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  1. Can't Stealth.

    Interesting. I even tried on Golden Valley and failed.
  2. Can't Stealth.

    I tried to prove all of you wrong. I failed...over and over again. I could only get stealth to work in caves as Mord showed me.
  3. Attention This thread has been locked. Continued failure to abide by the forum rules could result in accounts being penalized.
  4. I do not know your specific setup details for your internet provider, but the last time I had this issue my router was failing. Anytime I used any Java software my router would drop the connection. So if you use a Router modem/Router Might want to try cycling it. I ended up having to get a new one.
  5. A message was sent to Rolf. I can only assume the message was not received as Rolf is very responsive to player access to the game. After seeing this thread I sent Rolf an email about this issue as well and simply wanted to note that this has not gone unnoticed.
  6. We are reviewing these matters regarding Epic boards, linking etc.
  7. Still making adjustments, but lets see how it goes. use the message icons in the market boards, they should help
  8. There are some dents being hammered out by Rolf. As long as the mallet holds out all will be sorted and operational in due time.
  9. Wild server linking is still in place. Wild names will be readded by us, though all the other names will likely require readding by the account owners.
  10. I am sure we will make minor adjustments to this theme over time. In the meantime this is far superior to what we were using, and I am sure most of us could use the tan. I am pleased with the changeover.
  11. Colours!

    Why not a big "Freedom trading center" With a single subforum for each kingdom, of where they can use tags in the post tile [WTS], [WTB] and [AUC] for item descriptions? That sounds worth considering. We will look into it.
  12. Colours!

    umm its a bit brighter now?
  13. Colours!

    That should be better in all themes. We are not technically catering to the default or lighter themes, but I tried to find a good middle ground between them. Lily, it is a 50/50 split between local trading and inter-isle trading. We have not come up with the best solution for that at the moment.
  14. Colours!

    Belthize, MrGary, I will work on those 2 details later today. Thank you for the input.
  15. Colours!

    +1 Yeah I figured we were too used to Town Square being on the top. Was just an idea.
  16. Colours!

    gee that was fast.... I was just experimenting. Trying to make it so your eyes fall to the section you are looking for.
  17. Mauz's passing

    thats... That's just awful... My sincerest condolences.
  18. We are actually working on this at the moment, so keep your eyes open.
  19. It would be preferable for the market or markets to develop by the island user's needs
  20. :'( Goodluck MrB. It's been a lot of fun!
  21. I have summarily removed all but some of the first page of this thread and locked it. The "so and so 'whined' to Rolf" stuff is getting really old and serves to further no purpose except to cause legitimate issues to get buried in nonsense. If there is an issue that requires attention, it needs to be discussed without all the flaming and kingdom politics.
  22. Golden Valley is NOT an open server. There are only a handful of playing accounts there and I am pleased with the help those few provide with answers to new player questions. They have no effect on any other part of the game. Yes they would be better off on Freedom, and we will remove anyone who interferes with our progress on the tutorial system or gives out false advice to new players. They receive no benefit to being there and are there at their own willingness to suffer increased decay and lack of deeds and other items afforded to Freedom players. The tutorial system is progressing steadily and we will continue to update and improve it. As far as the rest of this thread.... click.