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  1. Full PvP Ban - 12/17/2018 ENDED - 12/18/2018 Until further notice all PvP activity on PvP servers is suspended until issues regarding stamina and fall damage are resolved. A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  2. I didn't kill more than 1 person this time!
  3. Mystery Item

    Be careful where you step.... ?
  4. Wurmiversary 2018

    Hmm, not far off the mark.... Only a couple of them are incorrect. Though that should not change their roles by much.
  5. There will be information posted on this event, however we can see what was what in this case and will do our best to assist those affected. If possible, put in a support ticket with the name of the horse, deed, or location on the server that it can be found. Along with the color that was lost. We will check its info and confirm if it is missing its color.
  6. Wurmiversary 2018

    Interesting about that 'X' in that. It was not there when I encrypted it. Might have been added by the encryption tool I used for unknown reasons. Do ignore the 'X' in that clue.
  7. I am still trying to get there on my play account too! This is a fantastic challenge.
  8. Here'ye here'ye Gather 'round and listen up. We have been investigating a new spat of people who seem to ignore the rules and choose to attempt to use macros. Using macros in a game like ours has serious consequences far reaching outside of your minimal skill gains including economical damage and social damage. Do not expect any leniency if you fall victim to using illegal macros. So listen up 'cause this is a bump! Macros are NOT allowed in Wurm Online!
  9. Today a new Random Enkounter was randomly held and the random server the randomizer chose was none other than Xanadu. I found multiple people in local and waiting patiently, I hoped they would notice me one minute passed, then another, and another until finally! <Ascorbic> hi They saw me! What a turnout! Ascorbic, Farkas, Jamesthehond, Kadmint, Olafhairybreeks, Sparklemancer. Six participants in one Enkounter and an Idyllic setting full of wonder and even a friendly Fo to host today's Random Enkounter, but maybe not as full of Wonders or as friendly as another. Today they would face a random 4 challenges. Challenge #1 What month did Random Enkounters begin? Olafhairybreeks answered correctly for a pudding! Challenge #2 Teach a zombie to tango...to the death! 15 zombies with dancing feet arrived in need of instruction. Unfortunately, the zombies were poor students and it was easier to just skip to the to the death part of the training. Challenge #3 Who was the first person to reach 100 fishing. They wasted no time getting that one correct. Tich of course is the correct answer, I would have also accepted Pifa, or Epona. Challenge #4 Pet the Son of Nogump - Olafhairybreeks succeeded at the cost of one horse! She refused the pudding in exchange for a jump start for her dead horse! Bonus Round!!!!! Challenge #5 Unwanted spaces 100 8 8 34 67 7 135 52 88 102 15 110 37 128? 76 119 58 36 109 12 130 161 64 25 139 1 193 2 20 152 43 147 8 165 121 97 23 52 29 46 56 180 149 57 8 93 3, 146 41 13 187 113 140 174 3 23 94 71 118 204 2 125 39 74 43 147 140 165 121 207 8 43 36 2 102 135 36 120 50 108 88 59 23 4 21 181 25 8 28, 149 8 24 204 6 178 52 155 14 175 27 147 73 97 34 13 74 203 6 206 43 215 84 138 36 140 212 67 28 52 185. For their winnings Pudding! Can't go wrong with pudding! Unless of course it's lead. Lots of sandwiches for such a nice occasion! A supreme wool peasants cap for bad hair day protection. A cauldron full of olives just begging to be chopped up and put on a pizza..... or maybe a burrito... Six marble bricks. Makes for a good temporary mini bench at a picnic. A scythe to fight off those picnic ants. A metal brush of supreme brushing And of course a large anvil that can be heated up to keep your food warm for quite a long time.
  10. I still remember waking up one day during beta and logging in to find a new highway had been built beside us and that poor defenseless mountain behind me was getting a makeover as Tich was determined to build straight through. Tich always worked on big things. Until Later Tich!
