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  1. So i had a (newbie)tent up from before we deeded and it had a bull hitched to it. For all sorts of reasons i let the tent rot, but now we can't lead the bull anywhere, don't get the option. The bull is branded to the deed that i am mayor of, permissions are fine. As an adendum, i decided after talking to GM Idunn to just kill it and get some ressources from it, but alas i could not attack it.
  2. Me and my friend made the jump from Wurm Unlimited to Online about two days before this patch, so we wern't completely unprepared machanics wise (we both played over 200 hours of Unlimited since relase) This adresses one of the two major complaints we get when we try to get folks from our gaming community ("i logged in, saw a pheasant, it almost killed me, i logged out" being a major one), the second being the lenght of the action timers. Never mind skillgains, its the fact that everything takes so blimey long to do when you start out. Having the ability to survive basic combat is a fairly universal requirement for games when the player isn't sold on the idea of playing in the first place. As mentioned above, just because you had to walk uphill both ways in the snow sharing a pair of boots between four brothers when you were young doesn't mean everyone who comes after you has to. Change happens. And someone who won't wear out the newbie equipment by the time they would normally have ended up buying a player made one, probably wouldn't be looking to buy one in the first place.
  3. It has to be in a kingdom in creative too, depending on the setting chosen you might need to build a guard tower nearby first to generate it.
  4. MootRed and Gamester both have good tutorials on the ol 'tube. Gamester is a mite verbose though hehe but pretty thorough.
  5. They get fat on grass but it can take several (real) days on the default settings
  6. Build a tower near where you want to build your settlement. That generates a kingdom "aura"