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  1. Sadly I was not aware this discussion was here all this time. I use the mission system a lot and a lot of these features are something I have been needing for years, so some of you may be paying the price for the needs we had in WO. The new system allows us to duplicate things nearly instantly without having to build form scratch every single time and the linking allows us to use multiple effects with multiple triggers. This is to save having to keep scripting many identical triggers. or identical effects. The new system is a major time saver to me.
  2. The link button allows you to link triggers, and effects together that you have already created. Can be used at any time in the process with existing triggers and effects that fit your mission parameters. The update button I think is one that updates your changes to the active window. I will look it over while I am working today.
  3. The Developers have been able to reproduce this. They are deciding on a corrective action so expect it to be patched very soon.
  4. Today I pulled out the randomizer and it sent me to Deliverance. It landed me near none other than the randomizer's creator Yaga! The following transpired... (slightly edited for sanity)
  5. This was an old situation from 2016 when GM approval to remove a highway was still needed after making a new route. Unfortunately this was also around the time of the new Waystone and Wagoner system and it got lost in the shuffle after a year of trying to contact anyone. The people who currently live in the area of the old highway case have successfully connected a road around their deeds along the shore line. The old case is now fully completed.
  6. This is quite depressing news. I myself did not have the opportunity to know Seleas, but you have my sincere condolences. As for some kind of memorial garden for the passing of our members, please contact Retrograde and discuss it with him and we will work on a way to memorialize our fallen brothers and sisters.
  7. Umm.... sorry... Fortunately, The Server Admin is currently working on it. Expect it to take a bit of time. We will add more info soon.
  8. Angelklaine's explanation is pretty spot on. And the feelings behind it are pretty spot on as well. Wurm Online is a huge world of possibilities and when you mix humans in the mix... well sometimes 2+2 doesn't come anywhere near to 4. We would prefer to help all involved and to understand and explain any issues that are causing unrest. Very rarely have we had to invoke this rule, and the few we have had to actually ban over it, wow... just....wow...
  9. Chaos JK/MR Template Alts There are no more template Jenn-Kellon and template Mol-Rehan avatars who were not converted to Freedom Isles on Chaos! The situation regarding this has been randomly abused to small degrees by a few people to make some legacy template gear for personal reasons or market sales, but at this time most of the gear I have checked out is a mix of old and new. We are not concerned about any legacy items you may have in this matter, (unless of course you have an inordinate amount!) but there is no way to convert to template anymore to abuse this now that all old template avatars that never logged back in are ALL now Freedom Isles. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  10. Aw shucks! The randomizer sent me to Affliction this month and I thought I had a real good participant but he never noticed me during the 10 minute window. He was simply too busy polishing his grass tiles, and smoothing out the bark on some of his trees. He stood a chance at receiving the Supreme Spoon of Awesomeness!.... legend has it that this super rare spoon of the gods makes anything you eat taste awesome and nutritious with the additional benefit of granting you super human strength. It could also be used as a weapon against the Weirbeast of Mor-Kellba which guards the hidden vaults of the mythical chest of the fabled Gold 20 coin! Then again, it might just be a piece of gold pressed latinum from another universe, but we will never know now... into the void it goes.... Better luck next time!
  11. This Raid Ban has been lifted as kingdom deed chaining is now working. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  12. There are some details here that I am forced to respond to as to clear the air with the community Not feasible. I will not be more specific because of those safeguards. The summer hat issue. There are items I am not to make such as the Bag of Keeping. The Summer Hat was not on that list, perhaps it should have been! But to answer your question, no I will not be making any more unless I am instructed by Budda or Rolf to do so, and should the Devs wish anything like it be added they can make a version of it I can use in events. There are policies in place for the creation of items that are handed out at events like this or my Random Enkounters stuff. Most of it is at my discretion within those policies, but when Rolf or Budda put something out that is a one time item, that is it... period! I do not make items intended for a one time gift, I do not hand out fantastic items, I do not hand out improperly enchanted items, I do not make items that will break mechanics! (Okay okay.. there was that one time with the water....) Like it or not, I am very careful about this stuff as I do not intend to affect the game negatively. The items I do make on occasion are not limited to team members though as we put on promotional events that give us an opportunity to give the items to anyone and that is their primary focus. The stuff about our team additions is incorrect, it is exactly as I stated in my letter to the public. There is nothing more or less to it. They climbed the ranks on their own skill and effort and did not even become a part of the Community Relations team until after I had decided to train them as a potential GM. You did ask why I do not make team additions an announcement to the community... part of it is lack of time, part of it is the community itself. It's not as simple as saying "Congrats so and so has become a GM" I remember a time when we did that in event, but then the community got all up in arms about it and wanted it handled more anonymously. So... well... we started doing that. This way should a team member wish to play anonymously but have a public GM avatar, they have that option. This isn't the best explanation I know, but there is a lot that goes into becoming a GM.
