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  1. Please make a new icon for chisels, as they are identical to carving knives. I among others would really appreciate this, as it would eliminate the confusion when looking on my tool belt for either. Thanks.
  2. I appreciate all the replies. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I have Googled and looked at the wiki, and all I have seen Sunder used for was to damage tools to re-imp them, or to damage wine or water. The wiki says what it cannot be used for, but I would rather have a better description as to it's real application and use. Thanks.
  4. I never thought of that and it makes complete sense. But yeah, having it as part of the original building would definitely be acceptable. Thanks for your suggestion!
  5. Is this mod compatible with Improved Compass (gives coordinates, heading, height)?
  6. [old thread]

    Cannot recommend this server enough. Excellent staff, great setup, and leveling is appropriate for a WU server. Come check us out!
  7. Title. I recently tried to do a build that currently isn't allowed. I wanted to run arched bridges between each tower to create an arched facade for the building. I don't see why buildings should not share corners in this manner. Thanks for reading.
  8. I would like to see a building detection and skill requirement added to Deedplanner. My plan was to build a 5x5 with 1x1 towers on the corners, then run bridges between all towers to create an arched facade. However, according to a number of players I have talked to, separate building corners cannot touch. As there is no check for this in Deedplanner, I have to revamp my design. Is it possible to put in such a check, or would this require a complete overhaul? Thanks. Ex:
  9. Can someone tell me what the wooden door/gate structures are in the left and right arches? I have never seen these before, or at least don't recognize them... thanks! *edit* Figured it out. They are siege shields.
  10. I came across a thread from 2012 that had this same issue, but instead of performing thread necromancy, I decided to start a new one... This roof bug needs to be fixed. This is a bug that appears on opposite corners, which is the correct orientation I cannot tell. I have tried breaking and replacing each roof tile individually, only for it to regenerate with the same asymmetry. As you can see, interior roofing (ladder going through the roof center for lookout tower) is asymmetrical. This occurs on both sides. The NW and SE corners have a 45-degree bevel, where the SE and SW corners do not.
  11. I have encountered this problem since the release update via Steam. It seems that if the keybinds file is set to 'default', there is no issue. Once it starts remapping keybinds using a custom file, it hits a massive loop on each keybind, eventually causing the launcher to crash. I have watched it generate a few hundred thousand-line log file by the time I killed the launcher. Remove the custom settings folder (or change the 'autorun.txt' file in a player's folder to 'default') and it runs fine. I use a custom set of keybinds for each action (a la mntnoe on Github) and this seriously breaks my flow if I have to resort to default keybinds. Really hope this is hotfixed soon. *edit* This is the result of a rogue keybindings.txt file (in each of my character's folders) with repeated bindings. When the launcher tries to load it, it crashes the launcher. Not sure what part of Wurm did this. Removing the file fixed the problem.
  12. I know there is no implementation of commands for emotes, but I know that I can create custom /me emotes on my keybind configuration file. So my question is: Is there a way to use the current target's name within a command? i.e. /me waves at $TARGET. --> Nuinethir waves at small crate. Thanks!
  13. I have created my own switchable hotkeys (using predefined keys for various groups of tasks, such as dig/pack/level/cultivate) and wanted to see if there was a command I could execute within a TXT file to print a message to the Event window that would tell me which set I am currently switched to. Even better if I can get the new splash text (like when you get mail).
  14. So I had my large cart dyed a light blue (151,151,170) and since the last update it is no longer visible. Anyone else had this issue come up? *edit* Disabling GLSL support brings the color back, but this has an adverse effect... rare+ objects no longer shine color of water is very dark animal/object framerate is reduced to about 30fps Kinda confused here.