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  1. getting some crashes with this mod on v1.9.0.0 With it on, it crashes to desktop. Off and It works fine. Log in Spoiler Log:
  2. Is this mod still being supported? I loved it, and WU v1.8 seemed to have borked it for me.
  3. Any chance to look at this Sophorino? I know a lot of folks are anxiously awaiting an update for it -Z
  4. Hi Sophorino- First off- love the mod Second- There's some issues with this and 1.6: getting some odd ghosting of Players, and Mobs. On Bdews Otherlands Test Server that is set up with the update. -Zarsynn
  5. On this note, I can create a pig roast, and set it 'in' the campfire. The graphic of the lonely campfire updates, and voila! a pig over the fire now exists..... Trouble is, it never changes from 'raw pig roast' to cooked, no matter how much wood I add to the fire. Is there something that needs to be added to it to get to complete? Or is it borked? (or, maybe porked.. :) ) Also- Is there a post with a list with known bugs for A1.3 so far? I'm not certain sometimes as to what i find is a bug, or just me not knowing something about the cooking update. It'd be helpful for those who are trying to test it out. -Z
  6. Ahhh---- I've been pulling out my hair with this, thinking it was due to the client mod loader or server mod loader! Since I've not got any herb growth in planters too, I imagine they are effected by lack of growth as well? Or has someone managed to get spices out of planters? Flowers are rare too on a custom map, even after letting the server run overnight, so not certain they are involved. Tried vanilla creative too (unmodded, even re-Downloaded the exe to be certain) and no growth at any stage. Is there a command to see the server tics as they occur? or are they all behind the scenes? -Z
  7. Only if you know where you are in the first place... I think Map is definetely the weakest part of the game. And, before you rant, yes. I know it is a survival/exploration game. But getting killed and then trying to find your body when you've journeyed across what feels like halfway across the map is more frustrating than anything. //Thank Goodness for easy on/off Dev abilities and the Ebony Wand! For others who read the thread and wonder RE the Multi-Box. Works like a charm. I can even give my deed to my ALT now.... Once I wait 24 real life hours to give the ALT the deed. (If you make them a villager first that is...just assumed that's what you needed to do. ) -Z
  8. Thanks all for the advice-- I'll try it! (And thanks Mod for moving ) @Brash- RE#1: Basically, If I wander for a real-life hour away from my Settlement, am I now in P12? R11? IE- a simple 'you are here' pin would be very helpful. No need for zoom etc, but I'm leery to wander away far without paving a way back. I better bring an extra shovel.....
  9. hi All- New Wurmer here thanks to Unlimited. I like the depth of the building and the exploring. Lots of fun! Even a bit of fighting now and then to keep me on my toes--- an 'Adult Minecraft' mostly due to complexity as I tell my kids Anyway, I'm looking for some intermediate help- I got the basics down; server set up and surviving (cooking, foraging, smithing, building etc.) Most of the questions I have are around the Map and Settlements. Here' goes: In Adventure Mode, I see that the map is pretty static- am I wrong? That is, you can't really figure out where you are. I mean, you can see the towns IE- I'm in JK, and when I zoom in, It's a pretty picture though.....right? I made a settlement pretty close to Wirkshir in JK. (I think that's the name). I want to create another once I start exploring the map a bit more. One prob: I can't get rid of the settlement deed. I've read about other people on WO using different toons to give it to, but cannot, for the life of me, figure out how this works in a SP server. You can only log on once.... I've tried everything I can think of with my leveled toon to get rid of it: can't drop it, bank it, sell it, change with the Ebony wand if I switch my toon to a level 5 GM (or I don't know how), or even feed it to a dog. (yes, tried that...) I don't really want to start another toon just to make another settlement elsewhere on the map since I put so much time into leveling this one already. (I'm a great digger, as far as i can tell...) Is there some way to have multiple Settlements on WU? especially in SP? Adventure Mode vs Creative: do other things spawn in Creative games as they do in Adventure Mode? IE- towns, chests, guard towers etc? Or is it just the rendered map? It'd be great if the engine added some random POIs to any map once created and loaded up. Thx for any and all advice. -Z
  10. One Deed per toon as far as I can tell or have read about. It's causing me trouble in a single player game. I leveled up a toon to moderate level and want to create another settlement in a distant part of the map once I start exploring. Can't though, since I can't 'unmayor' myself. I'm a new Wurmer and have tried lots of ways so far, so it might just be noob cluelessness-- So far, I discovered I can't drop a Deed or put it into any container. Can't Bank it, and even changing server power to 5 on the toon in the server App (IE- a GM+) doesn't seem to be able to fix it with the Ebony Wand. (Or I don't know how anyway...) Can't give it to another character either since I can only log on with 1 at a time. Until (if?) they allow us to log on with multiple clients, single players need to be careful when choosing where to start a Settlement on each toon. If someone has a suggestion, or a way to do this, please post! Even with 'alts' as I have read. As a single player, can't figure out how to accomplish! Thx. -Z