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  1. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    Please do this "right" and not "fast".
  2. Replace global cast on journal

    You go get that going & someone will keep track and jump ahead in line. Or you'll have 2 sermon groups doing the exact same thing so it'll be a rush to get it cast once it's available... or you'll have some random guy with linked priests sniping it for the lulz.
  3. Volume Indicator

    Definitely a +1.
  4. 30/day limit

    You also have people that have a TON of 1x1's every 11 tiles for a large-ish area surrounding their deed so you can't deed it. There is an island on xan with a small deed in the middle and the entire rest of the island is covered with 1x1's to prevent deeding. I'm OK with a hunting lodge, but it's an easily abused system. Maybe limit the number of off-deed buildings you can have?
  5. I have 2 stacks of Ivy Seedlings in 1 bsb. When I examine one, I get "[18:30:54] A generic bulk item Ql: 73.96681, Dam: 0.0." the other one shows "[18:30:57] A tiny ivy seedling. Ql: 19.602234, Dam: 0.0." I have pulled each stack out separately & dropped them in as well as removing all 9 and dropping them back in & they keep coming back like this.
  6. Just do away with RMT for everything. Ban Silver, item & character sales for cash.
  7. If I could pay 80 euros and never pay for premium, but only be limited to 90 for all of my skills, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The problem is that money needs to come in over the long-run and not short term. If everyone bought that, wurm would lose one of its major sources of income because almost nobody would premium an account. Doing this is similar to the suggestion of making Wurm Unlimited Free to Play because it would increase the player base. Who cares if the player base increases if cash flow stops?
  8. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    I do believe you mean a Libila Priest, although it did give me a chuckle.
  9. Are there consequences for starvation?

    There is a slight skill bonus to having very high nutrition. Also, at lower nutrition your stamina drains faster and replenishes more slowly. I have had a couple of occasions where I have stood still, logged in for several hours at very low nutrition and come back to 0 nutrition, 0 food and 0 water, so I needed to eat & drink before I could do anything.
  10. Sermons at Xanadu

    There were a large number of posts removed from that thread.
  11. were are the good maps gone

    If you have issues viewing the Xanadu map, please clear your cookies & cache. That should fix it. I can't speak for the other maps.
  12. Random Enkounters (2019 Edition)

    I would love to be visited by Enki, but the last time he was in local I ended up dead a few times.
  13. were are the good maps gone

    What do you mean "The good maps"? If you are referring to the community maps, Xanadu is still up http://wurmonlinemaps.com/xanadu So are the rest, as far as I'm aware.
  14. Coal mine

    It would need to be "coal" not "charcoal" as they are very different things. It would be nice if they had a separate use ( better at fueling forges than charcoal, peat, etc ), but they would be terrible at making steel because real coal has monstrous amounts of nasty chemical inclusions.
  15. W.S.A Extended downtime 21/FEB/19

    Xan just needs double the hamsters.