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  1. Crystal Coast Market Hi and welcome to our market. Below you will see what our village needs (buy orders) and what it has to sell (sell orders). If you would like to buy or sell to and from the village please post accordingly. Delivery Charges Xanadu, North of H on the map 1s Xanadu, South of H on the map 2s Other Freedom Server not including Chaos 4s Buy Orders Item Qty Buy Price Dirt 0 75c Per 1k Bricks 0 75c Per 500 Mortar 0 90c Per 500 Small Nails 0 15c Per 100 Large Nails 0 15c Per 100 Wooden Planks 0 15c Per 100 Sell Orders Item Qty Sell Price Dirt 0 1s Per 1k Brick 0 1s Per 500 Mortar 0 1s 25c Per 500 Small Nails 0 20c Per 100 Large Nails 0 20c Per 100 Wooden Planks 0 20c Per 100
  2. Crystal Coast Update Whats New ? Black Smith Shop with an available 3x3 room ready for a new, old, none premium players to rent which is free. Mason Shop with an available 2x4 room ready for a new, old none premium players to rent which is free. Communal horse and cart. Communal Farm Market Want to join our village? if so contact me in game or here on the forum .
  3. Hi Louie, I am a new player on Xanadu near Greymead. All I currently have is a tinyass shed and a smallish farm but I'm looking for a village and yours seemed really nice. Is there a space for me? I don't have much money at the moment but i am more than willing to contribute in any way I can to the village.



  4. Hi all new update the Stables are finished WOOT, here is a screen shot. Working on the forge now and if you want to join contact me.
  5. Update Hi all, A lot of work has been carried out on the deed like terraforming, paving and at last the Mason Shop has been completed. The Mason shop will sleep 7 new villagers and you will be given a bed, Large chest, BSB and a communal food storage bin. To join our village and take up 1 of these beds will cost you no rent so you can have time to see if our village is the right place for you and if it is when you are ready you can purchase your own bit of land. I have put a few pics below and if you are interested in joining please contact me here or in game and I will look forward to speaking to you. Regards Louie (Mayor)
  6. Yes i know this can work but dont understand why there cant be a proper function implemented on the Merchant.
  7. Hi all i dont know if this has been sugested but is there any posibile way to sell bulk items eg stone bricks from a merchant. I would really like to here the reasons why this carnt/shouldnt happen thankyou in advance.
  8. Xanadu Map

    Hi please could you put my deed (Crystal Coast)onto the map its located @ F24 opposite Eagle shores cheers Location On Map
  9. Hi Guys My question is how do i put a screen shot on my posts (spoiler). thx in advance.
  10. Hi Guys My question is how do i put a screen shot on my posts (spoiler). thx in advance.
  11. Village Updates Location: Xanadu F24 Deed Size: 51x50 Spirit Guards: 1 Citizen Count: 1 Town Beds Available: 2 out 6 Plots Available: 4 out of 4 Town Bed Rent Is Free: You can live in the village for free and will be supplied with a bed, large chest and BSB. If you decide you would like some land check the spoiler above to see what plots/cost are available. Resources: Clay, Sand, Tar, Iron, Communal Facility’s Spirit cottage: Just of Deed Communal Mine - Open: Communal Farm - Open: Communal Horse&Cart - Open: Barn/Stables - Open: Black Smith - Open: 3x3 Bedroom Available FREE RENT Town Hall/Church - Under Construction: Tavern - Under Construction: Taylor Shop - Under Construction: Mason Shop - Open: 2x4 Bedroom available FREE RENT Carpenter Shop - Under Construction: Docks - Open: Market - Under Construction (OPEN): Humble Beginnings: 25/09/15 to 25/11/2015 Humble Beginnings Nearly 3 Months On: 25/11/2015 to 14/02/2016 Welcome stranger, Let me introduce myself, my name is Louie Archer and this is my wife Madalyn and thank you for taking the time to take a look at what we and Crystal Coast can offer you. But first let me give you a little background history on who we are and where we have come from. Our story starts 8 years ago when I was lord of Rivendell which was a bustling coastal Village on the shores of Mol Rehan. Our Village was ran fair and just for many years until not only 5 months ago a dark priest came to our land and put a horrible curse on it. There was nothing we could do against such power even my wife who herself was a powerful Priest could not match this Godley power. The curse rendered all that lived in Rivendell to turn against one another and only after a few months the village imploded scattering what few remained to leave as this was the only way to be rid of the curse. We made the decision to leave for the lands of the Freedom Isles and set our hearts on Xanadu. We set sale to Summerholt in nothing more than a tiny rowing boat and a few supplies hoping to start again knowing that when we cross the border we would be stripped of all our powers and skill. Present Day