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  1. Hello together, I took a look for what todo to edit Wurmpedia, but somehow I'm not much into editing such wiki content. I found out more details about the ingame mechanics of papyrusmaking and Inscribing on sheets. For Papyrusmaking, the title for skill-level 70 is "Pulp-beater". About inscribing sheets (mentioned on papyrus sheet page) I spent quite some time figuring the correct formula for number of letters. I used different sheet types (paper/papyrus) & ql, ink & dye different ql, different paper ql and different reed pen ql. The formula is more complex then stated on the Wurmpedia. There is no difference between using paper or papyrus sheets. But even choosing between ink and dye affects number of letters a lot, cause dye has an offset of 10 letters, while ink has an offset of 100 letters. (so at all QL8 ink is better for writing then QL97 dye) The complete formula for Nr. of Letters is: <Nr. of Letters> = <Offset 10 or 100 for dye/ink> + <QL of dye/ink> + <QL of sheet> + <QL of reed pen> It's correct that the even the decimals of quality matters, I think even the decimals of different ql's add up in front of calculation, but i was to lazy to make an exact test for that. As far as I'm aware there are no differences for different colors of dye, but i didn't tried black dye. I spent quite some time figuring this out, hope someone helpful with better wurmpedia skills minds putting this on Wurmpedia. Desolate
  2. Server is back, i'm on already
  3. i get the message that the servers are not available, like 5 mins now (Xanadu) Launcher states: Servers online
  4. Got another stupid idea, for in this game most things are tradeable, why not make the possiblity that premium players sell there fatigue. That would somehow adhere to the argument that it calms down the advantage of people playing accounts intensive and giving those playing less the opportunity to earn few coppers with there non spent gametime. Perhaps only possible with a priest having a "Transfer Fatigue" spell.
  5. Vroomfondel, for I already mentioned that Fatigue only strikes single-account-players the health issue is not really an argument. And even when I take a year off from the game, all games, from computers or whatever you think is unhealthy, it would not affect my health a little bit. (at least not in a postive way) I'm really wondering that there are so many friendly people around that care for MY health. Really, thats a caring attitute and for I heard the health issues now so often in this thread, I think all health apostels go and make there own thread asking for a honest "Multi-Account-Health-Protection-Fatigue-System" cause we should really protect those poor souls that can't help themselves. (but think, people could still switch games, perhaps you should write a meaningful letter to Bill Gates that he should include a health system into Microsoft Windows, would make him laugh) But don't point a finger towards me if your issue gets through and it kills the game cause a lot of dedicated players that simply use multi accounts to prevent fatigue issues will leave this game.
  6. WTS sell out of my tools (Ally only)

    Hi psisimian, sorry for late response, i sent the saw now, enjoy.
  7. So, just to come up to this again, if this has been seen as an "offense" then i say I'm sorry. (same for drawing the thematics into public chat) I read your input and was a bit annoyed cause picking out a single statement about what i did and how you see it, is for me not really an argument. And for I experienced such tactics to drew the attention to something that has nothing todo with the thematic a lot in my life, i called that "trash-talking", cause for me thats the term for such a kind of distracting technique in discussions. Cause just that my goal was somehow "stupid" for a lot of people has nothing todo with the fact that people that stick on one char and play a lot can run into the fatigue issue. And all say its hard to really use up that 12 hours, but the main issue is, once you're down on 0 hours, your caught there. And seen it that way, when you tell people they have to wait 2 hours, to continue for 1 hour than that all looks a bit different. I admit a lot don't understand my "unhealthy" playstyle of about 16 hours a day, but stopping focusing my mind on something like a game usually leads to the effect that I'm simply bored and smoke the twice amount of cigarettes. I tend to "addicted" behaviour and I see computer games as the most "healthy" addiction possible. But the same thing could happen if a working player is on vacation for two weeks and gets the fixed idea to grind something hard that 2 weeks. What I say is not to offense, but what i want to somehow pass to the staff of the game is: Its perhaps no fault being a bit more "emphatic" to a player that had a weekend spending 16 hours waiting for nothing. Cause really, thats not just like you wait 1 hour, don't know anyone of you ever waited 16 hours on somthing in sum, thats simply terrible. I know there are solutions like "doing something else", but for me that was simply not possible and as paying player i wonder a bit that no one cares. (and even if i would be a non-paying player I would expect "emphaty" cause a non-paying can turn into a paying one too if feeling welcome) Hope this helps bringing the topic back on a kind of civilized discussion about the thematics, and not how stupid i am or that i feel mistreated by staff a bit in this case. So, i keep the rest of the discussion for others to state what they are thinking about. Thanks for reopening the thread.
