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  1. If people used the tools they were given, a PC in trade would be the only thing you see. If someone does a PC, you can @ them and answer their question. They get their answer in Trade instead of a dozen PM's and nobody else sees it.
  2. If you are making a canal, I highly recommend parking a boat near you and embarking as passenger to regain stamina.
  3. You can't use the non-steam launcher for characters created through Steam & you can't use the Steam launcher for characters created through the non-steam launcher.
  4. But wurm chores are somehow more exciting.
  5. The client is written in java & java is, was and always will be a memory hog.
  6. The alignment page says that you get +/- 4 alignment from holding a sermon. You do not. You only get the alignment from listening. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Alignment
  7. If you want 100 tiles between your deed and someone else's, there is nothing stopping you from paying for 100 tiles of perimeter. People are allowed to cut trees in your perimeter as perimeter is only a buffer between deeds. If you don't want people cutting trees in "your" forest, deed it. Deed guards attack everything on your deed. Guard Towers are meant for general protection and aren't "owned". They are built for the better good. If you want to tax your villagers, feel free. Just say "Hey, pay me x per month or you're getting booted and I'm bashing your house" Back to "We should be able to do PvP on PvE servers". If you want to pick locks and steal stuff, go to PvP where you can pick locks and steal stuff. By your reasoning, I would also like settlement tokens on PvE servers to be either stone or electrum. If they're stone, I can "bash" it and steal all of your upkeep. If you want your upkeep safe, go out and make electrum.
  8. Fast Service. Good price. Will definitely go here again.
  9. Having no skill cap on free would be bad. I could skill up BS to 99, stop paying premium and still imp something to 99 and make silver on it forever.
  10. 22 steps? Go to www.wurmonline.com Click "Play!" to go to the downloads page Click appropriate download for your computer Install Play That looks like the same steps to play on any MMO or browser game I've ever played.
  11. You should be able to do no-entry fee with in-game prizes if you want. I know they do for the Impalongs. It really comes down to having to give you something to get a chance at a prize.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want a digital read-out, but how about a scrolling bar that shows the sun for noon and the moon for midnight. Stick a red line in the middle for what time it is and move the bar as time progresses. Or, just the opposite, have the red line move.
  13. As Gawain said, if you take time to do some archaeology ( investigate tiles and identify fragments ) you can get tenons, branches and shafts of all of the wood in game, shrubs included ( lingonberry, grape, thorn, etc ). This not only gives you access to the wood, but gives value to that skill until there are more settlements that have disbanded to be discovered. It also makes those woods "rare" and at least a bit more valuable.
  14. You can still bash the fences of off-deed farms. No reason to worry about a gate house.