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  1. SO all these changes.... are to bring pvp back right? JKE on the Elevation server have been pushing for changes to make more pvp.... so on the very first or second day these new guys from freedom were trying to build a deed.... and solar/ausimus came over and asked to be on their mine door and then metagamed them. killed the tower guards.... told them they had to run from rome (it was just orlaz) you can clearly see in this video they took last night of the whole thing... I'm sure you have heard about this from other ca's this is NosFirebird level crap. and if its not breaking a rule.... it SHOULD be... change the rules. stop this metagame stuff.... the 2 of them could have just attacked and possibly won but they had to bring ausimus up... 2 kings... moon metal.... champion.... and they are bullying these guys on their first days? they just got the accounts and came over from freedom? like really? 


    This isn't just unfair this is like cheating. and these guys are now talking about quitting and going to unlimited or back to freedom or something. not because they died but cos of the way it happened. cant you guys like make it so if enemies are in local same kingdom cant hurt each other or something? 

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    2. Mclovin


      You do know I'm not a champ right? You know there wasn't a token right? You know you can kill your own kingdom right? What tokens were drained and by what players? Settlement history should tell you. Report if they were meta gaming to drain; Nothing to do with us. The 2 alone didn't get anybody to below healthy. You aren't a pvper as you claim yet you are talking as if you know what wins a pvp fight. :huh:

      Sounds like another story made up among many in the past to make yourself look like a victim. You said meta gaming is bad but it's ok for LED to keep spy alts on his deed? On a home server where meta gaming rules apply?

      I think you should try and learn lore of kingdoms and the mechanics which are available to take the things you complain about but yet want to change. Kingdom Convert is one of them.

      Also you were given the chance/had the chance to join this group and you flipped out back in the day and left on your own accord.. I think you're forgetting details, none of which don't need to be posted on Enkis forum page? :)

      as for threats:

      "If you wish to escalate problems and drama... I'm more active than any of you. I'm not even playing league anymore. I'm all here.  Like i told daryl.... if he takes away the way i play games every day.... the grind... or my villagers.... it only makes me want to do him harm" - KrisWald.

      Your whole argument seems to be "don't do this, you do that" but your reply says the same for yourself.. 

      Also your messages should be pm'd to Enki as he's more likely to read it.

      What excactly is the problem with killing thiefs and controlling our territory? You know you can fight for it too right? We have over 25 active accounts that will play epic once there is a reason to; That doesn't give you the right to come into our territory we fought for, deed where you want and grief areas we've created as you want. I think you're living in a seperate server still, pal. 

    3. Mclovin


      Edit; Orlaz might have gone lower than healthy? Not sure; I was there to kill a group related to theives and wasn't looking at his health. I left the loot and rode off before orlaz killed me :ph34r::ph34r:

    4. Vean


      I don't have spy alts Mclovin, I'm not interested in Epic pvp and how you cooperate with Rome kingdom since a long time now. Giving me as an argument for metagaming seems utterly wrong after how you guys made me quit JK few years ago by attacking me without warning and taking my things from corpse of mine in pack.