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  1. wurm.com scalling problems

    The only scaling issue I have with the Wurm online website is that I have not found a way to dismiss the "Wurm Unlimited" popup and it gets in the way of literally everything.
  2. You have a moment of inspiration...

    I have to say that the big thing that inspires me is the people that play. While there are some people that login & do their own thing on their own little piece of Wurm, there are a great many that will do what they can to help other people. I've been part of 2 large public works projects since I've come back a few months ago. Most of the people involved didn't really necessarily know each other, it was just "Hey, this is a good idea. Let's make it *real*." I had another, much more personal experience with a player. After a rift, he offered to imp my armor for me as I'd taken some hard hits and most of my armor pieces were under 60ql. He initially wouldn't accept payment, but eventually said "Hey, I could use some cedar small barrels for a project." Simple enough. I was initially going to go by boat, but he said "You should come by land, the views are awesome." They were until I was almost dead and completely surrounded. I said, in Xan Freedom Chat that I was probably going to end up dead & he travelled 2,000 tiles from his deed to where I was. Then he guided me back to his deed. I say "guided", but it was more the both of us killing everything in sight & trying not to end up another highway safety statistic. There aren't many games where someone would spend literally hours traveling to help someone. That's what inspires me in Wurm. It's not necessarily the huge deeds or bridges or tunnels or anything else. It's the fact that people will help each other. Whether it's taking 4 hours to help someone get from "A to B" or helping with a massive "public works" project, people seem to band together and help each other.
  3. NEXAlong ** November 8 - 11, 2018 ** Summerholt

    I, too, would like more information on the Nexalong. Is it still a go? There's been no news since the initial post... and that worries me.
  4. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    I would like to order a huge axe ( to be created ) and then imped to 80? If possible, please send to Limbeck. Thanks!
  5. Rift 10/31 Location

    It was "fun". Could definitely have used more than just the 4 of us.
  6. Peri's Haven Campground (WIP)

    You can either do what Muse said, or you can put small 1x1 structures every 11 tiles or so to prevent someone from being able to put down a deed. Typically just on the corners is good enough. As they are off-deed, you will need to spend time repairing them every so often.
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    I see 2 options there. Also, if favor regen was increased too much, that would be an in-game market that would be completely removed. If you could regen all of your favor in 1-2 minutes, nobody would bother sacrificing stuff.
  8. Full crates/bsbs/containers change colour

    Another idea would be putting # of items in the crate name large crate, cedarwood ( random rocks ) - 175 large crate, pinewood - 300
  9. Coffee

    I'd probably drink Starbucks once in a while if we had one within a 45 minute drive. I would never buy their coffee beans though... there are far better ones out there.
  10. Coffee

    For my daily coffee, Maxwell House Breakfast Blend or Columbian. I get a really good Ethiopian from a somewhat local coffee roaster when I'm in the area & can afford it. Honestly, if it's coffee, I'll drink it as long as it isn't McDonalds. Their "really robust" coffee is OK if you're adding a ton of stuff to it, but I usually drink mine black and that just makes their coffee super bitter.
  11. Coffee

    Don't worry, we can't all be perfect and have good taste.
  12. Strange crate making bug

    It happens every time it changes wood type, which happens any time you use a wood part that's of a different type than what you used before. "easy" fix: Remove wood type from item type while being created since wood type always changes to the last piece added.
  13. Peri's Haven Campground (WIP)

    I'm not sure how well a campground would work. You can't pitch tents on a deed or perimeter, so that portion would need to be off-deed. Most places that set up open sleeping arrangements build an inn with a 1x1 or 1x2 room with a bed in each room. You can also set up a communal larder so people can eat straight out of it, but can't take full meals. Archaeology can be done anywhere, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Communal workspaces are always nice and can be made fairly easily. I doubt very many people would use it, but there may be a few that would stop over on their way from point A to point B or use it as a base to do some Archaeology in a new spot. Another thing to think about is possibly putting up a guard tower, if there isn't one in the area. They offer free protection instead of having to pay for spirit templars. I would build it close to water ( think about making at least a small area for people to park boats and embark/disembark. ) and if possible, close to a highway or where you can build to a highway.