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  1. QL of reports, how long ago the deed fell & your skill as well as RNG all play in quantity and quality of frags from deed caches, in my experience. How many fallen deeds there are, skill, trowel/shovel ql and RNG all play into ql of frags from normal tiles. Again, from my experience.
  2. Congrats! Mortanius - who do you want it sent to? I'm not able to get in game tonight, but I'll send it tomorrow as soon as I'm home from work.
  3. CodeClub is located in the Northern Hemisphere, so it goes by those seasons. It should not be too hard to advance it by 2 seasons. Spring -> Autumn, Summer -> Winter. I get why they don't use months ( too specific ). They could use quarters. In that case, it would likely be Q2 for update 1 and Q3 for update 2. I'm looking forward to all of these updates! Maybe the changes to animal keeping will actually get me to keep animals, but I doubt it.
  4. Bump, changed Starting Bid to 5s from 10. Let's get someone a lucky bow!
  5. Up for auction is a Rare Willow Bow, currently just over 40ql. Available to be mailed ( 1c COD will be added ) or can be picked up. Starting Bid: 5s Increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  6. I have only been a part of 3 private kills. All 3 were "hunted down" by someone driving from point a to point b and almost getting killed by a dragon sneaking up on them.
  7. Has anyone eaten all 10 yet? Does the chocolate box disappear when you eat them all or does it stay around and just not have any uses left?
  8. Chickens will actively seek out bugs and occasionally mice and other small rodents to eat. They're more of an omnivore than opportunistic carnivore.
  9. What about assorted sleep powders. I'm tired of the normal flavor. I'd like mine to be watermelon flavored.
  10. That just means we should have toe rings too.
  11. When just digging, sometimes I login with a very low resolution window ( 800x600 ). I noticed the other day that when you have that small of a screen, you cannot check either the retrieve or return boxes on the "check mail" window. It also kind of jumbles everything up because the window is not meant to be that small. If the new UI doesn't work at those low resolutions, maybe they should be removed as options in settings? UI Size: 800x600 Scaling: 90% I can provide anything else that's needed.
  12. We'll find out that Wurm doesn't actually exist
  13. Check to make sure GLSL is set to CORE in "compatibility". You can only change this in the launcher