on normal wurm people that craft and such are more useful since they spend more time doing time consuming activities like making a ton of bricks or having really high crafting skills. My worry is that with the skill level cap skill gain increase and increased action timer gathering things needed for pvp won't be a big deal at all and most of the people pvping will very easily be able to quickly provide everything for themselves, making them not even consider the help from people on the home islands.
  11. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    Oh hey Nappy. You seem like you tried your best to set up a certain way of how things would play out which worked out differently so I figured I'd let you know how my approach to epoch 1 was as a generally new player in comparison to how the intended approach was set up to be. When I started playing I joined BL because there were many mechanics in that kingdom that I wanted to try out. In my mind the map was set up to have 3 islands for each kingdom's homeland with one central island as the 'clashing' point between the three kingdoms. The way I saw it work out instead was most people completely disregarding their home island and all setting up on the central one, with the people who did stay behind and build up being labeled as 'carebears' and considered less useful for the most part. When I started playing I had this idea in my mind that while everyone went off to fight on the central island, I'd stay behind and try to ultimately fortify our main island. It seemed like a fun idea to eventually have guard towers everywhere and cover the entire island with mycelium. I spent the entire epoch building up a little homestead area which I planned to eventually expand or dismantle and upgrade into a fortress as the epoch's progressed I think the biggest difference my approach had with the intended one was that I did everything solo while everything seems to be intended to be done in groups. This seems to be a pretty big thing since it was told to me many times to the point where I may not even have been playing the game correctly. I had a couple reasons behind doing this. The first was that there seemed to be no one on the main island so I didn't really have anyone to join unless I went to the central one,. My biggest reason though was because doing everything on my own seemed like a really fun experience that I felt like having as a new player. The increased skills and epoch system makes it completely ideal to get a feel for every aspect of the game. The epoch system sort of gives you content a little at a time, so it isn't as overwhelming and certain things that wouldn't be useful in the normal game are actually useful, making it actually worth it to utilize them. I probably should have joined up with a group because that was the intended process, but whenever I would do that in the main game everything would have been done for me already. People who would invite me to their deed would have hundreds of cotton, a full set of armor and a weapon, horses bred, and food storage bins full of food. A lot of people told me that doing everything I did was a complete waste of time, but I wanted to fully experience what it was like to start everything out from scratch. I didn't really care how pointless it was overall. So overall while it was pretty much intended for everything to be done in a group, there were still so much features on this server that attracted me to go solo. Lastly if your original intentions were to have kingdoms base themselves on their home islands and sort of clash in the main island, things seem to have worked out differently. Everyone sort of disregarded their home islands and went straight to the main one. I think we need an incentive for kingdoms to base themselves off their home islands. Epic manages this by having a damage bonus for each kingdom on their home. I thought of an idea of maybe having some crucial target for each kingdom on their home island. This would create a need for kingdoms to defend themselves back home, and a reason for people to raid the home island of other kingdoms. Maybe place a capital city or have some object enemies can 'drain' which could provide disadvantages for the kingdom that got drained and advantages for the kingdom that did the draining.
  12. Is an admin able to delete all my accounts?

    I have actually been playing on wurm unlimited and it has been a bit better for me. I'm just turned off of wurm online at the moment because it'd coast real life money to buy back the stuff I had. That being said the only purpose of this thread originally was to get a yes or no answer on whether or not my accounts could be deleted. I wasn't even going to mention the reasoning behind doing so until it was asked. Since my question has been answered is it possible that this thread can be closed? Thanks!
  13. Is an admin able to delete all my accounts?

    Not sure exactly what you're talking about. I stepped off the deed with the only thing of value being my armor and horse. I was trying to train my fighting skills so I wouldn't die as much. As far as I know there's no effective way to train them without leaving the deed. I died and lost all of my armor and horse so I spent the time to get new armor from my house and refit another horse to help retrieve my stuff. Then I died and lost all of that as well so that's when you probably saw me walking around with nothing on.
  14. DesolationV4 - Evolution - Epoch 3

    My deed is locked in the guards ignoring aggressive creatures option and I can't seem to change it so they attack aggressive creatures on my deed. I dunno if this is intended or not.