It has been 5 months now since we landed on the shores of F24 and formed Crystal Coast. Unfortunately my wife has not been well after the transition and losing her power has taken a great toll on her so it has just been me doing the terraforming and construction. The Deed currently is 51x50 and the main Town (50x25) has been terraformed and ready for construction to begin. The Town will be where all the trade will take place and in time will have a Port, Harbour, Tavern, Church/Town Hall, Black Smith, Tailor, Carpenter, Mason Shop where you can craft and hone your skills and not to mention an impressive market where anyone can put a trader to sell there items. Village Rules We like to run things differently than other Villages. We believe that our Citizens should be given the freedom to make their own decisions and to do that we give you the freedom to do so. A lot of villages don't give you much freedom to do what you want and not much say in how the village is developed and managed. We believe there is no right or wrong way to create a village but we think many different minds designing a village is better than 1 or 2. There are just 2 rules to uphold: Have Fun! Do not ever dig/terraform in the main town or existing roads. What Cant Be Done On Deed: Destroying Buildings: This is just to protect the Town from greifers. If you want something destroyed just ask as long as its yours that is. Attaching Locks: This is to protect the village from getting messy when villagers quit/leave. If you require something to be locked the Mayor would be happy to do it and just add you to the permission, easy! What can be done on Deed: Apart from not destroying buildings and terraforming the main Town etc you can do anything you like as long as you own the land, more on that next. Village Economy We want to create a true Village economy and below I will tell you how we can achieve this. In real life we need to earn money to live, to pay our bills, eat, clothes, tools and most importantly to play Wurm. Imagine everything was free and we didn't need money sounds great but no, if this was the case we would never advance in life and would probably die of boredom. So to start the economy you need a reason to work to make money. Well to do this we have a Tax/Rent if you like, which means to have land you have to purchase the tiles which makes them yours to do what you like with and then pay the Town a tax each week to keep it, more on costs later. If you want you can stay/live in the Town for FREE until you are ready to buy your first bit of land and then you would pay a weekly tax depending on how much land you own. You could do this many ways by buying silver from Rolfs shop or selling to the village. The Village buys any bulk items at 25% below the going price which saves you time on finding a buyer and also the traveling time to. All Tax, Rent and profit that the village makes goes to expanding and improving the village. Payment Methods & Tile Costs Payment is easy you can either pay with coin or if you want to pay with bricks for example you can do. Tile Cost breakdown: To purchase a tile will be a 1 off cost of 50 iron for each tile. The Rent/Tax there on for each tile will be 25 iron for each tile. Example: You want to buy a 10x10 piece of land 10x10 = 100 tiles Purchase Cost: 100 tiles x 50 iron = 50 copper Rent/Tax Cost: 100 tiles x 25 iron = 25 copper per week Well Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want to be a Citizen of Crystal Coast please Pm for a chat or reply to this post I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Thanks for your comments and this was intended for freedom sorry. Also my ideas were more for village use so the village has it own personal map which villagers can update when they go out to explore etc. Changed letter size wow they were big lol
  13. Hi all I would just like to to put a few ideas I’ve had about the map features and im sorry if these have already been suggested. Drawing Feature: I think it would be a nice idea to be able to draw roads, cannels etc. Road Mapping: This idea I had would be awesome imo. If it could be done you would have an option to turn it on and off. For example you want to map the road from your deed to Summerholt so you would go into your map turn on road mapping and walk to summer holt by high way or your own route and the road mapping tool would draw the line on the map automatically. Map Grid Reference: It would be nice to have a more accurate map reference eg I live @ F24 but that area is still large so what i suggest is to put another grid ref in each sector. Player Locator: This would be great for pin pointing eg tar, clay, peat etc. So you found your tar tile and you would go to your map and icon flashing or something and using the idea above you would be able to accurately be able to mark the spot. Thanks for reading and again sorry if these ideas have already been mentioned. It would be great to hear what you guys think and maybe the gods will make it so