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  1. hello I am Dan and i started a pve server named Atrax Pve Creative -new players welcome we have a teamspeak 3 server to use and we dont have many rules as of yet but a few friends will be playing ............. come join us in teamspeak 3 and give us ideas..... pass storm we also use the ts3 for other games on steam and just as a meeting place............. also have a back up ts if needed add me on steam my name is in all caps...... ASPYREFTW add me on steam for more information http://steamcommunity.com/id/ASPYREFTW/
  2. Dragons Retreat PvE

    me and a friend play my friend is new to wurm as I am i wil have this server till alteast summer ............. just getting people to join that is the hard point the server is only $7.49 a month so i can afford it .... no problem add me on steam we can talk: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ASPYREFTW
  3. thank you for this i am gonna generate a map for my server and set it up fully ...... DRAGONS RETREAT ISLE! thank you so much
  4. Dragons Retreat PvE

    Dragon Retreat Isle no pvp SETTINGS TO BE DETERMINED teamspeak 3 server is: address : prime17.bluefangsolutions.com:9989 pass : wurm join if you like custom map ..... as of midnight thursday to friday the server will be online after midnight sometime...... on nov 6 2015 look for it then!
  5. New and Looking for Friends in steam for this game add me at WIleyDan on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/ASPYREFTW/ or add me on skype Chaosbolt85 I am starting a server look for my post in the PVE SERVER FORUMS..... roar for WURM UNLIMITED!