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  1. are you able to eat them? or cook with them?
  2. Yes thank you Smokie for your efforts on understanding these new features as well as your generosity and respect for the Wurm community as a whole by sharing your results for everyone to learn from. We appreciate your input and contributions to the general Wurm knowledge bank server and cluster wide.
  3. Do you have anything you've discovered about the source items that you'd like to share with the class? Anything......at all?
  4. WTF! Why does every new feature in wurm have to have this period where we have no idea what's going on. This is how game mechanics end up wasted as secrets of a few. Just tell is what they do and what they are for when you release them. If we wanted to waste time guessing we'd play wheel of fortune!
  5. I wonder if this source crystals stuff can be mined from any tile or just specific ones?
  6. I recall starting for the first time in the Howl on Independence, Which in comparison to some of the other Starter Deeds in Freedom and Epic looked fantastic. It wasn't poch marked, deforested, erratically paved and/or unpaved. Covered in signs that are intentionally wrong to trick new players or inflame other players. started ships, on top of the fact that almost all starter deeds were constructed or rather slapped down in the most unless way in the first place. Ugly, confusing, annoying and lying of probably the best way to describe the State of many of them.
  7. Yes because there's nothing like starting a new game like wurm in a wrecked ruined and filthy cesspool of neglect to really hook your interest and make you want to continue playing. What's annoying is when long time players forget/ignore this important detail.
  8. I've made at least 100 papyrus sheets and inscrined them with whatever propagan.....information and then litter...gave them to my neighbors laws and I've still only got 11 papyrus making skill. And the press is a lot harder to imp then the fruit one.
  9. I was there for a while today but am still confused about it. Probably because I kept getting lost in the reeds
  10. I'm still betting on the Lamps and their Fuel being the issue that's exacerbated the lag issue to it's current near debilitating pace. Too many guards trying to get into the huge oil tub at once i suppose.
  11. Good to see such community work being carried out. I'm sure the Exodus spawn deed is a presentable functional improvement over the unkempt one. Besides most new players are unaware/uninterested in the forum until a bit down the line once they are not starving, running from cave bugs into the woods lost.
  12. if they linked this idea in with also make kingdom (tower) influence a requirement of keeping a deed online and started a count down/timer of whatever length once the deed token is no longer covered by the kingdoms influence and at the end of that time the deed disbanded unless replacement towers were built to restore the kingdom influence. Would allow peeling back literally of a kingdom in a meaningful way and turn raiding into actual conquering in a manner that is still fun to play on both side of the equation.
  13. the test server model is gorgeous, tall and waves in the wind perfectly since it looks like reeds and not a brown mass quivering on the ground randomly. Also: Hi SwedishPhoenix!!!!!
  14. -Replace the trees with bushes i've found new players large ignore them. Lavender, Oleander, Rose and grape. -litter the bushes with Kindling from left over wood scraps. they are not obviously visible especially in thick lavender and oleander bushes and thus are found over time to satisfy that part of the fire equation. -Noobs will often not bother with campfires if there is a forge available so build one or three -Stuff the Bushes with sickles -Noobs need lots of trees and logs. so either heard them to a forest a short but good distance away (which you'll have to keep herding deeper and deeper as the forest is wood scraped or import logs and dump them around in attractive piles. they will wander away when the urge to chop trees hits and they only see bushes. -plant a sign alluding to the hidden sickle bushes -Honestly most people if they saw a sign that said "if you can't replant don't cut" would be temped to clear cut and then drop a pile of olive sprouts at the sign base. human nature. -pave wide clear straight roads away from the spawn that invite players to use them to leave. Bottom line is: It takes work, maintenance, effort and above all else patience to reform and improve a spawn. It's also largely thankless work that will invoke the ire of annoying loudmouth opine rs who talk all day and night but never help or contribute. If it's important enough to you then it'll be worth it. Since it's your effort feel free to publicly and in writing/naming of objects take credit for it. you deserve it, haters will always hate, but they can do so elsewhere after you've unveiled the finished/maintained product and they melt away.