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  1. Random Enkounters

    Today I found myself somewhere on Chaos where I met Bilbopk stuck in tar. Bilbopk found himself up against 1 solitary single challenge. Challenge #1 SURVIVE! A roving gang of Pugilists set up on Bilbopk and for a short while I was sure he was dead. There was no way he was getting away from these brutes, but soon Rasu and Threap came to Bilbopk's aid and just barely pulled him back from the brink of death with an "epic heal" just in the nick of time. Mith, Dridmar, and Warrior soon showed up but it appears only to watch the melee and help eat cake. For Bilbopk's items, a chair, a couple of baking stones, a very very nice jar, a well made quiver, a couple of tools, and a stabbing stick, along with a pair of pants. Basically everything he needs to walk along an island beach spear fishing and making fish sandwiches. He also received an assortment of sausages, and vegetable stir fries, as well as an extremely sugar rich assortment of cakes. Man I am getting hungry.... oh well, one can dream I suppose...
  2. Random Enkounters

    Today I popped up on Celebration in the middle of the ocean. Bloodmaster and Mith happened ot be sailing by, although Bloodmaster was asleep at the helm. Mith saw me so the Random Enkounter was on! He woke Bloodmaster up and they had ot face 3 random challenges! #1 Where do the demons go home after a long days work? They had 2 minutes to answer and after a very long and awkward silence Bloodmaster shouted out the correct answer! #2 How many lagomorphs are in the lands of Wurm Online? This one had a 3 minute timer on it, and I was sure they would not get it! Bloodmaster correctly guessed zero as there are no lagomorphs hopping about at this time of year! #3 As this was a rare water based challenge they had to save themselves from the Kraken babies! and Teenage Krakens! from the depths! Sadly I had to step away form the action while they were busy baby sitting the Krakies and Krakeens, but when I returned their boat was sitting in the middle of a bloodbath with dead wannabe krakens all over the place. They were busy harvesting the organs and flesh of the beasts for a seafood party when I handed them their random items. As for their items, enough stuff to build a horse shed or a boat barn including wooden shingles, a pickaxe and saw, a huge tub, and some most important statues to adorn the structure. They also received some lamb to go with their seafood, and some pies to eat on during their long journey!
  3. Random Enkounters

    Today I dropped onto Release and found Kekstier in local He had 3 random challenges. #1 I Spy. An item of his that is locked, made of birchwood, and 37.9QL, He must find it within 5 minutes. It took him 40 seconds to run down to the docks and find that rowboat. #2 Collect 3 different types of flowers within 1 minutes. He could not have cut this one any closer, but succeed he did. #3 Stop the Coal Burners from smogging up his deed! The polluting smoke from the monsters was getting bad, but Kekstier called in reinforcements from the nearby guard tower as he stepped back into one of his buildings to grab more healing supplies. The Coal Burners were were angry at Kekstier for his use of their kin in his much more fuel efficient forges. They were tired of being treated like charcoal, but unfortunately that's exactly what they were in Kekstier's plans. With a little time and patience Kekstier had little trouble dealing with the walking smoke machines. For his Enkounter items, Water. Pure water. Lots of water. 8 barrels worth to be precise. He also received an anvil, an axe, a knife, a lump of brass, some plates, and a market stall with benches. He will be serving Rat on a stick and cookies with water there at his new market stall for some time. If only he had received some lemons and sugar in his items. He could have made a fortune on the lemonade market.... Oh well, I guess he can use the water to temper tools or armor and sell them at his new market stall.
  4. Random Enkounters

