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  1. No patch notes, but this is now fixed since the last graphics update.
  2. Are they whitelight sermons or blacklight sermons? Up until recently whitelight sermons would give positive alignment to blacklighters. Whitelighters and blacklighters were not meant to sermon together, but that changed when Libila got ham-fisted into the freedom kingdom. I suspect a whitelight sermon now just gives a neutral alignment tick to blacklighters and you need to wait 30 minutes to try killing something to get a negative alignment tick. Alignment always has a 30 minute cool down so doing anything between that time will not change alignment. You can read about alignment here.
  3. -1 For it being a waste of time, bits, and CPU cycles just to render poop emoji images. Perhaps a better font that has more glyphs like the old font(so people can spam UTF-8 emojis again) would be more useful.
  4. Same result on allied deed, but it's on the same server and same area if those are factors.
  5. now "[08:26:58] A candle made from tallow repeatedly dipped around a cloth wick. It is glowing from the heat. Ql: 43.40421, Dam: 0.0." I checked about 15 real life hours later.
  6. Thanks for looking into this. I just placed "[17:25:50] A candle made from tallow repeatedly dipped around a cloth wick. It is glowing from the heat. Ql: 44.90421, Dam: 0.0." on a small table in a cave on my deed on Xanadu just now. I'll see exactly how long it takes for it to tick.
  7. Remember the logic was put in when floor boards needed 21 planks to create. Now it's easy enough to make 100s of them in a day, so hardly worth complaining about. Don't want some noob to come along and destroy an entire marsh field with just his shovel. Marsh cannot be recreated once it's destroyed. -1
  8. Archery is already very effective at killing if you invest the time of fletching, bowyery, and archery skill. It's used a lot in PvP, to an extent. But for "hunting", you can just walk up to a deer and slaughter it with an axe. There is no hunting, it's just fighting creatures that don't try to flee, even after being attacked. That's why archery isn't worth the time to use for "hunting". You might use it to kill or move a creature that's on a steep slope, and that's about it. There just isn't really many PvE situations where archery pays off and I hope that changes.
  9. I have no issues with running Wurm on my Debian11 machine. I installed Archlinux in VM and I'm able to reproduce this problem. I only installed xorg-server, dejavu-ttf fonts, and libgtk2, so I might try installing more things later to rule out any weird dependency issues. The strace output doesn't really help explain why the required libraries aren't being extracted. If that even is the problem, because I don't know. Wurm shouldn't just hang up like that either way.
  10. On my deed, placed candles never burn out on the surface when placed on a table. But inside the cave on the same deed, even using the same table, they always slowly lose quality and eventually burn out. It doesn't matter if it's inside a building or placed on another object, they always burn out when inside the cave. I don't see how this could be intended behavior. I also think placed oil lamps and lanterns might burn out too, but I haven't been able to confirm that because it takes so long for them to use up all their fuel. It's easy enough to reproduce, just light a candle in cave and place it on a table, come back a day later, and see that it has lost some quality. Now do the same on the surface and see that it hasn't lost any quality.
  11. I have a smelter doing the same thing. This bug didn't exist for me until after the update.
  12. "something is overpowered in PvP combat then it must also be overpowered in PvE combat." Is your quote, and not mine. As for staying on the topic of healing(and not addressing strawman arguments), I just can't find a good enough reason for why it needs to be changed for PvE only.
  13. If magic healing without a debuff is over powered for human vs human combat, then it's over powered for human vs NPC as well. Saying Fo priest just can't heal is an exaggeration and you know it. Fo sure some heal only for rift points, but you are addressing the wrong problem. git gud There is already too much code fragmentation between PvP and PvE. -1
  14. I'm guessing the sound was attached to old the fire particle effect and they forgot to add it to the new one?
  15. +1 Rafts have been broken ever since the boat/drowning update. I consider it a regression since everybody expected that you would still be able to regain stamina while dragging a raft like before the update. "Why the heck am I drowning while dragging a raft?", "A raft can hold all these rock shards and dirt but I can't use it to rest and regain stamina?", etc... Rafts were just carts for water. It was how we transported bulk goods between wild and home before boats. I get why boats make them less practical today, but the drowning update severely reduced their functionality to the point that nobody uses for them for anything other than a loadable storage container. I thought Rolf would make this change shortly after adding drowning, but here we are over a decade later... Is there some technical hurdle for why this change hasn't been made? I've seen other threads suggest being able to ride rafts like boats, but this change seems simple enough and restores them to the way rafts worked before.
