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  1. Ok thanks, but i know that. Im looking for a way to flatten a zone by only raising OR lowering the area, the focus zone makes both.
  2. Hello, is there a Option for Flattening a Zone to raise OR lower only the land and not both? Or is there another way for flattening a Zone in one step wich only raises OR lowers the land?
  3. Its a great Map, i love it. What are the Settings for the Ores on it?
  4. These are my settings, made them before i started the Server the first Time.
  5. Just found this: Should solve my Problem
  6. Hello is there a Way to see as GM Tiles with Water sources? or to create a Tile, so that i dont need to rund over the Map with a Pendulum.
  7. Hello everyone, first, sorry for my Bad english. To my Problem: I have downloaded a costum Map and started the Map with a empty/rebuild DB. The settings for the Server "no Home Server", "Home Server Kingdom=0". After Server start i founded a permanent Deed wich is Chosen as Start Town for Jenn-Kellon and another Deed with Mol-Rehan. When i join the Server with a new Character i can only Chose between "none" or "Freedom Isle" Kingdom. What have i to do to make these Kingdoms choseable?