  11. Two questions.. Which moon will this be held under? and secondly... How many will surv... I mean can I make an appearance?
  12. Attention tomb raiders of the hidden treasure of the Knights of Seris. The tomb on Chaos has been randomly relocated! I keep regular tabs on the situation surrounding the treasure hunt and have determined that the live situation surrounding the tomb on chaos had become too difficult for people to reach due to recent localized development of the area. The tomb has been relocated to a random location again where it is easily possible to reach. This announcement is intended to keep the quest fair for those who have been hunting for it already. Good luck hunters of hidden tombs! /Enki
  13. Wurmiversary 2018

    Those 2 dueling ring boundary markers are 8 years old so it was probably from when I was marking off the original HoTS dueling area before moving it north of The Shroud. I have removed the errant boundary markers. It's not impossible there are more in that area, but they are just remnants and not related to The Knights of Seris.
  14. Today the randomizer zeroes in on Carper on Elevation. She was busy digging clay and had no clue what I was talking about when I approached her. In fact I am pretty sure she started to put her shovel into attack mode. Once I explained who I was and what was happening she decided it might be a bit of random fun afterall... So lets see how Carper does! Carper must face 5 challenges! #1 - I spy! "I spy a foolish large insect" - Took a few minutes but Carper eventually located the HoTA statue of a scorpion. #2 - How many bulk storage bins can fit inside a bulk storage bin? - Carper quickly realized this was a trick question. Sort of.... hehehe. There was also one other possible answer! #3 - Invasion of the Nekosharks - Carper had to defend against a school of Cat skinned sharks! At first these nekosharks had trouble finding Carper out of the water, but once they zeroes in on her they became a challenge. I wasn't sure she was going to survive to challenge #4 but then this: [20:47:36] <Enki> your 50% there! [20:49:15] <Carper> Lol so closer to . slapping my discord friends who suddenly went quiet on me.. when I needed cotton [20:50:07] <Enki> hahaha [20:51:22] <Wargasm> oh... hello Lord Enki [20:51:50] <Carper> And theres muy other method.. get over here lol [20:53:32] <Enki> oh hello [20:53:40] <Wargasm> don't mind me, I won't interfere. [20:53:50] <Enki> wanna bet *teleports Wargasm into middle of battle* Finally they cut up the Nekosharks into manageable bite size pieces. #4 - Is the treasure of the Knights of Seris hidden on Golden Valley? Carper said no. She will receive a randomly chosen special reward for that correct answer! #5 - Sharknado Time!!!!! They must defeat 5 waves of land sharks! wave 1 - 6 Sharks in Wolf Skin Clothing - Champion size! - not a bad challenge... they got through that fairly easy. wave 2 - 3 Wild Ham Sharks - not as easy as I thought they would be... good good! wave 3 - 8 fierce Sharklins - hmm they fight like House Elves but were no match against cold hard steel. "<Wargasm> Says the "healthy" one...." wave 4 - 4 Barber Sharks from Hell! - Now we have a fight going on! Carper and Wargasm both had to retreat and work on a new defense strategy while they worked to reintroduce blood to their emptied veins. When the barber keeps wanting to take a little off the top, eventually it becomes too much off the top. Unfortunately for Carper and Wargasm these barbers were cutting from the ankles up. The battle continued as the challengers worked to heal up multiple times from all the cuts during the wave, but eventually after several very close calls, the barbers were put out of business. wave 5 - A Loanshark! You have always heard of these and if fortunate you never found any. They tend to pool together at the bottom of the muddy lakes and lay at the bottom waiting for their hapless victims to fall into deep waters. The Loanshark hammered Carper and Wargasm with stacks of fees and bloody high interests rates, but in the end Carper and Wargasm found a loophole in the Loansharks armor and bled it dry. For their winnings, Wargasm received a supreme pizza of divine fulfillment and a couple of pastries. Carper received a rare saddle, a fine fishing rod of perch fishing, a bee smoker which I was not aware that they did..... a supreme mountain lion rug of... a dead cat.... a rare smelting pot for melting down silvers and coppers, and finally 2 supreme pizzas of grand cheesy health, along with 4 pastries... blueberry I think... and a bird statue.