  16. Please provide some evidence before you make the claim that the majority shares your opinion. So far every poll that I have seen on the subject, the majority rejected the idea of working on a new pvp system.
  17. This isn't a new idea, this is Epic in a nutshell. Epic was suppose to have events, skill resets, fast skilling up. It has some of those ideas still, but Rolf decidied that people didn't want that so he never did the skill resets and stuff. I think Rolf has accepted that Epic failed so he is trying to recreate it. It is his idea of how he wants Wurm to be and not ours and I think that is part of the problem. The biggest problem though is what we saw when Epic came out. Chaos/Wild nearly died and Rolf ignored it for a couple of years to work on Epic. He even removed kingdoms from Chaos and forced everyone to convert to freedom. This is because he simply cannot maintain two or more different server code by himself. Now Chaos has gotten a lot of updates that originally Epic only had. I think some of us older players are just seeing history repeat itself and would just like Rolf to fix the old pvp system and add new features to it instead of making a another system and neglecting the old one. If wurm had more players and Rolf had more help only then would I think that this makes any sense.
  18. The challenge thing is what Epic was suppose to be. While even the original idea for Epic wasn't for me I think we can all agree that it is absurd to start working on another pvp system and separate pvp again.
  19. I don't know what your talking about but I am all for going back to two kingdoms and just having village alliances fight eachother for control over the kingdom instead of the PMK nonsense.
  20. +∞ I will literally quit and not sell my account if Rolf takes us down the same road of crap that we have already went down when he introduced Epic. This is just a failed concept being reintroduced. Edit: Improve on the existing server code and don't make another version of Wurm only to neglect the existing player base.
  21. Please stop using Google Analytics in the forum, main website, and game client. I run a web browser without javascript and cookies turned on to prevent running into it on the web, but regardless if I select to not submit client data I still see "INFO: Event successfully posted to Google Analytics" in the console. I see that Google Analytics is an unethical survailence system that the NSA may or may not be using to build profiles of people. I don't care if the data is being anonymized in this instance. I don't want to enable the use of google products that uses nonfree javascript(which should be a good enough reason to not use it). I boycott Google and don't wish to use a product that is sending data to its servers. If you still want to collect data please use Piwik licensed under GPLv3. Piwik can still be used as a surveillance system but at least you get to control the data and it isn't being sent to a google server that you have no control over.
  22. http://www.csoonline.com/article/2687265/application-security/remote-exploit-in-bash-cve-2014-6271.html Most distributions have a patch by now so if you haven't updated your server in the the past 24 hours or so then you better do so now. Metasploit already has a module made for it so hackers are going to have a heyday with this xD. If your not sure your bash has been fixed you can type: env X="() { :;} ; echo busted" /bin/sh -c "echo completed" env X="() { :;} ; echo busted" `which bash` -c "echo completed" If it says busted then you are vulnerable to this exploit.
  23. Interesting...

    If Microcrap doesn't drop support for Minecraft on other platforms than sure enough they will find a way to hide a backdoor that allows them to spy and collect data on non-Windows/Xbox users also.
  24. This is really stupid... I could go on a rant about how much java sucks also but nothing in your post shows anything directly related to a problem with java. #1 You don't have to install the java plugin for your web browser to run wurm. Just download the the wurmclient.jnlp and execute it with javaws. #2 Your first problem was installing the correct java version(Yes it doesn't use the "newest" version of java since java 8 was just released as a stable version only at the beginning of this year). I don't know what the term "slackbuilding" means but I assume it doesn't mean compiling because your using Oracle java which means just installing binary files and creating symlinks. I haven't used slackware but I am sure it has a package manager that should do all that for you if not you can manually do it and it should takes less than 5 minutes on a fast connection. #3 You said you installed the right version of java and then wurm crashed after you clicked play. That could mean anything since you provided zero information other than your version of java. It may have nothing to do with Java or Wurm and that is usually the case. Try executing the client in a terminal emulator and diagnose the problem yourself or post the errors here. Also if you search the forums there are more common issues for windows users and most of them are just because they installed the wrong version of java for their architecture or they just do not have the correct video drivers installed. Wurm works really well on linux even using the open source nouveau driver for nvidia cards which normally doesn't work for most games. I have even gotten wurm running from just installing tarballs using the LFS and BLFS guide book but it turns out you have to retire if you want to have enough time to maintain it xD.