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  1. I have noticed what you are talking about. I do believe the normal maintenance server reboots change the timing an average of 30 minutes each, so in 2 maintenance cycles you have evening instead of morning.
  2. I would like to get some signs up asking players to respect a 5 tile zone around First Light. Beyond that I do not feel this post will be that helpful to this end. I appreciate your efforts Kitamine, but many of the new players that need to be aware of this will likely not read this immediately and it is up to us at the deed to maintain that zone.
  3. I may finally invest in a blu-ray drive and wait for the blu-ray release. I was disappointed when I found out it was being delayed until May. Had waited all year for it to be released at the end of December... oh well... Considering the original people behind the scenes are doing this one it should be worth the wait.
  4. I think I shall hire this bull and fire all the tower guards!
  5. delete forum account

    We do not delete accounts. Angelsilver had the reasoning pretty well summed up.
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  8. Climbing Contest

    Good work SwedishPhoenix
  9. Client Crashes

    Same issue for me at the moment. Should be taken care of soon though guys and gals. Just hang in there a bit. edit: This issue has been corrected for me. I assume the issue has been taken care of for the rest too.
  10. Your prayer timing option will be a little wrong always. Might I suggest putting in a manual option to have the used press a button in your tool to mark that they have prayed so that the timer will count down from there?
  11. This is just my opinion, but your intention seems very worthwhile. I wish you luck at this. I would like to strongly recommend that you limit your server checks to every 5 minutes to be kind to the servers. I think Wintermute has created a tool for both Linux and Windows to show status via the toolbar. I do not know how far along that project is. Greyhound was kind enough to develop an advanced server status code for the Kyara home page, and Leve`Dara has developed a server status page as well. There are many tools developed by Toni as well. The one thing you are doing that I have not seen others attempt yet is to combine all these tools into one. I hope it works out well.
  12. Welcome back to your real home.
  13. New CM

    Congrats Shweet
  14. Greetings!

    no premium!!! but but... how can you visit your shrine!
  15. Madt FM

    Happy Birthday Madt Congratulations on your new post.
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  17. FIXED

    Can you tell us anything about your computer? how much ram? cpu speed? video card? Perhaps post your console.log file for us to look at.
  18. new in the art team

    oh cool! more pixel shiners! can't wait to see your works in game.
  19. could you please post your console.log file from your wurm game folder. also tell us a little bit about your computer. CPU, memory, video card.. and have you upgraded your drivers recently?