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  1. What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders.  We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt.  After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints.


    When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence.  The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable.  Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to.  This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.

  2. Recently a number of the members of the Chaos kingdom named Wurm University have been temporarily banned from Wurm Online.  This is in direct relation to the use of a serious exploit that had been believed fixed for some time.  No one bothered to report that this was again possible.


    The names of those banned were collected from the logs surrounding the location where the exploit was last known to be used.

    We know that only one person did the actual exploitative action, but after an independent review it was determined that the people at the location had committed

    conspiracy to use and profit from,  or hide the use of the exploit.


    The exploit in question was the ability to manipulate cave tiles in a mine that the player was not in or had access to.


    Appeals by a number of those affected by the temporary bans are pending.


    Direct Culprits:  Heng, Oniichan

  3. WSA.png

    Full PvP Ban - 01/24/2019

    ENDED - 01/30/2019




    Effective immediately I am putting an immediate halt to all PvP related activities.


    The reason for the implementation of a Full PvP Ban at this time is in part due to a large number of complex appeals we must sort through, as well as a few challenging cases that have proven to be uglier than first thought, and most importantly some internal changes to our policies and directives that must be updated.


    This Full PvP ban will remain effective for an indefinite time or until I say otherwise.  There will be a 24 hour warning when we are prepared to suspend the ban.


    A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here.



    Thank You,

    Wurm Online Team

  4. WSA.png

    Raid Ban - 01/17/2019

    ENDED - 1/30/2019




    Until further notice a Raid Ban is in effect on all PVP servers.  An exploit has been uncovered that allows attackers to bypass reinforcements in caves.  This was a fixed issue in the past and we are now investigating how it was possible to accomplish now.  Until we have resolved the exploit the Raid Ban will remain in effect.


    Keep an eye on this thread for further details.


    A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here.



    Thank You,

    Wurm Online Team

  5. Niki , You have mentioned some of the more public things we have done in your complaint.  If left at that, yes it does seem lopsided and favored towards specific people.  I give you my word there has been no such improper shenanigans.   Everyone who wanted a change of pace, no matter who they were had an equal chance of participating in the treasure hunt.  Granted more computer savvy individuals would have had an advantage, I left clues high and low to include everyone.  simple clues,  practically blatant ones so that even the normal non-geek could decypher the clues.


    The Random Enkounters last year.... totally random.  I never chose the person or location,  it was done automatically.  Anyone may become a vict... recipient of one.  Time zones do not matter, the person does not matter, the place and server does not matter, its all random.


    These so called named items you have alluded to...  There are many reasons throughout the year that we might introduce one.  It is not some exclusive thing for staff.  It's used to commemorate things, or to add a little fun to something different.  Now, saying that, do know that a few years back in the long distant past it really was mostly a staff exclusive deal, but there was an important reason for that.  However, now we have new tools!  We are pretty careful with these though...


    Most of our events are advertised in advance to allow everyone who wants to attend,  unfortunately we have had a pretty rough time during the last part of last year and just didn't plan anything proper like we wanted.  I can see that as being a rather disappointing issue, I absolutely want to bring everyone to events that want to take some time to have some fun.


    The dragon thing...  that's new....  but don't expect a unique all the time!  I'm not just gonna toss out a dragon because someone is holding a festive occasion like an impalong.  It just seemed like a good way to end the year for a change.  We had a really good attendance for the impromptu end of the year bash.  I understand it could have been handled more fairly, but.... well.... too bad!


    I hope everyone understands what I am trying to say, but know that these public things are the things that you are aware of.....  there are many more that you never hear a peep out of us just to add a little more to the game. We hope you enjoy them when you encounter them, step on them, or get attacked by them, and I am looking forward to providing many more enjoyable quests, mini games, and specials for everyone.


    /Enki (Head Game Master)


    p.s.  NO.. there is no secret hidden in this message!

  6. There is something I should inform all of you about.


    I am currently in hot water with the Wurm Online team for this action.  They are none too pleased with me.  It is not that they didn't want to help, it is policy that they followed to the letter, policy that I and Budda have put in place.  It is good policy, and they did right by it.