    Today I was thrown over to Elevation again and found a community of people busy at work polishing walls. Allenfulblade, Annyil, Gamba, and Jaz participated while the rest went back to polishing walls. They had to endure 4 harsh and unusually cruel challenges. Challenge #1 Inventory Item time! Does any of them have a long bow in inventory? Arghh! Of course they do! Oh well, random! Challenge #2 Make 20 felled trees within 4 minutes! They were surprisingly good at this and completed it in just over 2 minutes! Wish I could get them over here to make firewood for the winter. Challenge #3 Name the company behind Wurm Online and name its CEO? They knew right off that it was Code Club AB and Rolf Janssen Challenge #4 Fend off 3 waves of Rodent Infestations or they will eat them out of house and home and their houses and homes! Wave 1 - Field Voles! These armored rodents were little match for the fighters as they were determined not to let the fresh coat of paint on their houses get scratched up. Wave 2 - Gophers! These frantically nosy critters liked all the soft soil around their homes and were eager to dig around and suck all their stone work into the earth below where they could use it to sharpen their teeth. Alas... they were quickly dealt with by the group. Wave 3 - The Arachnorats! Oh boy oh boy oh boy.... these 8 legged rodents just love chewing on second story roofs as that was a very comfortable height for them. With a huge swarm of them attacking at once, Allenfulblade worked to pull some off of the group, but his survival was in question. While he worked to lessen the load, the rest of the group strategically retreated to a mine to heal up and work on some strategy. Gamba just barely survived the retreat. Even while the others were trying to sew Gamba back together again he was busy thinking about how good some Arachnorat stew would taste. Allenfulblade became separated from the group and was fighting off 4 of the sizeable rodents by himself. Gamba tried his best to help when he got there, but without a horse, his sword just could not reach up high enough to hit the beasts. Jaz and Annyil finally made it around and saved Allenfulblade from having his brains sucked completely out by the ravenous rodents. The group then tried to split the Arachnorat infestation up and take them out as efficiently as possible, unfortunately they survived... I thought for sure at least Gamba would be killed .... The group celebrated prematurely not realizing that another group of Arachnorats were laying in wait somewhere. After a short hunt, the group found two of the Arachnorats hiding among the camellia bushes laying traps in hopes of eating the group one by one at a later time. Finally one Arachnorat remained......somewhere..... The hunt was on! It turned out that the final Arachnorat was on the run, heading south to get more reinforcements. They engaged it on the peat field and put an end to the infestation. For now.... For their random items, a table, some bowls, a rope tool, a bunch of fence bars, and slabs of marble, some rugs, and some spaghetti and meatballs. All the makings for either a petting zoo, or a nice outdoor Italian bistro. "<Gamba> my only reward is knowing i didn't die a horrendous death" Sigh.... I will have to try harder!
  5. Random Enkounters

    Today the Random Enkounter randomizer landed me on Xanadu where I found Theicefox feeding his herd of cattle with hay, or a hay substitute... After giving him the full disclosure of how to play he had to face 4 random challenges! #1 Get 26 logs in 4 minutes! With 2 minutes and 57 seconds to spare he succeeded! #2 Tame 3 animals within 5 minutes! This was not much of a challenge! The animals were all right there within arms reach! He passed this challenge with 2 plus minutes to go! #3 Where do the gods call home in Wurm Online? He knew the answer to this one nearly instantly. #4 Defeat the three waves of demons! Wave 1 - Cave Demons. This wave proved to be a decent challenge as he had to call in a priest to reattach his missing body parts. Wave 2 - Web Demons. The second wave proved to be even tougher than the first as the clutch of Web Demons were expert marksmen with their attacks. I was beginning to wonder if he would even stand a chance at wave 3 and I had no idea what would be in wave 3 yet! It took quite a while to dispatch these Web Demons, and it was a good thing he had all those animals on hand in his yard for spare body parts as he was losing his left, right, and below. Wave 3 - Ice Demons! If you could see the fanged smile on my face when the Ice demons arrived and he had no choice but to seek safety and try a new strategy! "<Theicefox> in the words of indiana jones... Why'd it have to be snakes." "<Theicefox> ruthless reptiles!" In the first hour of battle only one of the Ice Demon brood lay dead on the ground! As the battle continued hour after hour, I wondered if his healing supplies would hold out, and if his priest would give up and leave him to his fate. Day passed into night, and night passed into day as the battle continued. I even saw one of the Ice Demons take a nap in the middle of the melee! That could not be too encouraging for Theicefox! He may not have most of his original parts now, and he may have gained a tendency to moo now and then, but eventually, through sheer determination, he bested the Ice Demons! For his random items he received boxes. Useful boxes too! In fact one had dirt in it, one had some gold ore in it, another had peat, and another had some bricks. He also got a stool, a mallet, and an anchor. Plenty of stuff to set up a small pirate boutique on a tiny island near the shipping lanes. He also received some cheese, and bacon, along with an extremely fine fork!
  6. Random Enkounters

