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  1. Blue cheese the Wurm Way: Blue Dye.
  2. Start: 40s Buyout: No Minimum Increase: 1s Anti-Snipe: 1 hour
  3. It's about half down on the first post here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/180010-wurm-online-roadmap-what
  4. It's a sad day when someone has to preemptively say they don't want to get political when talking about someone dying of a disease. I didn't know him or follow him, but RIP & I'm sure he'll be missed.
  5. They did that with Final Fantasy 7 and it only took 3 years after the PC release for them to release an updated version that you could complete without a game-ending crash on disk 2.
  6. While it is not what you're recommending ( and what would be the easiest to use ), Wurm does have a built-in IRC chat that can be used. You can set permissions so only certain people can join, etc. Again, it's not ideal, but is definitely a fairly full featured work-around and can be set up to auto-join on launch. If you're interested in this, let me know & I can walk you through setting some of it up. Just hit me up on the forums or ingame on zethreal ( when I'm on ).
  7. Please bring old skins back. I'd love to stop spamming trade looking for the trident skin.
  8. I propose we remove the Fatigue System from Wurm and replace with something like this:
  9. Also, be mindful that if you're imping for skill, you will get almost zero skill at 0 stamina. As said above, you can only use this to fill your action queue, so make sure the queue isn't going to be "overfilled" before tapping again.
  10. Make night super dark again & bring back old fog where you couldn't see the horses hitched to your wagon.
  11. Just be aware that the old UI does not support the newer additions and it has already been said that it *will* be phased out. They just have not said exactly when.
  12. WO was review-bombed by disgruntled current, former and angry WU players upon launch via Steam.