  15. Wurmiversary 2018

    I am sure someone will eventually succeed. Besides, I fully expected this to require mixing and matching brains among people. It was always up to those who find the clues to share or not share their findings. I spent well over an hour designing this quest to make sure that really pretty much anyone with the knowledge to install and play Wurm Online had a chance to participate, in fact I may have even spent as much as 68 minutes making sure it was a well balanced long term challenge.
  16. Yes, I failed to complete the labyrinth so far. Unfortunately, I had too much other work to do to finish it properly. However, I had a great time and this is certainly one I recommend everyone trying out.
  17. Wurmiversary 2018

    The treasure remains unclaimed to this day.
  18. Since the weather outside is so bad I decided to host the next Random Enkounter today. The randomizer chose Pristine this month and so I dropped in on a random person. Cenotaph noticed my ominous presence and was to face 3 very random challenges! #1 In one minute Cenotaph had to name where the frost spirits were kept. With no time wasted the Yule Goat herder answered correctly! #2 It looks kinda like a candy cane and you can span great divides with it! What is it? Again, Cenotaph answered correctly with no time wasted. #3 Goat invasion! 3 waves of invading goats attacked Cenotaph and the only way to win was to survive them! First wave - the eight legged cave goats. 6 of them to be precise. Hmm, They did not seem to be much of a challenge...... Second wave - 12 Sea goats! How very very Wierd. I was sure that sea goats could put up more of a challenge, unfortunately all they did was spill ink everywhere. Third wave - 6 Hairy Large Nosed Mountain Goats! Now this was a good challenge.... unfortunately, only for the poor hell horses that they went about attacking This demands a bonus round! 3 Goat herders and their 6 goat herding crocodogs! Ahah! now we are talking. I began to Wonder if Cenotaph would survive the bonus round but then he retrieved a better weapon! In the end the goat herders were no match for a master Yule Goat herder like Cenotaph! For his winnings! A rare backpack full of tools and supplies to make fresh squeezed goat soup and a very nice rare small barrel rack to store all the soup in along with some shiny new rubys for glamming up something... maybe the barrels that go in the rack or something... or can you add them to soup?
  19. Today the illustrious lands of Celebration were graced by my randomness. Madnath and his friends Adnurak and Steelmerc took up the mantel of competition and had to face 4 challenges. #1 - How many flying reptiles inhabit the lands of Wurm? #2 - Those who are dead reside there. Where is there? - Madnath correctly pointed the way to the home of the dead. #3 - How much does a raft weigh? - Again he answered correctly! #4 - They stand convicted of murdering a whale, as evidenced by the corpse on top of their castle, and must face the vengeance of the sea Madnath and his friends had to take on 20 large planktoscorp, 10 very angry piranhodile, 5 Cuttleoctofish, 5 champion Scuttlers, and 1 Battle Narwhal. It was a fierce battle, but in the end they ended up with enough sea food to go on a bovine free diet for several months at least. For their very random winnings! A rare small maul of meat tenderizing. 6 supreme hunting arrows of precision apple shooting. 30 lemons of scurvy warding 7 rats on a stick - that's 7 less rats on the ship. A rare large cake - slipped from a wedding ceremony.. And a shop sign of superb sign language! As a bonus for an entry from the last pages of the journal of Knight of Seris Witwicky they had ot face the dreaded Eel of the Land! They accepted the bonus challenge! Sadly by the time I had written the above sentence they had already deflated the dreaded Eel of the Land, but as promised I provided them the following passage from the last pages of Witwicky's journal. "I've been wandering this accursed land for days, and have lost all bearing of where I am" - Witwicky
  20. A Toxic Prophecy Fulfilled Attention! If you allowed the one formerly known as Propheteer access to your avatars, change your passwords immediately or permanently lose them. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  21. new mission mysteriously appeared