    Today's Random Enkounter is brought to you by the wonderful folks at the spirit postal service. Overworked, underpaid, but still getting the mail delivered on time rain, sleet, or dragon fire, and just waiting for you to go to sleep to get their revenge! Today's Enkounter occurred on Independence, and a very reluctant contestant was in local. After some lengthy discussion I finally convinced her to give it a try. 3 challenges were put forth! Challenge #1 Name two previous Head Game Masters for Wurm Online? With a bit of determination, Alectrys answered correctly naming Oracle and Unforgiven. Challenge #2 Get 33 woodscraps within 4 minutes! With 15 seconds left on the clock she made all 33 wood scraps. Challenge #3 Gently put to sleep all the overworked Krizmaz Elfys. This was a bad one.... the elves could not see reason at all and just kept trying to go after Alectrys because she would not give them any milk and cookies and they thought it was so unfair that only big red got any. Alectrys used her axe to knock them out cold from all the blood loss, and so until next Christmas may they sleep in heavenly slumber back in their graves! For Alectrys's Enkounter items, all of the items from yesterdays refused Enkounter + a very large ice cream scoop and a large glass of brandy. Along with some fancy horseshoes and some delicious holiday pizza!
  7. Random Enkounters

    No Random Enkounter today I arrived on Serenity and found Kamiel busy polishing rocks to make curbs and he decided to skip the Random Enkounter. It is his decision... There was an extra special item drawn from the void today. A magic mini troll fairy. I had never ever seen one before and its description was really cool sounding. The mini troll fairy apparently would ride on your shoulders or fly around nearby both warning you of dangers and also fighting along side you in any form of combat. It also had the ability to collect any items it finds lying around that you specify, like a hammer, or a coin, or even go continuously collect resources like rock shards, tar, peat, mixed grass, .etc and even put them into a container of your specification until full. But the other neat ability it had was to bring your mail to you or even go and fetch your banked items, or even deposit money in either your bank or any deed upkeep you specified. This would have been so fun to have.... Oh well, goodbye little mini troll fairy....
  8. Random Enkounters

    Today's Random Enkounter was on Celebration. Hulagirl was today's contestant and had to face only 2 random challenges. Challenge #1 Will there be an eclipse today? Hulagirl guessed correctly. There was no eclipse today. Challenge #2 Kill all 15 of the horse eating sheep before they eat all of the horses. This would seemingly be easy, but sheep don't tend to wait around to be killed. One of them managed to move over 20 meters away before Hulagirl could dispatch it. <Hulagirl> stop. eating. my. horses! <Hulagirl> don't even go that way, horse eater! While Hulagirl did manage to win the challenge, The Sheep Herder arrived for revenge! Unfortunately for the Sheep Herder, swords kill Herdsman just as easily as sheep. For Hulagirl's winnings, a cauldron full of stew, an oven to heat the stew up in, and a large pile of woodscraps. Also a couple of troll statues and gemstones.
  9. Random Enkounters

    In some fashion, probably so. I had only planned to run it for a 30 day event but was asked to keep it up. I have a number of ideas for Random Enkounters that I may implement in the coming years. I also have other event ideas that I would like to work on too, so we will see.
  10. Random Enkounters

    Today's Random Enkounter brought to you by the Birch Tree. When you need to sit around the campfire telling ghost stories, The mighty birch tree is always handy for making kindling, and logs to sit on. 'One day our brethren will rise up against your metal tyrany and we will toss your bodies in piles and then see how much you like being set on fire!' Remember, The Birch Tree! Sadly, today's Random Enkounter was a no go. I arrived on Release but nobody answered in time! I was hoping we would get to award this Magic Dragon Skull helmet today, it is easily one of the most interesting items I have randomly pulled out of the void. While wearing it, not only do you get magic wings that allow you to fly, but it grants you area effects like such as stun everyone and everything within 50 meters, or emit a ring of dragon fire severely injuring if not killing every living thing except yourself within the same range as the stun effect. Also it looked really cool when worn! Back to the void it goes Oh well, just means more loot for the next one.
  11. Random Enkounters

