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  1. Reading this makes me kinda sad really,..... I live at Southern Xanadu ,... so it is kinda hard for me to hunt at all over here .... since it isnt as crowded with mobs as North Xanadu.. So im mainly hunting at Exodus since there where strong mobs to fight ,... so i could level my skills ,..and get enough meat to survive . Also i have friends around in Exo ,... wich i visit in time when i get there ,... This is kinda messed up ,.. I hope this could be restored as it whas ,... Wish you guys the best of luck restoring this ,.... will be kinda big project Greetz Scorpio
  2. Awesome update .... but is it normal that i cant make connection to the server right now .... i can browse ,... so my internet works ,.... but cant connect to wurm
  3. Ill be there ... Not able to fight though .... Tnxs for hosting this event and making it public...
  4. WTB Dirt

    Hey Entendu , i have dirt for sale ,... and if you need more i can always get it very fast .... i can deliver ,... but if it is not safe over there ,.. then we can better meet at a server next to chaos ,... so you wont have to travel that much ...... You can PM me in game ,... Scorpio ......Sincerly, your dirt supplyer