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  1. Ages of Urath

    Here's my experience with this server. (Put into segments so you can easily skim to what you're interested in!) -The server owner, Razor, is an absolute pleasure to be around. He's professional while still being involved with his players and the game itself. You can really tell how much heart he's put into the game. He organizes events, listens to player feedback, and really gives his all. His team of CA's and GM's help newer players get integrated into the game world, and they help to set up initial connections for player interactions through events. (Example: A goblin party raiding the countryside makes the players in the area search out a weaponsmith to arm themselves) -The community is incredibly friendly. It has a nice mix of younger (late 20's) and older (50's) players, all of whom are welcoming, and passionate about Wurm. -The map is gorgeous. A true accomplishment. It's mix of waterways, oceans, and land-masses makes it a challenge to explore, which makes conquering the land even more of an accomplishment. There's no greater feeling than walking into a dark forest, and turning it into a trader's paradise. ~Will update my review soon!~
  2. I've encountered a bug with the modloader. It seems that whenever the patcher is run, the ability to manage animal permissions is inexplicably removed from the game. I've tested this by re-validating files and removing serverpacks, and for some reason it seems that the patcher is disabling it. Other players on the same server are having the same issue. Edit: Just wanted to clarify a few things. Running the patcher and Wurm with no mods anywhere near the game still causes this strange glitch to occur. I ran it in local with a fresh patcher install and still had it occur. Best of luck in fixing it though! You've done the community a great favor!