    The Random Enkounter of the day was on Deliverance where Malwhynn was in local grooming his cedar trees to keep them looking good and healthy where he promptly fell a tree on my head! Hey! What happened to yelling 'Timber!'? Malwhynn had to endure 5 random challenges today. #1 What is a troll's club made of. He answered that one instantly! #2 Get 47 planks within 6 minutes. Challenge failed. So much for the Helmet of Samurai Swordsman. It allowed you to use enhanced and hidden fighting techniques that practically guaranteed victory even against the most adept fighters. #3 Where can you find Golden Valley? Wasn't off by too much, but wasn't close enough. In to the void magic pony that goes and collects items or resources that you own at your request even if they are on a different island. #4 Did he have a saw in his inventory? Yes, yes he did.... kinda silly since he just used it on challenge #2... #5 Kill all the Stump Grinders before they pull out all the trees and eat the stumps! His area was full of invading Stump Grinders that had jumped onto his area out of the nearby lake. At this time Delightfuldee, Ratagast, and umm.. a troll.. arrived on scene and began helping Malwhynn save his trees. The troll seemed to be confused by the spectacle and wasn't hurting anyone until one of the group spooked it by rushing it in an aggressive manner. Poor misunderstood troll.... The Stumpgrinders were quite good at grinding human bone which gave the group ample opportunity to practice their first aid techniques as the battle raged throughout the day. The trio managed to pull through and succeed the challenge but they will need to use some small crates to stand on until their lower legs grow back. Their take! All the makings for a big fishing trip including the materials to build a smokehouse to dry and smoke their catch. Bears not included.
  12. Random Enkounters

    Today I was sent to the land of Elevation. I thought for sure I had a lively contestant, but shortly after my arrival, the only local left the world They could have won a supreme small barrel that turns water into wine, or a floor loom that weaves gold, silver, copper, seryl, and adamantine into thread, or my favorite, the Ring of Howling which when worn in combat emits a howl and summons to you an army of champion black wolves that will continually attack your opponent until they are dead or are no longer within your local range. This year is almost up! I plan to end this years Random Enkounters on the final day of this year. I am not sure which day I will select as the final day of 2017 but it will likely be one of them that ends in a 'y'.
  13. Random Enkounters

    Today I landed on Xanadu and after some facing the challenge of getting Peach to agree to play the game they finally accepted and had to face 3 challenges. #1 What color is the 'Home of the Dead' 4 guesses or 2 minutes to succeed. Peach got it right on the third guess. #2 Within this area is something wearing a robe of marble. 2 minutes to locate it. Peach managed to locate it with only 12 seconds to spare! #3 Slay all the Chicken Eaters of McNuggetVillania! This was quite entertaining down in the caves and tunnels with bridges. Reminded me of Indiana Jones type material. Peach faced the Chicken Eating Cows, Chicken Snappers, Chicken Broilers, Chicken Tenderizers, and the Chicken Pluckers. This turned out to be a good challenge too with the variety of creatures intent on depriving her pet Goblin of it's chicken dinner! Come to think of it I was surprised to see such good care taken of a Goblin anywhere... Had it's own house and yard and furnishings. A real dank and homey cave touch for a Goblin! Anyway, it was a fierce battle once Peach got warmed up with a lot of severed limbs, broken noses and jaws, and a number of bloodied bodies lying on the ground. Peach's pet goblin will be eating good for a while. For the winnings, Peach received a drum kit and a drummers outfit, and a trowel, along with the fixings for a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich....
  14. Random Enkounters

    Pristine is where I found myself today and Almostsolitude greeted me right away and Virusmd made an appearance not long after. 3 random challenges stood between them and a random assortment of stuff. Challenge #1 Where in the hell is Enki? They had one hint and 5 minutes to find me. I could have been anywhere and anything on the deed. Unfortunately they win this one by default. My hint was not only wrong, it was from the wrong server.... So moving on Challenge #2 Who or what is known as 'The Stealer of Souls'? They had 2 minutes to answer correctly. Almostsolitude just barely got this one correct in time. Challenge #3 Stop 4 waves of the Lemonade Stand kids from stealing all of their lemons from their lemon orchard. First were the kids who run the lemonade stands, then their pets, then Lemonade Stand Kids big sisters who were highly annoyed at Almostsolitude and Virusmd for denying their younger siblings access to their orchard, and finally the Lemonade Stand Inspectors who were none too happy at having lost their cushy jobs because they had no Lemonade Stands to inspect! For their efforts they received a needle for making lemon batteries, a spear for picking lemons up high, a couple of really really large spoons for mixing vast amounts of lemons, a knife for cutting the lemons, and of course a lemonade makers best friend, a bucket of fine Brandy with Brandy snacks. They also received 3 felled bonsai oak trees to make their own lemonade stands out of now that they have killed off their competition!
  15. new creature

    hmmm.... *heads to the parts bin to attempt a Bicentipede or a Centuffalo (update) sorry not enough spare cow legs available.
  16. Random Enkounters

