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  1. I used to collect forges I found with lots of damage in obviously abandoned deeds.
  2. So, I have an emergency & don't have time/ability to login to wurm for 2 months and my deed falls... I should be rewarded by having everything on my deed, including stuff I locked up, stolen? Also, newer players have all their stuff stolen from unlocked off deed bsb's and quit/lose interest over it. Just imagine if they locked everything and thought they were doing it right. If you want PvP mechanics, go to a pvp server.
  3. Oh look, another "Let's enable stealing on pve servers" thread.
  4. I'd build a log house, but we don't have them in wurm yet.
  5. https://i.imgur.com/ui1hx5P.jpg
  6. I was out and near a local beach last night and was able to catch this RL Screenshot. I figured I'd share.
  7. Fire up Steam, go to your library, click on "Wurm Online", click on the "Settings" cog and click "Properties". Under "General", then "Launch Options", type '-c' (without quotes). Close the Settings window and click 'Play'. You'll now see that message and can choose between which launcher to use. Screenshots in Spoiler
  8. Currently, if it is returned by the player, it's returned immediately. It only takes 14 days if the player receiving the mail does nothing and lets it sit there ( either intentionally or if they don't log in ).
  9. It sucks when you're a new ( or f2p ) player and get told you need 21 body strength to bash something you've built. It especially sucks when newer players are more likely to accidentally built the wrong type of wall or decide to expand a small building into a slightly larger one. I know it was likely put in to prevent f2p alt armies from bashing buildings on PvP, but putting in the restriction that you can bash any building *you own* without a body strength requirement. This would both allow f2p / new players from being punished for mistakes and prevent abuse. I'm not sure how hard it would be, but it would definitely be a help to newer players.
  10. Happy Holidays!

    The skin can only be obtained from Santa or a Christmas Tree. There are, however, other items you can get from Arch & killing mobs.
  11. Sorry, I am using the new UI with modern rendering. So was Amantnovi.
  12. Confirmed the crash. I added an opening/ladder to the crafting window and when I added the mallet to the other slot in the crafting window, the client crashed with the error below.
  13. https://imgur.com/a/FQ8SPUu I've got 3 rooms like this. 40 racks each.
  14. Should we book you on "Hoarders: Wurm Edition"?
  15. I put several full(ish) sealed barrels in a trash heap a couple of days ago. The barrels are now empty, but still sealed and have zero damage so I have to assume that the contents are taking damage, but the barrel itself is somehow 'protected'. I unsealed one and it took 1 decay tick and poofed just like items in trash heaps are supposed to. This does not seem like intended behavior.