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  1. Pristine Community Map - Updated 5/11/2017

    Thanks. Just a quick announcement. With the weather getting better and my premium expiring in early June, I will not be spending as much time in game. I will, however, try to keep the map updated. I will be back to full swing when it starts to cool down in September. I just end up doing too much in the summer to play an MMO anything close to what I do in the winter.
  2. Free pelts QL 80 +/-

    If you still have one, I'll take one. Somehow my higher ql one got left out & is at a stupid high damage.
  3. Pristine Community Map - Updated 5/11/2017

    @Raeyn Updated Ravenna. Removed Disbanded Deeds @Benie - I am going to try to add more to this, like roads, bridges and canals, but have been busy outside of Wurm. I do this on my own spare time and do not get paid anything by anyone ( players or Code Club ).
  4. Noisy hives are not showing up in the Unstable client. Inactive & Active hives are working as usual. The bees ( and Event window events ) are showing up, just not the hives. Noisy hive on Unstable Client. You can kind of see the bees, but the bee cloud is there. Same Noisy hive on Stable Client.
  5. Open Bookcases for storage

    There might be a better chance of something like this happening now that the have the Almanac coming out. Since it looks like they're planning on making at least 1 book, a usable bookshelf *should* be a no-brainer. Even if they make a new one ( so we'd have a decorative bookshelf & a usable one, like fountains ).
  6. Happy Cinco De Mayo!

  7. WTB Ingame currency

  8. Charater stops gaining skills mid session.

    Yes, as long as you have to be there & manually click the button, it only fills your action queue and it does not have any delay in keystrokes.
  9. Some VPN's have less than perfect people using them. If people that use the VPN with you do "stuff" that causes a problem, the IP address can be blocked. It can be done either by this forum, any DDOS protection they may have or one of several other types of firewalls / protections. It has nothing to do with your account, just the connection you have through your VPN.
  10. Get rid of useless rares

    When I'm making planks, large & small nails, or honestly any bulk item, it's annoying because they don't fit in bulk containers. We should make them all go away because it inconveniences me.
  11. Valrei International 016

    Caption: "Aw, you should have kept door #3... instead you've got this Crate Car ZONK!"
  12. Game Window Screen Turns White After Logging In!

    I have had this issue when I run the game windowed & it gets minimized. It happens in both stable & unstable. It is a 3 or so year old laptop with intel graphics only ( and it barely plays the game. ). I can post logs here as well, if it will help. I have always assumed it was because my computer really shouldn't be able to play it.
  13. I have this same problem. Any time I click "Submit Reply", the button changes to "Saving" and doesn't go any further. I get the same issue with PM's. The only way I can check to see if the reply or pm was successful is to browse away from the page & go back. Another "issue" is that I will refresh the forums and have a topic turn bold, showing that there was a new post or thread since the last time I went there. I'll click on the bold topic and no threads will show that they have new, unread posts. Sometimes the lag between the topic showing a new thread/post and the thread showing that there's unread posts can take 10 - 15 minutes. This issue is random unlike the posting issue.
  14. Please close. got the priest conversion

    I need to make a stop on Xan tomorrow or Friday. If you still need to be converted then, I'd be happy to stop by. I'll send you a /tell when I'm set to head out to see if you still need one.