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  1. Love in Wurm

    I played another MMO that included both kids & marriage ( it was only M/F, but that was due to where it was developed more than anything ). Kids were "adopted" and were other players. A married couple could adopt a kid ( all 3 had to agree ). Once that was done, the avatar was turned into a kid avatar ( roughly 2/3 size ) and max skills were somewhat limited, but it granted a few other skills. The skills aren't necessary, but for roleplaying, it was fun. I had a character that was a child that had been adopted by 2 friends in the guild I was in.
  2. Wickedwench CHEAPEST Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Could I get an arch journal? COD to Zethreal. Thanks!
  3. Bump. We're all a bit eccentric, odd, weird, whatever... but friendly. Come join and see for yourselves!
  4. Right now, when sorting bsb's, I get all Sprouts in one area "Sprouts, X", but I have to hunt down Hops, Rose, Ivy, grape, etc seedlings because they're all over regardless of how you sort them. Even if you can't easily change them so they group like sprouts, logs, etc..., at least they could be sorted alphabetically and be close to each other.
  5. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    Or even if it "went up" at 1/10th rate (or whatever) and you got the [x3] when you went premium until you reached that level.
  6. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Just cast Rebirth on it.
  7. Rift Reported 2/6/19

    I've noticed that a bunch are spawning near me. I'm going to work on a small inn and expanding my port for people that would like to come to the rifts. It won't be ready for today, but will hopefully be at least "under construction" for the next one.
  8. Sailing / Driving / Riding Skills

    It would be great! Other options: right-click "Align to nearest cardinal direction" or an automatic snap to the nearest cardinal direction when within X degrees. For a high level bonus put the Wagoneer / highway system to use "Follow Highway" -> is only active with auto-walk OFF ( you must keep your forward key down ) and cancels if you turn, enter combat, come to a waystone or release the forward key. For boats: give a ~5 tile warning for grounding, if that's possible.
  9. Priest network for teleporting services

    Priest: Limbeck Main Contact: Limbeck / Zethreal Location: Fraggle Rock - Very NE Corner N20 - Right at the East entrance to Fraggle Rock Canal Time: 6pm ET - 12am ET m-f, varies Gimmicks: Mailbox, Highway Notes: Please do not destroy off-deed farm or plantations. My priest ends up wandering all over xan for strongwall & other stuff, so he may not always be available to teleport you to Fraggle Rock. I will always teleport willing victims to a safe location. (Safe = not steep, no lava, etc. I will also tell you if it's not at my deed or in a random location. I will not blind teleport you unless you're into that kind of thing.)
  10. K 10 Tunnel Project - mining out the veins

    I need to take a couple weeks and get my deed under control. If you still need help then, I'll be back.
  11. Deed Discount Request

    All changes will negatively impact at least some players.
  12. I've been slacking and working on "other" projects while just dumping more and more stuff on my deed. Most of the terraforming was done before I deeded it, but it is effectively a clean slate. I'm going to post progress pictures and plans here. Here is a few "starter" pictures. The only structure on the deed is a 1x3 with 3 beds and a larder.
  13. Wurm still crashes to desktop. No error message or anything, it just vanishes. It's the same thing as the last time I posted back in August or so.
  14. Rift starting 1/21/19

    Here's the location for the rift that just formed & will open 1/21/19 Exact start time here: https://niarja.com/rifts