  13. Raid Ban - 02/17/2019 ENDED - 02/18/2019 I am placing a temporary raid ban on all PvP servers until a fix for kingdom chaining is implemented. This should be a short ban as the fix is planned on the next restart. The issue is that deeds are not chaining causing them to suffer unintended damage penalties when they should be properly chained. A public list of PvP/Raid directives can be found here. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  14. Public Letter - Retrograde 'Abuse of Power' Claims This is an open letter in response to a number of 'abuse of power' claims made against Retrograde our Community Relations Coordinator as a fair number of people have some very misguided ideas about what transpired in some specific situations. Rolf has been investigating these 'abuse of power' claims and has requested that I as Head Game Master investigate years worth of logs in detail for context on every issue that he indicated. After a very in depth review I have been asked to make known to the public the results of this investigation. 1 - Horse with good gear taken from one person and returned to its owner. Claim – Retrograde is accused of abusing his powers to take a horse from someone and return it to someone that he is friends with. Status – False Origin – In December of 2018 one or more of the servers had to undergo multiple restarts. These restarts were necessary but not planned and caused a player to lose a horse with a lot of high quality gear as they did not have a chance to secure, tame, or brand the horse during these restarts. By the time the player had managed to log back in someone else had obtained the horse and the gear on it. Following precedent in this situation, I retrieved and returned the horse, as it was lost by no fault of the player due to extenuating circumstances. Retrograde was not involved in the return of the horse to the player. 2 - Summer Hat Claim – Retrograde gave a Summer Hat to a friend of his. Status – True Origin – Game Masters, Developers, and Team Volunteers are given an item or a coupon for each years Christmas as an appreciation of their service to the community. These items must be approved by the Head Game Master after a review of their affect on the game or community to avoid any overpowered or improper items being allowed in. Retrograde's last Christmas wish was a Summer Hat which is a gift that Rolf handed out once in the past to Game Masters. Team Members are allowed to use their gifts or coupons as they wish, including giving them as gifts. I approved the Summer Hat for Retrograde's Christmas gift and after that he was allowed to do with it as he saw fit. 3 - Dragon Shoulder Pads Claim – Retrograde gave dragon shoulder pads to someone Status – True Origin – For the purposes of advertising and promotion within the Vynora Entertainment Network, Retrograde did in fact create a pair of dragon shoulder pads that were given away during a streaming event. I found no illicit activity involved in this matter as the event and giveaway were public and anyone interested in participating had a chance to win them. 4 - Finding creatures during unique hunts Claim – Retrograde used his powers to locate dragons for his friends. Status – False Origin – Mainly just coincidence. Myself, two Developers, and Retrograde had been monitoring some peculiar situations regarding unique creatures. I can see very clearly who tries to use any powers to interact with creatures and when. Retrograde used his access five times in the last 2 years and during each instance it was for official business and did not coincide with any hunts that he or his friends were involved in. 5 - Retrograde hired a friend as a Game Master Claim – Retrograde added a close friend as a Game Master and a Community Relations member. Status – False Origin – We have a team member who is connected to Retrograde who came up through the ranks and was given a green light for training as a Game Master. Retrograde has no authority to add Game Masters to the team. I added this team member to training on the recommendation of six of my most active Game Masters at the time. Their assessment was based on that members activity and positive record of good responses and quick responses and I agreed with their assessment. It is true that this team member is also part of Retrograde's community relations work. I have no issue with that at all, as we even have a Developer who is also a forum moderator. This is the bulk of the main points brought forward by those who feel Retrograde had at some point abused his powers to help his friends. Because of the nature of these claims Rolf asked me to look through years of logs and look for any irregularities. After a lot of sleepless nights reviewing line after line of logs and comparing to events and official business we have identified every single thing Retrograde has used his powers for on the live servers. Every item, every lamp, every brick, every teleport, and so on, I can point to an official action or event and have found absolutely no abuse of his access to create items or assistance for his friends. The single most important thing that must be maintained by all of us is that if we cannot be public and transparent about an action that we take, then we are doing something that we should not be doing. In one fashion or another, that has been a guiding principal to my actions as Head Game Master, and every team member from Rolf on down should always keep this idea in mind when we are working on anything. It is this very principal