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  1. Valrei International 017

    I think the almanac is a great idea. It gets frustrating trying to use the calendar on wurmpedia because it is not completely accurate.
  2. Valrei International 016

    Caption: Mobile bar drinks on the house, fruits and veggies all you can eat!
  3. Have you had any luck finding the Sword in the stone? We have looked all over the place and still haven't found it. I am beginning to think it was never placed on the map..
  4. WSA: Guide to rift gear

    How do I attach a gem to a ring?
  5. Red Tome Use

    We figured it out, it has to be a 51x51 sandy area. In the center of the desert drop, 1000 dirt. Level up tile from the peak of 1000 dirt and make a 3x3 flat area, it has to be sand. Put the altar in the center and use the tome.
  6. Red Tome Use

    Yes we do, we also thought that since it said deep in a barren desert that it needed to be in a hole but that didn't work either.
  7. CA chat activation

    How do you create a new tab on adventure map?
  8. We have been trying to use the red tome but, it always says you have to be in a 3x3 area near a holy altar deep in the barren desert. We have tried every desert area on the map and even created a huge desert and we still can't use. What are we doing wrong?
  9. We have made a desert area but still can't use red tome we are trying to figure out what we are doing wrong does anyone have any insights?
  10. New server Deathvalley (PVP)

    Deathvalley is a PVP/PVE server on an adventure map. It has 5x skill/ 5x action, free deeds upkeep enabled, 30, 000 creatures 30% aggressive. For more information go to http://mistyblue352001.wix.com/wudeathvalley
  11. HotA Flop

    After a group does the Hota do they win a Hota statue or is it something that has to be set up? Oh, by the way removing the Hota zone and putting a new one in worked.
  12. HotA Flop

    After deleting a Hota zone and making a new one do we have to put the pillars in or will they just automatically spawn in when the time comes? Also, if they have to be put in, what is the data info to set each pillar?
  13. CA chat activation

    If it is not available on a pvp server, how are new people that have never played the game suppose to ask experts questions. Some people are not always available to help with questions concerning the game. Even if signs are posted in the starter towns, those signs are for basic knowledge not advanced knowledge. On WO CA help is available on the Epic cluster so why can't it be available on a pvp server in WU?????
  14. I have searched on the forums and found nothing on how to get my CA chat activated. Every time I try to toggle the window it says CA chat is not available on this server. How do I get it enabled. It has been tried in the settings and profile and it just converts back. I have made people CA's and it is still not accessible. We are running a dedicated server through another company. If anyone knows how to enable CA chat please help.