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  1. Is that really how it is going to look/interact? with pop-ups happening every time your mouse hovers over something? Will there be a way to disable that?
  2. Sounds great, Vooch. I look forward to being a part of this event!
  3. Not fancy, but will be enough to give the general idea of how the new part of the highway gets to Fort Buda. https://prntscr.com/qvswdh (sorry, couldn't figure out how to put the actual picture here in the post. The "insert image from URL" wasn't working for me.
  4. Wait...why wait? Why does it matter when you use /transfer? Does one timing option retain the faith and the other doesn't? Player-gods will become their template god upon the update, right? If so, will they keep their faith at the point they get switched to the template? what about when they use /transfer after that to become the type of priest they actually want, do they keep their faith or get reset to zero? Please explain.
  5. @retrograde Will all priests get a free transfer at the update or only those priests that follow player-gods? I currently have a Vyn Priest (that has a free transfer right now) and a Nahjo. I plan to change my Vyn to Fo, and my Nahjo to Vyn after the update since her channeling/faith is higher (unless the spells they have after the update are not the same as they are now, then I will have to decide what I want to do). What I want to know is whether I need to convert my Vyn to Fo now (before the update) or will she have a free transfer after the update (either the one she already has or one because every priest gets one. yes, I know she won't end up with two. I just want to make sure she'll have *one*).
  6. @Shrimpiieso all priests will still be able to use chopped veggies to sac?
  7. @RetrogradeSo how will chopped veggies remain viable and for which priests?
  8. Sorry, should have said "guess" not assume.
  9. Viable to which priests? All or just one (Fo, I assume, if only one).
  10. Maybe ceiling could be done the way rendered walls are, perhaps?
  11. Do those yellow potions take away the zombie look? I see on the wiki that "Taking damage, embarking on a vehicle or animal, or sitting on furniture will dispel the effect.". But I haven't used one in so long, I can't remember if it changes how you see yourself.
  12. Oh wait, just read that Diddyness said this is going to last for TWO weeks? Is that true?
  13. I came here just to make this post. When exactly will this zombiefest be over? After Halloween is WAY too long for me, but I hope it isn't one second longer. I have no intention of playing until it is over and I'm seriously not happy about it. I *HATE* zombies!!!!!!!! I can't say this strongly enough. I was looking forward to putting the carved pumpkin things at my deed and running around in my witch's hat (which i wear most of the year anyway). But...then ZOMBIES had to happen.