    I have no intention of stepping on or bypassing intended mechanics.  Normally, I would have talked to Alegria and pushed for you guys to pool together and make this work without me.  In fact, for others I still highly recommend completing this achievement mechanically with the help of others if warranted.


    Sometimes during the holidays, I do a few things that I would not normally tolerate during the normal mundane days of the year.... you know,  the ones that end in ay...  This season I was really overworked and gave the seniors of my team some extra play room to have a little fun which saved me a ton of holiday workload.  They did great.


    Everything you guys and gals do in Wurm Online is an achievement and I do not want to diminish that.  I do my best to judge situations on their merits and in some cases I may rule in a fashion that seems against a ruling I have made before.  This is never out of favoritism or any kind of bias.  It will always be in relation to the merits of the situation and changes in the game.  These kinds of matters get me in trouble, and it leaves you with the impression that the others of my team are bad guys.  They do a fantastic job day in and out, and it is mostly a thankless and abusive job.  They deserve a lot better, and I know it hurts them when I step in and do something like this.


    10 times out of 10 I will stand behind my team's decisions, so trying to 'take it up with Enki' isn't going to get you anywhere.  Many pm requests this year went unanswered because they were not worth taking time away from more pressing matters, and almost all I did respond to just got mad at me and cursed and berated me for not ruling differently.


    I wish you all a happy new year, and hopefully when the team lets me out of the dog house I can enjoy it too.





  7. Have encountered another person with a similar situation.


    Win 10,  2gb geforce card with 8gb memory.

    Wagons would not render.

    checked for 64bit java, proper client links, modern/legacy rendering engines, and quality settings as well as optional graphics enabled.


    Wagons became visible after a computer shutdown and restart.  They think it might be related to his computer going into sleep mode yesterday prior to launching Wurm today.

  8. It would only require me to go to the location and verify everything.  ya know  counting and that math type stuff, and yes if all the stuff on this side of the equation meets all the stuff over there on that side of the equation, I am willing to proof Alegria's work and slap a stamp of quality on it.

  9. Today the unthinkable has happened... so i will stop trying to think about it.



    In other news, The lost treasure of the Knights of Seris has been claimed!

    You read right!  Someone has finally collected all of the clues, decrypted all of the keys, and found the last resting place of the lost treasure of the Knights of Seris.


    I knew eventually this quest would be bested when this was posted!


    ...I must work on upgrading my brain security...


    So many clues have I laid out, so many went unnoticed for so long....  I had a lot of fun watching this unfold, and short of a couple of hiccups all went according to plan!


  10. WSA.png

    Transfers of Faith, Chaos to Freedom




    Please be advised that the free faith transfer DOES NOT move your Chaos faith to another server.  Using the free one time /transfer command allows you to switch deities but only with the faith level that you have on the server you are currently on.  It does not pull your Libila or other faith numbers from another server just because

    you switch to that deity elsewhere.  If you do switch deity on one server with a lower faith and then go to a server with the higher faith of the same deity you will lose that higher faith.


    This is the current way that the /transfer command works.


    Thank You,

    Wurm Online Team

  11. I remember Winter from the early days...  and especially right after gold and we had PVP servers.  Winter helped me out a lot when I was searching for artifacts, especially during the insidious spider wars. 


    Rest in peace Wintersolstice.

  12. 32 minutes ago, Wargasm said:

    since post-update bugs are probably causing Sindusk some accelerated hair loss!


    Now we know what to get Sindusk for christmas!  


    This update has been pretty special even with the minor hiccups, and I must say that the game has really come a long long ways and I for one have enjoyed every minute of the progress.

  13. Today the randomizer chose Serenity for my presence and to my surprise someone was paying attention!


    Paappa  was the contestant in local and he had to face off against 4 very random challenges.  Lets see how he did!


    Challenge #1

    How many body parts make up 1 full horse?  Paappa guessed about 400....  wow....  umm....  So much for the Fantastic spatula of burger flipping....  back to the void it goes.  This one hurt...  This unique spatula helped make hamburgers 300% healthier than a salad without compromising the taste!  One of these luxurious burgers kept you full for a long long time.  Oh I am so going to miss these.