    Today I landed on Independence and found Aelcwine tending to his inventory. I tasked him with 4 random challenges! #1 Get 15 sprouts of any type within 3 minutes. It was close, but he successfully completed the challenge with only a couple of seconds to spare. #2 Did he have a butchering knife on him? Why yes, yes he did. #3 What color is the 'home of the demons'? Aelcwine did not get this one right with his guess and so we wave goodbye to the fantastic Backpack of Hoarding which had the ability to hold up to 2000 Kilograms and still be light as a feather. This was a very special prototype item intended for use when treasure hunting in order to prevent the loss of ancient valuables due to the negligence of a certain 'tomb raider' known to cause calamity and collapses at these historic places. #4 Evict the house guests that have over stayed their welcome. This was a major challenge for Aelcwine as the guests brought their pets and were not leaving without 'mementos' of their stay. He fought hard as they absconded with his oven, ice box, and, and his new invention he called "The Couch" The nearby tower guards came to his aid "<Freedom Isles tower guard> Flee, house guest!" "<Freedom Isles tower guard> Goodbye, house guest!" Several of the undesirable house guests started small fires to try and keep the guards busy while they looted Aelcwine's place. Sadly, by the time they had finally managed to evict the unwelcome house guests from his property, his invention that he said 'would revolutionize the world as we knew it' was in shambles. The house guests pets had torn it asunder and all I could see was some shafts, planks, and cotton strewn all over the place. Aelcwine said it would likely not be possible to re-invent "The Couch" again as his notes were destroyed in one of the fires started by the unwanted guests. So he was going to turn his attention toward inventing the "Remote Control" whatever that is. Aelcwine received a crate rack, some banners, some sand, and some hunting arrow heads, and a long sword, along with some lamb sandwiches and cheesecake. He now has everything he needs to create house guest traps to prevent any future infestations at his place. I almost felt bad about the sand as there was a large mound of it behind me in his yard, but that's randomness!
  17. Random Enkounters

    Today's Random Enkounter was held on Release. Sponsored by the majestic buffalo. Remember, they go where they roam, so don't follow too close and watch where you step. Arrelosia had to face 3 random challenges. Challenge #1 Cut down a cedar tree within 1 minute. With 12 seconds to spare she succeeded! Challenge #2 Where do the gods live in Wurm? Not even a challenge to Arrelosia! Challenge #3 Arrelosia had to stop the cats from upgrading to a new Cheetah model or we might all become cat food! First wave was the mountain lions, second she faced the wild cats and then the Lynx, Panthers, and the dreaded Catfish Landshark! If she failed the next wave would have unleashed the super fast Cheetah onto the lands of Wurm and we would have to build our walls higher, and breed faster horses to survive! The feline frenzy stood no chance! If only they could concentrate and work together like dogs... Arrelosia's winnings included a pile of marble bricks, some statues, a quiver of hunting arrows, some carpets, some holiday style sushi and cake, a chair and some support beams! Everything a person needs to start their own Dwarven Fortress.
  18. Random Enkounters

    Today I landed at a random location on Independence and found someone decked out in full armor with their weapon readied. It looked like he was busy defending against an oversized woodworm that was eating the walls of his house. Unfortunately by the time I arrived the worm must have had its fill because all I could find was several missing walls and one person standing there apparently frozen by terror. Too bad he never responded, He might could have won a barrel of woodworm repellent.
  19. Random Enkounters

    Today I landed on Elevation and found Redmoonlife and Gildi running for their lives. Wonder if they ever caught them.... Anyway, they had to face 4 challenges. Challenge #1 pick 12 flowers in 2 minutes. Redmoonlife was unable to complete the challenge as it was against his deities wishes. Challenge #2 How many Wurm days in a Wurm week.... Gildi saved the day as Redmoonlife dropped out of the world. Challenge #3 What creature in Wurm has less than 2 eyes? Gildi nailed that one again! Challenge #4 Kill the Roach Queen before she can lay eggs and take over the world! A bit too easy.... but at least you won't have roaches the size of large carts bugging you. for now... For their winnings, a cheese and sausage omelet, some hammers, and flower planters along with some mountain lion rugs, and a toolbelt.
  20. Random Enkounters

