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  1. Closed

    Rezden is a very responsive GM = 5 stars *****. Community is small but player friendly mods and fairly easy priesting with no penalties and all the light spells. Can get playing and building without needing to grind for 6 months. It has a HUUGE map like 4k+; Plenty of ore with good slopes on terrain ( I have ridden a cart to the snowy tops of 3 mountains so far). Dirt is generally around 30 depth, which can be good and bad, that makes it easy to get to rock and the rock can be surface mined without exposing all surrounding tiles with a much higher chance of success than normal. Lots and lots of aggro creatures yet still plenty of non-aggros. If you are looking for a new server and don't want to spend half to a full year to skill up I highly recommend this server!!
  2. Wts Good smith.

    seems pretty shady. so much for 2 hour snipe eh? were we not discussing a buyout that exceeded 175 when you sold that? why do you sell to lowest bid? seems pretty shady.
  3. Wts Good smith.

    I was told in game silver was acceptable
  4. Wts Good smith.

    125 Euro in the form of 1.25gold in game (give you 150 if you put him in a Cog and deliver to C-14 Celebration).