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  1. I get a crash to desktop the first time I load Wurm every day. The loader comes up, I click "Play" and the screen goes black & then crashes to the desktop with no error message. I'm running the preview version on the modern renderer w/ the newest 64 bit Java ( Java 8 U 181 ) It has been going on since I switched to the preview version.
  2. Silly things: Brass / Bronze diving suit. slower movement speed than plate & must stay within 3-4 tiles of a boat. You sink to the bottom and can do anything down there you normally could ( dig, mine, harvest ) but stamina only regens if you are within 3 or 4 tiles of your boat.
  3. Eastern Canal Rework

    Ajala, do you have any plan set that I could look at? I will head over there tonight when I get home from work ( in ~3 hours or so ). I'm going to be re-preming my priest and will be able to help collapse tiles. The main tiles I will start with are around the source spring building. After that, we should work from the west to the east and finish a section of 8-10 tiles E/W and all 5 N/S at a time, approximately. That way we're able to keep things reinforced and we don't get too far ahead of ourselves.
  4. I stopped reading after the first paragraph. Too many words, nothing actually being said.
  5. Eastern Canal Rework

    All I'm saying is that for mining it out ( up to height and down to depth ) you really need to start at one point and go from there. Starting in 2 locations is just asking for trouble. Is there a "plan" anywhere for what is being done? I haven't seen anything except very basic, general ideas. I'm trying to bring a bit of order to it so we have a list of tasks that need to be done. If we just mine out all of the tiles and then go back through and mine up & down, that is ok, but we run the risk of having to re-mine them out due to tunnel collapses. If we're changing the direction and starting from the west, the eastern side should stop work. EDIT: I'm not trying to tell anyone to stop working or that they are wrong. I am just trying to reduce work that will need to be done again so the canal can be completely more quickly Second Edit: If you just want someone to do grunt work, let me know. I just need to know what to do. I haven't really seen any solid plans laid out for what needs to be done. Until I know what's wanted of me, I will work on a workers camp nearby. Third edit: Feel free to PM me or hit me up in the Wurm Discord ( same username ) via pm or in one of the text chats.
  6. Eastern Canal Rework

    With projects this big, we need to work in an orderly fashion. While I'm not the one managing it, I do have 15 years of project management experience in the "real world". For this instant, that part of the cave is fine. Since it is reinforced, we are very limited to what we can & cannot do, so it must be done correctly the *first* time. Please leave that area alone until we reach it. Once that's done, we should be able to work around it better. My recommendation is to open up both ends of the cave so it's open for foot traffic, then concentrate all efforts on one end. Since the eastern path is already being opened up & mined down, I'd say we start there and work towards the west. This is especially true since the western side is going to need a deed placed and quite a few reinforced tiles will need to be removed to widen it for the canal. Working from both sides isn't really a good idea because you either can't reinforce one side until the other side connects to it or you run the risk of reinforcing something and have it not match up & be stuck removing tons of reinforced tiles & fixing them.
  7. Eastern Canal Rework

    I'm at the eastern entrance, awaiting a reply from a PM to Enlightened_one regarding a proposed plan for the canal. I really would like to get the plan ironed out in my head before I start doing anything. My thought on the design: It will give boat-up access to the building with the source fountain. It originally included walling off the small opening with a bed & such, but that can easily just be left open. I don't believe any tiles are going to be in the way. It will involve a bunch of strongwall at the eastern opening, but I've got that handled. I'd really like to start work on the road portion. I just need to know what we are doing with the ceiling there. Are we leaving it the default, adding it to the vaulted ceiling or what?
  8. Eastern Canal Rework

    Only if Ohana agrees, but yes, it is a great name.
  9. Eastern Canal Rework

    Any time will be fine. The name would be "zethreal". I won't have a ton of time for the next few days. I'm planning on throwing a deed down on the old stables & taking them down to build a small Inn & warehouse as long as you don't have any issues with it. I know it's disbanded, but I don't want to destroy something that you might want to come back to.
  10. Eastern Canal Rework

    I think I ran into that the other night. From the entrance, almost due south there's a hill. I went up & ran into a ton of stables... then went down the other side where I found 1 building, 2 or 3 carts & forges and a few beds sitting outside. If you were going to demolish the building, you could instead transfer it to me? I was considering a small deed & having 1 structure already would help. I'll build an inn for the other people that come to help to make it a bit more "livable".
  11. The letter K

    If they changed the "K", they could also take a bit of time and re-do the maps in higher definition. Not based off the map export, but just a higher resolution version since screens have gotten bigger / better in the 10+ years since those maps were made.
  12. Eastern Canal Rework

    After looking, you will need to work around the "future lighthouse". It is housing a source spring and I'm sure the building owner will not take the structure down. Your only option would be to deed there & put the perimeter over the building and wait months for it to collapse. It will be easier to build around it. When I get my check cashed & repremium my priest, I will bring him over & widen the tunnel entrance. Once we get areas ready, I can go ahead and cast strongwall. I, personally, would make a 5-tile wide tunnel with 2-wide above-water highway and a 3-wide water canal. I do not see any real reason to make it deep enough for all boats, as the only way to get from there to the open sea is through several canals that are knarr-only. This would also speed construction along. If you're good with it, I will start with the highway on the south side of the tunnel. I plan on leaving ore tiles whenever possible until the main tunnel is finished.
  13. Eastern Canal Rework

    Ok. I think opening it up for at least 1 tile wide & deep enough for a knarr would be a good idea for now. I think adding a "by foot" path is also a decent idea. I can head over tomorrow and take a look at the light house, unless you want to pm me or post a picture. The foot path should be 2 tiles wide so it can attach to a highway and doesn't need to be too tall - just tall enough to avoid clipping issues with a wagon so... just a little higher than the default.
  14. Eastern Canal Rework

    If you plan the ceiling for a 5-tile wide canal, I will work on the land route when possible. Is the canal currently passable with a knarr?
  15. Strange crate making bug

    I have noticed this happening when you change the type of wood plank you are attaching. It changes the craftable item ( crate, chest, anything with a wood type ) as you go along. So if you attach 5 birch planks, it's an "uncompleted birch large crate". If you then attach a cedar plank, it will change to an "uncompleted cedar large crate" and drop from your crafting window. If you then attach a pine plank, it'll change to an "uncompleted pine large crate" and once again drop from your crafting window. Very annoying and very much acting like a bug.