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  1. This thread has lost its focus. locked. To clarify the reason why this thread is locked: This is a thread intended to discuss a game mechanic and a perceived improvement. It is not a suggestion about social wild behavior which it was quickly twisted into. The quote posted from one of my messages to a player to my knowledge was not intended to discuss a game mechanic. It's still a good quote even if not entirely applicable to this.
  2. This thread is of no further value to the community. The few Golden Valley players that have chosen to remain this long do so under penalties not incurred by Freedom players. They also do not have access to the same advantages they could have if they were on Freedom.
  3. thanx GM!

    On behalf of the GM team, thank you! We do our best to collect all the information on situations and try to work towards the best solutions with strict regards to Rolf's intentions. Our ability to solve situations may not always be prompt and immediate, but to us, knowledge is power and from that we develop our system. As far as the new FCTF Marina, it is open for business finally. The FCTF Marina is located next to Freedom Docks and it is for boats that are locked and moored on your deed that you cannot manage or move, when you do not wish to pursue a salvage claim on a vessel stuck on your deed, and you are unable to reach the owner of the stuck vessel. Vessels that qualify for the FCTF will be towed to the FCTF marina where an FCTF salvage notice will be issued and attempts to contact the owner made. At the end of the FCTF salvage time (currently 60 days as standard salvage claims) The vessel may be auctioned off. Proceeds form the auctions will be put towards future Wurm team sponsored events. Vessels that fail to auction may be held for a short time and a second chance sale or they may be scrapped. the vessels will be scrapped. Official policy regarding the FCTF Marina is still under works. If you have a vessel on Freedom that qualifies for the FCTF please send a /dev and we will come and collect it.
  4. This issue is being looked into
  5. Thread cleared of irrelevant material. Let's leave this as a clean suggestion thread please.
  6. This thread has been truncated due to insults and arguments. Please be considerate and think about what you post. We try to be considerate to all.
  7. It is true that Intel graphics chips are intended only to meet Microsoft windows minimum requirements for their operating systems in order to reduce costs of laptops and other efficient low cost systems. They are surprisingly agile for their intended purpose, and I even play Wurm on my netbook which has an Intel chipset. The developers are regularly making improvements that tend to improve performance on Intel chips, but I am uncertain how specific they may be working on Intel compatibility.
  8. Thread truncated due to trolling. Please remain on topic. Thank you.
  9. Wurm Baby

    Congratulations you two! try to avoid letting "danec" be his first word!
  10. Locked to keep the information provided clean and up front.
  11. My sincere condolences on your recent losses. I hope you get to take time and enjoy the game more this way FT. Good luck, and you know where to find us when you need us.
  12. Thank you Zekezor for making these packs available. I am glad MrBloodworth and Rolf allowed this as it has saved me days of work. I have simply been making my own visual approximations until Spellcast linked me to this. My only issue is making them skew with slopes like they do in game....
  13. Why yes Mystecore. Yes I can. I have done just that and re enabled the listings. Please do not use the avatar name entries for anything other than your avatar names.
  14. As it has been demonstrated that the open account tags can be abused, the open Freedom and open alternate account listings are disabled until we can come up with a better system. Thorgot, I will see what I can do about moving them.
  15. Please remain on topic and avoid insults.
  16. locked, no need to let this descend further
  17. If you have an issue with any CA or GM you may always contact Oracle for review of the situation.
  18. lol @ server

    I have removed the phone number that was being posted here as I do not know its identity and probably not a good idea to list it anyway.
  19. lol @ server

    Wolrider. go into Java control panel in windows control panel, find temporary internet files, remove Wurm online, then come back to the website or forums and reinstall the client. that will fix that error for you.
  20. lol @ server

    I have sent Rolf a message as there appears to be a login server issue.
  21. Wild V2

    This thread has been truncated. Please avoid flame wars.
  22. have you tried to load the stable, unstable, and test clients?
  23. artifact change

    thread reopened. Keep on topic.