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  1. I can do it for you need more please pm I can do 45 + ql
  2. I have to sell iron ql 29 2000 silver ql 30 300 coper ql 47 2000 zinc ql 35 2000 gold ql 30 2000 tin ql 47 1000 ql 30 + 1.5s 1k ql 40 + 2s 1k + Delivery depending on number and distance Ability to pick up Interested please pm
  3. I have to sell tin 1000 ql 47 coper 2000 ql 47 zinc 2000 ql 35 gold 2000 ql 30 I can do higher ql on request Please pm me if you are interested
  4. Deli Trade Centre Localization:(37x, 6y) Order Status: CLOSED Contact (ingame): Rafaello Contact (forum): Sizar (only Sizar) Special Offer NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW NEW__Mortar_1k_2s50c__NEW Mining Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Iron____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___80c___1s__ Zinc____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Tin_____100___10c___12c___15c___________________ Copper__100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Silver__10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Gold____10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Rock____1k____1s________________________________ Digging Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Clay____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Tar_____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Sand____100___12c___15c___20c___25c___30c_______ NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW Blacksmithing bulk items Nails_S/L_________10c/100 Iron_ribbons________1s/100 Iron_fence_bars_____2s/100 Rivets_____________20c/100 Frying_pans_________1s/100 Blacksmithing items Item________Qt__40+___50+___60+___70+___80+__90+ S/L_anvil___1___15c___25c___35c___45c___80c_____ Horse_shoe__1_________10c_________30c___________ Iron_lamp___1___10c___20c___30c___50c___1s______ Tools_______1_________10c___20c___30c___70c_____ Carpentry & Fine Carpentry Item_________Qt____Random Support_beams__100_______3s BSB_____________1_______10c Floor_board____100_______5s Large_crate_____1_______10c Small_crate_____1________5c Wagon___________1_______50c Market_stall____1_______25c Plank________100___20c Shaft________100___15c Woodcuting Item_________Qt____Rand Log__________100___50c Felled_Tree__10____30c Sprouts Cedar/Pine/Birch/Maple___100-1s Oak___10-50c Masonry Item____________Qt____RandomQL Colossus_Brick___1000_______2s Stone_Slab_______100________1s Guard_Tower________1________6s Colossus___________1_______25s Mortar___________1000____2s50c Stone_Brick______1000_______2s Costs of Delivery: Free to Deliverance 20c to Indepedence, Exodus 50c to Celebration We DO NOT deliver to PvP servers.
  5. Delivery cost is 1 silver. So, do you accept an offer ?
  6. Hello, I can offer 50 Rafts for 5 silver + delivery cost. Are u interested?