that allows me the freedom to post the results of this lengthy investigation for public consumption in the interest of quelling these false narratives about Retrograde. Retrograde himself, as our Community Relations Coordinator has been pushing me to be more transparent with our community, which has not been an easy battle with all the years I have spent protecting confidential information so that you could enjoy the game without us spoiling it for anyone. With very few exceptions, our Community Relations Coordinator has always done his best to keep me informed of his plans regarding promotion of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited, especially when he needs certain items or creatures and has kept me appraised of his activities, usually to request permission to act, before I even review the logs. With transparency in mind, this is how our team is currently setup. Rolf is at the top of the food chain as CEO of Code Club AB, and then there is Budda who is our Project Manager here for Wurm Online and those are the only two with the authority to investigate me should any claims be brought to them. As Head Game Master it is then my job to oversee anything that is done on the live servers by any avatar from our players on up including our Community Relations Coordinator. This means that no one may use any powers without my knowledge or ability to review. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  15. Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial (Release L-25) An introduction by friends of Tich. Logging into Wurm, looking at our friend's list to see the first name not online to be Tich pressed those close to her to create a memorial, not only for others to see, but also to leave their own memories about this wonderful person for the rest of Wurm to enjoy. This project began in early November of 2018 and served as a cathartic focus for hearts and minds that were still struggling with Tich's passing. Though the work took only about 2 weeks to complete, with a subsequent few weeks of fine tuning to follow, by far the most difficult task was/is to write on opening introduction to the people of Wurm for the memorial. It is our hope that those touched by Tich or her works in-game will make the journey to Release, at L25, and bring with you a bit of something that ties you to Tich and her works, to be left in perpetuity as your own addition to the memorial. (Feel free to contact Daciana or Pomona by forum pm for help in placing or securing your personal additions, or adding personal anecdotes or stories to the Tich's Gone Fishin' Memorial) What began as players seeking comfort in remembering a friend, transitioned into co-workers yearning for an opportunity to show what she meant to them, and what we all hope will evolve into a community reaching out together to put the wealth of impact Tich made upon us all on exhibition. While here, please take the time to explore every aspect of the memorial. You will find a multitude of surprises made available through substantial background help from the Wurm Online Team all of which were especially close to Tich. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the memorial.
  16. We can rebuild it! We have the technology! We can make it faster! Stronger! Hampsterier!
  17. Malena, we will be contacting you to assist you in this matter. This appears to be unintended. The Devs are looking into it.
  18. UPDATE 01/27/2019 - Further information has been brought forward that narrowed the scope of this exploit matter allowing us to exonerate a number of those in the area that were mass banned. UPDATE 02/05/2019 - Individuals caught up in this ban and subsequently cleared of involvement of the exploit, having their bans rescinded, will be reimbursed their lost premium time.
  19. Full PvP Ban is now lifted. Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  20. UPDATE: This Full PvP ban shall conclude in 24 hours. Presumably by Jan 31 @ 00:00 Thank You, Wurm Online Team
  21. January 27th - 23:00 - Pristine - (Winner = Jugurtha) February 21st - 20:30 - Affliction - (No Winner) March 20th - 20:00 - Deliverance - (Yaga) April 19th - 21:00 - Deliverance - (Winner = Thiagoxbo) May 19th - 01:00 - Celebration - (Winner = Kraegar, Mobius) June 17th - 19:30 - Xanadu - (Winner = Karashishi) July 22nd - 21:00 - Celebration - (Winner = Killergreen) August 29th - 03:00 - Release - (No Winner) September 20th - 20:00 - Serenity - (No Winner) October 30th - 21:30 - Independence - (Winner = Lluther, Marcas, Mushak, Superfint, Yuyukosaigyouji, Zaka) November 20th - 13:00 - Release - (Winner = Mikehunt) December 25th - 02:30 - Chaos - (Winner = Evadaly)
  22. It became a tradition to hold a Random Enkounter each month during the last year, but alas, I could find no more calendar pages for 2018. Maybe it was cut short, I just don't know, but I was surprised when it stopped after December. It will be a challenge, but I would like to attempt a Random Enkounter today and see if just maybe, just maybe it is possible to hold them in 2019 and see how many we can fit in this year. I didn't look to see when 2019 would end... spoilers and all... but maybe it will be a good long year this time and we can get at least twenty-nine or more of these things in, but only time will tell. Oh well, now to Enkounter! Today, Jugurtha on Pristine received the randomness. 