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  1. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Twitter
  2. I live in upstate NY where we average 130 - 150 inches of snow per year. I've gotten 3 feet of snow overnight and still was expected to be to work on time.
  3. Lumps seem to change how they are listed based on if there's 1 or more. Lump, Iron (1) Iron Lumps (2+) For sorting, it would be really nice if it could be Lump, Iron (1) Lumps, Iron (2+) OR Iron Lump (1) Iron Lumps (2+) This would make sorting bsb's & crates to find all of your materials much easier. I think Lump, Iron would be better because it would group all of your metals together if you sorted by name.
  4. The question was brought up in CA Help: The Wiki says that Nathan has the penalty of disliking butchering human corpses. When the priest update came out, that should have changed since he's now a Libila template, correct?
  5. I built ~20 sandstone walls, windows, parapets, etc and they did not count towards Building a Stone House Wall. I had assumed that any wall made out of "stone" would count. Is it supposed to be just the base "Stone Wall" or should any stone material count?
  6. I highly recommend you start a new character. The new tutorial fires up as soon as you login and starts walking you through how to do everything. Do you want to know the most asked question about the tutorial? "How do I turn it off." Want to know the most common questions after that? "How do I do <insert everything covered in the tutorial>"
  7. Let's go silver only, for ease of figuring cost. Also, this person has decided to make a 25x20 deed ( max for 1s monthly upkeep ). Converted to USD using the current USD / Euro conversion at the current in-game Silver cost of 1s/1Euro... $8 for the first month and $13 for every month after ( I am rounding up to the nearest dollar ). Month 1 total: 7s Premium: 2s Deed: 5s -- Every month after total: 11s Premium: 10s Deed Upkeep: 1s That's IF someone decides to deed straight away. I really do not understand where you got $40. Also, new players don't typically go straight for multiple premium characters and multiple deeds. I can tell you right now that I spent no more than the monthly premium on Wurm for the first year I played. I still don't spend that much more on a regular basis. If I purchased premium monthly, I would likely spend $15 a month including my deed.
  8. The ocean-side didn't really need repairs, that side was only 1 tile wide and I was going to look to possibly widen it.
  9. Typically "on the spot" firing is for people with power to screw stuff up or people they think will cause problems. I work as the head IT person in my office. I'm fully aware that if the company decides to get rid of me, I will be escorted out and my desk will be cleared out and mailed to me. That is because I have the ability to literally delete all of the data the company has.
  10. Notice: I have found one area that required a lot of mining to get to the affected tile. While mining it out, I may have affected a tunnel above. I will be fixing it with my priest tonight. I will also be filling in the lower area I had to mine out. Edit: due to proximity to a deed, I have done all I can to fix the walls. I will be strongwalling everything I mined out that was not part of the fix. If the mayor of Pilot Point would like the tunnel expanded, please contact me either in game or via the forums ( zethreal on both ). I would be more than willing to do the work.
  11. I'm heading over there right now with crates and a smelter. I'll take care of whatever is there and work on reinforcing it.
  12. How about a new skill using a razor ( new item ) or Scissors (boring). Person cutting starts the action, person getting the re-style picks what they want. 1 minute timer ( at 1 skill, lowers with WoA & skill ). On a full failure, no changes are made. With a partial failure ( when you get a skill tick ) could give a random style and a full success gives the wanted change.
  13. There would need to be a disconnect due to WO's current RMT policies and the RMT policies of Steam. That or they would need to completely rewrite their policies, which would probably not make many current players happy. "No early stability or load issues." - They already know how to launch a server so that shouldn't be an issue.
  14. I have not seen one that doesn't just let you drag & drop building materials for instant gratification (I mean construction). If there is one, please let me know. Yes, there are plenty of games out there that do parts of what Wurm does a million times better, but I don't see any with the same overall capabilities. As for Retro's actual question: I would probably at least make an appearance on a Steam version. It might be fun even though I'd miss you guys in GL and on Cele.
  15. Could I get 1 each Ebonaura & a Dreadnaugh Dynasty banners to zethreal? I might get more once I figure silver funds out