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  1. No patch notes, but this is now fixed since the last graphics update.
  2. Are they whitelight sermons or blacklight sermons? Up until recently whitelight sermons would give positive alignment to blacklighters. Whitelighters and blacklighters were not meant to sermon together, but that changed when Libila got ham-fisted into the freedom kingdom. I suspect a whitelight sermon now just gives a neutral alignment tick to blacklighters and you need to wait 30 minutes to try killing something to get a negative alignment tick. Alignment always has a 30 minute cool down so doing anything between that time will not change alignment. You can read about alignment here.
  3. -1 For it being a waste of time, bits, and CPU cycles just to render poop emoji images. Perhaps a better font that has more glyphs like the old font(so people can spam UTF-8 emojis again) would be more useful.
  4. Same result on allied deed, but it's on the same server and same area if those are factors.
  5. now "[08:26:58] A candle made from tallow repeatedly dipped around a cloth wick. It is glowing from the heat. Ql: 43.40421, Dam: 0.0." I checked about 15 real life hours later.
  6. Thanks for looking into this. I just placed "[17:25:50] A candle made from tallow repeatedly dipped around a cloth wick. It is glowing from the heat. Ql: 44.90421, Dam: 0.0." on a small table in a cave on my deed on Xanadu just now. I'll see exactly how long it takes for it to tick.
  7. Remember the logic was put in when floor boards needed 21 planks to create. Now it's easy enough to make 100s of them in a day, so hardly worth complaining about. Don't want some noob to come along and destroy an entire marsh field with just his shovel. Marsh cannot be recreated once it's destroyed. -1
  8. Archery is already very effective at killing if you invest the time of fletching, bowyery, and archery skill. It's used a lot in PvP, to an extent. But for "hunting", you can just walk up to a deer and slaughter it with an axe. There is no hunting, it's just fighting creatures that don't try to flee, even after being attacked. That's why archery isn't worth the time to use for "hunting". You might use it to kill or move a creature that's on a steep slope, and that's about it. There just isn't really many PvE situations where archery pays off and I hope that changes.
  9. I have no issues with running Wurm on my Debian11 machine. I installed Archlinux in VM and I'm able to reproduce this problem. I only installed xorg-server, dejavu-ttf fonts, and libgtk2, so I might try installing more things later to rule out any weird dependency issues. The strace output doesn't really help explain why the required libraries aren't being extracted. If that even is the problem, because I don't know. Wurm shouldn't just hang up like that either way.
  10. On my deed, placed candles never burn out on the surface when placed on a table. But inside the cave on the same deed, even using the same table, they always slowly lose quality and eventually burn out. It doesn't matter if it's inside a building or placed on another object, they always burn out when inside the cave. I don't see how this could be intended behavior. I also think placed oil lamps and lanterns might burn out too, but I haven't been able to confirm that because it takes so long for them to use up all their fuel. It's easy enough to reproduce, just light a candle in cave and place it on a table, come back a day later, and see that it has lost some quality. Now do the same on the surface and see that it hasn't lost any quality.
  11. I have a smelter doing the same thing. This bug didn't exist for me until after the update.
  12. "something is overpowered in PvP combat then it must also be overpowered in PvE combat." Is your quote, and not mine. As for staying on the topic of healing(and not addressing strawman arguments), I just can't find a good enough reason for why it needs to be changed for PvE only.
  13. If magic healing without a debuff is over powered for human vs human combat, then it's over powered for human vs NPC as well. Saying Fo priest just can't heal is an exaggeration and you know it. Fo sure some heal only for rift points, but you are addressing the wrong problem. git gud There is already too much code fragmentation between PvP and PvE. -1
  14. I'm guessing the sound was attached to old the fire particle effect and they forgot to add it to the new one?