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  1. Ultimate necro bump to point out that this is still an unresolved issue 3 years later and very tedious to work with in certain cases.
  2. Client helper mod

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this mod. It's made Wurm an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience. The bot simply does what I forget to do by clicking continue. I tend to keep Wurm on one screen and Youtube on the other. I will often get distracted during long stretches of bulk crafting or mining and forget to hit the button, losing so much potential progress over time. I played the MMO for about 2 years so I don't at all feel like this ruins anything for me, it just increases my productivity while playing within the rules of the game as it were. I'd rather keep an eye on the bot and let it do it's thing on my solo server than poof items into existence as a GM or set my skills to 100. So thank you again for this!
  3. [Released] Wall Panels

    I'm having the same hook error as above. Here's my server log: I tried again on a test server, removing all mods save the serverpack and httpserver mods Bdew mentioned and still got the hook error.
  4. EDIT As per Keenan here the patch won't be available to WU users for "a few weeks" I think you posted in the wrong forum. : I might be dumb, but can that be done with WU? If so how? I thought steam just updated it automatically. Ha Been waiting for the patch all day like a kid at Christmas.
  5. Map dumps!

    *endless screaming* Thank you!!! T_T So very much
  6. Appears to be borked with this mornings update? All my other mods work but my server will not start with this mod enabled. D: And I was in the middle of a massive surface mining project too naturally.
  7. This clears up a lot of lingering questions I had. I think the source of my confusion was the hover over tooltip on the epic setting, "skill curve, missions affect Valrei" while the pvp setting seemed like just that, pvp enabled so I assumed epic was the source of all the Valrei spawns and missions and such. I'd always played on Freedom so I wanted was a bit confused as to which server type did what and exactly how Valrei worked. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation!
  8. I was wondering if the Valrei terraforming events from WO happen with on the default adventure server with epic settings in WU? My friends and I would like to play with epic settings enabled but the terraforming events would be a deal breaker for us. I wasn't able to find an answer here or on the Steam forums sadly. If they do happen, is there a way to disable them? Thank you. EDIT: I found one post that seems to say they do in fact happen but I'm still not sure. A bit more info on the server types and settings like Home and Epic would go a long way towards helping confused players.
  9. As the title says, I've been looking around and haven't come a crossed anything. I'm not sure if this would require a small tweak or a full blown mod. Small rolling hills for farmlands would be awesome.
  10. Long time Wurm player returning for WU. I want to thank you very much for this as the method of jamming things into the jars and hoping for the best is dirty at best, this simplifies things and makes borking the whole thing up that much less likely. That said. I want to caution you and the community as a whole, I don't know if you've played Minecraft but this is basically the same system used there and it has become a gigantic cluster of three or four huge loaders each with mods that only work for those loaders and the loaders themselves are either straight up impossible to run together or darn near and they certainly are not for the less tech savy (minecraft modders say the same as you here, just take the source and jam the mod you want into it. It's not always that easy and it's not for the basic user). This all creates huge issues, forums flooded with "How to get this to work" "Can I run all these together somehow" people being forced to pick and choose between the biggest and honestly nearly required mods for the game and leads to a lessened experience for everyone, you don't get to play how you'd like to, you don't get to support the modders you'd like to and fosters really nasty attitudes among the modders. I would like to see your loader become the default or have in game modding support, everything so new of course. I just hope that getting at least most mods to work with your loader stays feasible here.