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  1. Stable 4.0. client bug megathread

    @Samool thanks for your help, Wurm is running on my PC again, am happy
  2. Stable 4.0. client bug megathread

    Hi Can't get Wurm to run on my PC (WinXP 32Bit) after update. All I get is the Wurm logo followed by a Downloading application dialogue box, the Wurm logo re-appears and then nothing. I have checked the Task Manager and the laucher is running Have downloaded java several times also the low memory version of the client But the game does not run (same symptons ). Copy of the console log, am assuming because the game is not running it has not created a upto date log Currently am accessing game via a Win10 laptop but would rather play on my WinXP PC, could you let me know how to get the game to work on the WinXP PC tyvm
  3. Green Dragon Hatchling Slaying

    ty for making this public
  4. Green Dragon Hatchling Slaying

    Will be there for title
  5. [Resolved] Teleporting Items from cave to surface

    UPDATE After last nights Hotfix the items returned to the cave all seems normal Please close this thread tyvm
  6. [Resolved] Teleporting Items from cave to surface

    UPDATE Have recreated the 'missing horse hitched to wagon/cart in a cave/mine' bug Have parked the wagon in cave/mine the horse has teleported to the surface Am aware this is a known bug but seems related to the teleporting items issue we had Will leave the agon parked as long as I can
  7. While storing some items in a un-finished cave/mine Some of the items appear outside the cave Further info: - Some of the items were un-loaded from transported knarr. - The items were un-loaded onto a limited number of tiles - Previously in the same cave, different location had 4 hell horses hitched to a wagon, one of the hell horses appeared above ground. This was resolved by moving the wagon This effect could be caused by the game mechanic: that is when too many items placed on one tile, excess items are moved. Normally moves to an ajoining tile but in this case the item is moved above ground.
  8. WTS Crates, Bricks, Mortar & Fruit

    tyvm, a smooth transaction, a pleasure meeting you Seelery.
  9. WTS Crates, Bricks, Mortar & Fruit

    Hi, will load up let you know when I set off
  10. Rift - 13th Sept (Rift Closed)

    Another marathon rift, great fun ty to all healers again
  11. Rift - Reported 4th September (Rift Closed)

    Hi Wulf, you definately deserve your rest. Thanks for the navigation assist, much apprecited
  12. Rift - Reported 4th September (Rift Closed)

    Wow longest rift event ever, everyone had to dig deep into their stamina reserves and as ever thanks to all healers for their great work. Rest mode ON
  13. Rift Reported 08/07/2016

    Thanks. The time is a bit late for me, being midweek I can't cancel all RL activities. Good luck all see you on the next one
  14. Rift Reported 08/07/2016

    Hi Trying to workout the start time, is it 3am London (GMT) time ?
  15. Glasshollow its now finished for you!

    Awesome work guys