  8. Really, don't see that as a problem at all. No clue who sees that as a problem. I love this aspect of Wurm that even as new player you can achive awesome things not done by everyone, just if you aim for it. Its a good thing. Like i was slaying a champion blue whale after 3 weeks, it was close to impossible, it was dangerous, i don't got any special reward, but i wanted to do it. And seriously, i refuse the idea that anyone could tell me what a game is all about. Its up to me what i make out of it. Currently i run around giving all my high end equipement to other players cause i adapt now a playstyle i call being a ingame-monk. No rares, no high enchanted stuff. Insane isn't it, i still enjoy it, except the fact that i'm currently not in the mood to do anything. Instead i keep the holy fatigue up to 12 hours, not scratching it a bit in the hope the holy health people are promising me here is coming above me. Yaga, seriously, I'm the wrong person to talk about "problems" with. I got really a lot, but even when I'm angry and having an offensive mind naturally, i keep this thematic and all around in a civilized manner. What turns me down are people that simply throw in a line like yours above. Thats nothing than trash talking me down and for i read you are a chat moderator, i usually expect a more open minded way to argue from Chat moderators, but perhaps thats just me.
  9. It's not only kind of crazy, i know that it is crazy. And the problem occors, once you reached it your caught in the 2 hours waiting - 1 hours playing loop. I'm back on 12 hours of fatigue now, but only for the reason that i currently refuse playing, except helping people out at the village. Only a few guys begging me to stay are the reason I'm still here chatting. Against the "advantage" fatigue is not really working. I reached my goal, Papyrusmaking 70, thus wearing a new title. And i think no one is afraid that i show up on Chaos with my "Advantage" and kill everyone with Confetti. But reaching the title in the end only made me feel sad. Not cause its not an achievment, that i have a unique title after 5 weeks playing. I simply knew that now I'm forced wether to regenerate my fatigue, go fighting/meditating for god fakes or play an alt character. Its the simple fact of being told: "Go do something else, the current action you want todo is not supported anymore" Overruling a players gameplay with such a system is simply wrong, and if i would choose to adapt my playstyle instead of fighting against this crap i would feel like a wimp.
  10. +1 on this one, even when it would not help in cases like mine
  11. This is a alliance only offer. For I decided to give away all the stuff i own, here what i still got to giveaway: Huge Axe, iron QL80 - N93,Frostbrand88,CoC 96,Mindstealer 90 - 3s awl, iron Q83 - Coc72 WoA63 - 70c hatchet, iron Q83 - CoC102, WoA 91 - 1s saw, iron Q75 - WoA 92, CoC 94 - 1s shovel, iron Q83 - CoC 97, WoA 100 - 2s 8x horseshoe ql70+ woa 91 - 80c/each Saddles not priced, i have no clue and i don't bother trade chat twice, offer me something, idc 1x saddle Q79 - woa84 1x saddle Q90 - woa91 6x sleeping powder for 4s Grab it now
  12. WTS Desolate CLOSED, not for sell anymore

    So i redecided, instead of selling my account i give everything i have to people that could need it. ###### money. Not for sell anymore, can be closed
  13. For i can't accept the forcement of multi-account usage by the fascist fatigue system, I leave. (see the whole story here: ) So i sell my account. The only available payment option is "Paysafecard". The price is 150 Euro for the whole account. My skills are not that high, I only played 5 weeks: Here a list of my most worthy stuff: A wagon with 4 equipped horses 4 saddles ql90 with 2x woa 91, 1x woa 90, 1x woa 84 16x horeseshoes Ql 70 with woa 91 Rare huge axe ql 90 with N(94), LT(90), CoC (100), MS (98) Huge Axe ql 82 with N(93), Frostbrand(88), CoC (96), MS (90) Rare studded leather jacket ql88 with ASOP (75) + studded leather set all ql 90+ Rare stone chisel, iron Ql80 with WoA(90), Coc(99) and single rune of Fo Rare pickaxe, iron QL87 with WoA(96), CoC(93) Rare forge inside the wagon and lots of other stuff but not worthy enough to mention all of them (coc tools and such) 24 silver coins on bank [16:03:40] You have premium time until 5 Jan 2018 07:21:11 GMT
  14. Ya clever, I don't need to read those threads to discover only a minority is affected by this. I am the god-damn minority. And if people like you would learn reading, you would have already realized that from my last statement. So ok its a "Minority-Problem only". So we simply close our eyes and tell the Minority to "Shut Up" or to change there way to live. Thread can be closed, solution found. Thanks a lot for your understanding. Know what, that kind of facism was it, that led me to a state of staying at home instead of going out there. And now i should accept the same crap in a computer game, that i: * Should change my playstyle/live so i fit the masses * Keep my playstyle being forced to wait 8 hours a day for nothing Free yourself from mental slavery