    Challenge #2

    Name 3 moons that circle above? Paappa got it correct...well close enough anyway....


    Challenge #3

    Fight off the Thirteenth Clan of Chaos of the East

    Paappa had to face off against the Eastern Moovine gang, the El Woolsy gang, the Enderline, and finally Emily Dreadful of Chaos

    Paappa the Saint converted the Eastern Moonive to his side!

    He eviscerated the Enderline thugs without any remorse!  He even took the time to give them a proper burial during the battle!!!!  Well, after he collected some spare parts.

    He said he liked the El Woolsy gang!!!!  

    So I brought out Emily Dreadful to teach him a lesson.  And boy did she...

    Emily slaughtered Paappa the Saint...

    So in to the void goes the Supreme pocket fisherman fishing rod which granted its user consistently large catches along with a random occasional valuable rare and supreme item catch such as scale and diamonds, and even boxes of lost coins!


    Challenge #4

    Bonus creature battle!  The fighting 13 octoemus of the fire realm.  Live or die, Pappa just had to defeat them all!

    This battle, Pappa took to the roof tops and used archery!  If only he had thought of this against Emily Dreadful of the Thirteenth clan of Chaos.

    It did not take long for Paappa to shoot the eyes out of the Octoemus and win the battle.


    Bonus round!  For a Knights of Seris treasure hunt hint.

    For a rare statue of Fo, Is the clue hidden on Chaos within the boundaries of a kingdom?  Paappa took a wild guess and said no.



    For his random winnings  3 small crates.  good for harvesting the El Woolsey wools... I guess...

    A supreme fishing rod rack.

    A rare statue of Fo

    A mountain lion rug

    4 ivy trellis'

    A rare saddle of easy riding - good for sore backs after a hard days cattle driving.

    A supreme small anvil - makes a great paperweight for those really large parchments.

    some supreme pizzas and haggis for a job well done

    And lastly 50 pieces of gold scrap...  mainly just to get them out of my inventory, and partly to repay him for the loss of his horse I killed.


    This has been another Random Enkouter!  Stay tune for another exciting adventure next year, same random time, same random server.



  14. See here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/168510-wurm-service-announcements/&do=findComment&comment=1705310


    This situation has been addressed.




    Clarification: The reason global rite spells may be seen frequently for a time:

    • This was caused by a large pool of favor being accrued from Rite of Spring not being cast for a long time. Once the changes came through, the restrictions required in order to cast it were loosened. This meant that players were able to cast several times in succession.
    • This may occur a few more times on other servers, but afterwards the favor of the deity will be drained and it will not be able to be cast again until the requirements are met again.
    • This isn’t a bug but instead a side effect of the changes being made without clearing the existing favor of deities.


    Thank you,

    Wurm Online Team

  15. WSA.png

    Rituals Are Banned - 12/19/2018

    ENDED - 12/23/2018




    For the time being until an investigation into the mechanics of Rituals like Right of Spring is completed by the Developers, all ritual casts are forbidden on all servers!


    We appreciate your patience while we iron out these complications.


    A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here.



    Thank You,

    Wurm Online Team

  16. WSA.png

    Full PvP Ban - 12/18/2018

    ENDED - 12/23/2018




    A Full PvP Ban is in effect until further notice.


    It seems mine doors have become very choosy about who they let in, including their own owners.  Anyway, until these snobbish mine doors are taught their place in the grand scheme of things all PVP is prohibited.


    A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here.



    Thank You,

    Wurm Online Team

  17. The Full PvP ban is lifted.


    Thank you,

    Wurm Online Team


    If you find yourself falling to your death, please take a moment and choose carefully where you will die while on the way down.  If you find your life flashing before your eyes on the way down and cannot see to choose a good place to die, then be comforted by the fact that you must have had a good and full life and are now free to respawn and enjoy the benefits of a new one.  If on the other hand, you do not have time to reflect on your current life, then rest assured your death was quick if not painless.  (this has been a service announcement from the the Wurm Safety and Health Administration)