  22. Today's Random Enkounter was on Affliction. Inventor was very quick to spot me and would face 6 horrifying ordeals. Ordeal #1 - Name the 'Stealer of Souls'? He was on the right path but didn't quite get there within the allotted time limit of just over about a minute. Ordeal #2 - How many rock shards will fit in 3 large crates if one of the crates holds 11 dirt and another crate holds 7 bricks? Nailed it! (albeit with some careful nudging) Ordeal #3 - How many meters in length is 4 tiles. He got this one easily. Ordeal #4 - Trial by chipmunk! Survive the infestation of half a dozen mutated chipmunks! I had no idea a sickle was good at that.... Ordeal #5 - This is a tough one.... in fact it is so tough only I myself could know the answer. The question is, has anyone successfully found the activation instructions for the Knights of Seris hidden mission? After some careful consideration Inventor answered the question perfectly and got it right! Ordeal #6 - The Menace of The Shire! He must face the dreaded, bare footed Hobbiton menace! 20 Cave Hobbits! 15 Sand Hobbits, 10 Forest Hobbits, 5 Mordorian Hobbits, and one Curious Took. The fighting was fierce as the cave hobbits and sand hobbits tried to eat his toes off, but Inventor quickly dispatched the majority of them only to be challenged by the more powerful Forest Hobbits and the extremely determined Mordorian Hobbits."<Inventor> Nasty Hobbitses" The malnourished deed guard was barely holding against the Forest Hobbits while Inventor tackled the Mordorian Hobbits on his own. Unfortunately, the deed guard could not succeed against the Forrest Hobbit and one of it's relative had to step in and avenge his re-death. It was his Great Aunt Lucy who died tragically in a bakery accident 60 years prior when an oven fell over on her after someone had overloaded it top heavy with too many pound cakes... Poor Lucy.... didn't stand a chance in this afterlife either... Next came the great great great grand uncle twice removed on the first deed guard's pet dog trainer's mother's side of the family. He meant business. His see through cloak was even more see through than the others and his eyes even more gaunt and his skeletal smile even more ...errr.. smiley. Well, he re-died even faster.... sadly.., but that's what he gets for taking on a Mordorian Hobbit! Inventor barely survived the onslaught as the hours passed, but after running around and collecting some of his lost body parts and missing blood he patched himself up...many times, but enough to wear them down and finish them off at which point the most dreaded Shire menace of all appeared... A Curious Took! In spite of all of his clumsiness and usually large hobbit feet, the Curious champion of a Took, fell swiftly to Inventor's axe. I guess its true, they do need their big toes to walk. Inventor won the day, and word shall spread that the Shire has been spared this menace from arriving at its hills one day. For his winnings, Inventor got to keep anything in the Took's pockets. A fireplace... gotta know where your fireplace is at all times! Half a dozen oranges! Three boots! Never know when you will come across a three legged man. A rare meditation rug.... also good for yoga! Supreme pottery flasks! - Travel in style with your vintage wines in handy single serve containers! Supreme pizzas. Nothing is better than a quality pie made with lots of cow and pig products! Unfortunately, since Inventor failed the second most most important challenge of all during this Enkounter, I had to remove the Ring of Power and send it back to the void. Unfortunately, I dropped it somewhere in a fishing pond never to be seen again...
  23. Arghh..... Sorry Niki, seems they were waiting on some info from me. I have responded to them.
  24. Psalamon, I did infact find your ticket posted ~18 hours ago. I have sent you a new password to the registered address.
  25. I do apologize for my delays handling a number of issues recently, there are reasons but they do not matter to you and that is understandable. As far as payment@wurmonline.com That is the proper avenue for situations like paypal issues and payment issues above my control, but if you do not get a response within say 72 hours you could let me know the situation so I can ping Code Club AB. I do see a couple of account related tickets so I hope one of them is of Psalamon and I can get him sorted.