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  1. That's cool. I joined the server last night and played around some then and this morning. Wurm is a really great game if you enjoy sandbox style games that have no true goals but let you decide what you want to do. I played the WO for a two years a couple years back until I just got sick of the BS and that most of the guys in our town pretty much stopped playing. If you have any questions about the game let know and I will try to answer them to my best ability.
  2. Hello, How active has your server gotten since you went live? I am looking for a small (to start) but active server to play on. Want to avoid joining a server that will disappear in a few weeks/months. maratdesade
  3. Hello, I was looking to join your server but had some questions for you, and sent a PM to you via your forum but have not heard anything back. My main question really is how active is the server? I saw someone on earlier and joined the server but received no response from whomever was online. I am really looking for a small but active community. Look forward to hearing back from you. maratdesade