4 challenges were bestowed. Challenge #1 a classic... Where will you find those that are not as alive as they once were? Jugurtha chose the wrong but right answer of a 'graveyard'..... Challenge #2 How many teeth does a troll have? Jugurtha responded with 2 which was wrong! So much for that fantastic lemonade fruit press. The lemonade from it was enchanted to grant super fast actions, and you could climb up mountains as easily as some of these annoying mountain horses! To the void with that delicious fresh squeezed lemonade! Challenge #3 What is the year in Wurm? Jugurtha responded with one thousand and eighty-one! CORRECT! Oh boy has he got a gift waiting for him! Challenge #4.....hehehehe Invasion of the Ants! Jugurtha must rid his lawn of an ant invasion. 3 waves and the queen! Jugurtha had little problem with the grey ants, but the red ants managed to reduce his blood pressure through some additional 'venting'. Once he had the red ants eliminated the Grass ants attacked thinking they could confuse him with their fancy bipedal dances. They failed....miserably. Queen Antricia was not happy.... not happy at all! Jugurtha faced her fiery wrath and .....was dead before I could write this sentence..... darn it! For his winnings Jugurtha received a drum kit consisting of a steel helm, 7 barrels, and a huge tub, with a supreme mallet of noise ordinance violation. Plenty of strings to string up some....stringed.. instruments... yeah... that's what they are for... an oar, for when you just gotta beat a crab to death from a distance! A rare spear... good for fishing as well as on the spot heart surgery.... I know from experience . Jugurtha also received some olive oil, and a pile of oak logs along with some large nails. For his health he also received a lot of bacon and omelets with toast... I did not say for his 'good' health... And of course what any famous drummer needs, a wardrobe to stash his outfits in to keep his soon to be famous drummer identity a secret!
  23. Babelfishie

    To those who have interacted with the 'Babelfishie' avatars, I would like to clear up some misconceptions. We have a nearly ten year history with this person via a bunch of other avatar names, and none of it has been pleasant. We know him more prominently as Boston and this person has a solid history of violating our chat rules, game rules, and has committed many abuses towards our community. I have received a number of 'appeals' regarding his permaban on his behalf by 3rd parties, which I assume were pushed by this person. I want to be clear, that at each altercation and penalty, while this person has denied receiving any explanation for his penalties, We have in fact left ban reasons and emails with this person. His 'medical' excuses for why he continues this behavior are not my concern and I cannot govern his life or state of mind. My task is to administrate the rules and make sure that everyone willing to play the game within the given rules can enjoy the service that we provide. While I typically do not divulge details in cases for our penalties, we do not arbitrarily ban anyone. For many years this person has continually appealed his ban even though we have told him not to bother us about it ever again. In 2016 I made the mistake of not telling him he is unwelcome as I mistakenly assumed he had been playing within the rules under a new alias. I was wrong about that. He had not been an active player and until recently I had no reason to pay him any more mind until we began receiving some varied complaints about how he was treating people and he also began wasting our time with more appeals. I do not enjoy banning people... well... maybe a bit.... but the paperwork! Thank you, /Enki (Head Game Master)(the one with the bloodied ban hammer)
  24. What you see here will be a more transparent issuance of penalties and moderation actions against the most horrendous offenders. We have striven to keep the issues of each member confidential all these years, but there are times when that provided confidentiality is publicly used against us to make us look biased or corrupt. After some discussions behind the scenes we have determined to strip away that confidentiality that we provided when it comes to the most serious offenses such as Toxic Players, or mass penalties where we are often bombarded with appeals as well as 3rd party complaints. When we are required to act against a member of our community, we do not do so out of bias or some form of arbitrary self indulgence. The paperwork is far too great for it to be enjoyable. Yet, when we take action, invariably, the person under penalty rarely tells the 'whole truth' to the people they speak to. This causes us no end of problems and we hope that being more transparent about these individuals will save us a lot of time and effort.
  25. Recently a number of the members of the Chaos kingdom named Wurm University have been temporarily banned from Wurm Online. This is in direct relation to the use of a serious exploit that had been believed fixed for some time. No one bothered to report that this was again possible. The names of those banned were collected from the logs surrounding the location where the exploit was last known to be used. We know that only one person did the actual exploitative action, but after an independent review it was determined that the people at the location had committed conspiracy to use and profit from, or hide the use of the exploit. The exploit in question was the ability to manipulate cave tiles in a mine that the player was not in or had access to. Appeals by a number of those affected by the temporary bans are pending. Direct Culprits: Heng, Oniichan