    Serenity came up in the randomizer today, but alas... no winner. The locals were too busy conversing with a rather sinister looking altar of Fo. I wonder how they would feel if they knew what they had lost out on. All I can tell you is that it was wrapped in a really neat wrapping paper with green and silver metal flake coating with an exquisitely forged, hand made seryl bow and a tag that read 'Do not open until doomsday!' I wonder what it was..... oh well, it belongs to the void now.
  21. Random Enkounters

    Today I landed on Chaos in Talor's local. He had to face 4 challenges! #1 - Did he have a rope tool in inventory? Nope. Right off the bat the Gold Dragon egg had to go back into the void. Shame too, I am told that once raised, it would come to your aid anywhere at anytime of you calling on any server! Not only will it fight along side you, but it can heal, and teleport you. Oh well, it will never even get hatched now... poor dragon. #2 Get 25 sand within 4 minutes. He was able to succeed with only 35 seconds left on the clock! Unfortunately his digging angered a nearby troll and they got into a heated argument about the hole he dug. Talk about road rage.... #3 How many real world hours are in an average Wurm Online day. His answer was correct! #4 He had to defend his personal style from the fashion police! They descended on him with needles and scissors and thread so absolutely filled with disgust at his choice of helmet. They were all like "You can't wear white drake after Starfall of Fire!" "The blood on your shield does not go with your axe!" "Never wear a great helm with a 3 slot toolbelt in winter!" Talor countered with "Die you egg sucking reality show rejects!" Or at least he could have said that if he wasn't so busy matching their blood and heads with the cobblestone. He won some marble shards, some fresh stir fry and lamb, as well as a meditation rug and fishing pole!
  22. Random Enkounters

    Today I fell into the local of Aaraneil on Xanadu who was busy mining gold. I challenged them to 2 random challenges. The first... How long does night last in Wurm? Great! Now there is now a forth correct answer to that question.....sigh... Second... Stop the Gold Diggers from taking over her gold mine. It seems the Gold Diggers underestimated her guards desire to get paid! They earned their keep although they are now missing a few gold fillings....funny I thought only the leprechauns liked to steal gold teeth! For her winnings, a satchel full of acorns, some gemstones, some plate leggings, and a saw. She also received some cheesecake! Oh, and a spear! No gold miner should ever enter a cave without one!
  23. Random Enkounters

    No winner today as unfortunately the local ended up being at the Blackmoor Impalong. forget? me???? I did not forget! gets out his book of plausible excuses I thought you would like to sharpen your hatchet on.... no that's not it... I had suspected your horses were eating the pumpkins and.... no that's not it either... I left them as a party game to invite friends over to bash. Yeah! That's it! A party game!
  24. Zig-Zaggers Beware I have received a missive from the Wagoners United union concerning a few of the new roadways: Well, you heard the man... The Wagoners are threatening to go on strike if they do not get straight path cats-eyes. While I am all for anything that helps with this horrid equine infestation of our lands, I do hate to see such fine quality wagons get needlessly abused. So from here on, no more zig-zag or other complicated cats-eye patterns on the roads that connect between way-stones. Please make them a single straight row. If you find one of these roads to have a zig-zagging cats-eye pattern and there are too many to repair and straighten yourself, please put in a support ticket and we will come look at it. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  25. Random Enkounters

    Today, Blgpapa on Independence was the contestant. He had 3 random challenges. Challenge #1 - How many days are in a Wurm week. With some deliberation he got it right on the first try. Challenge #2 - How many moons are in Wurm. Unfortunately failing this challenge cost him the Adamantine Boots of Jumping. Challenge #3 - Kill the Carrot Nose Goblins before they steal all his carrots and eat all his horses. He almost did not have the energy to make it through this challenge, but once charged with the task he did not give up, and managed to save his horses and carrots from the goblins for his own Horse Liver Stew. For his winnings a chest of small chests, a grooming brush and branding iron set, some flags, and some tasty treats to go along side his Horse Liver Stew.