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  1. Lol, you are pushing wrong button Gringal. Anyway I wish you Merry Christmas if you don't want to talk to me anymore.
  2. Gringal, there's no way now I'll ever buy your BS story that you wanted to convert desert into steppe just to hunt bisons there or "it wasn't us, it's anonymous". It's clear to me now it's just your crusade against Broc driven by blinded hate caused by something he said some time ago, for what he tried to apologize. In your eyes you might see your self as victim, but you are no sweet sunshine either. Grow up Gringal and try to develop some social skills along the way. Like accepting an apology. So next time someone crosses you path of rage we won't have to go all over this again.
  3. Gringal, you are implying someone framed you that thread on same day you started converting Skeleton Desert into steppe. That thread says people posted there 19 days ago, so 2105-12-03, same day you started converting steppe. So someone pooled out of thin air whole thread at same time you started to convert desert into steppe just to lynch you? I have hard time to believe that someone actually wants to frame you anything. I don't think I ever said anything to offend you. Mike as I said before, that agreement was made on false assumption that your only goal was to change desert into steppe. That change was done in wrong way made by only your decision, our only option was to save what was able to save. As I said before, be it steppe or sand it can't be only decided by few players.
  4. You have it in your logs too, same as Mike and Broc. I hope same logs are kept on server too. Prove it I'm wrong and I will appologize to you and to Mike.
  5. Sorry Mike, you and Gringal are not victims here, tho you are trying to play it that way. It's not first time you (or your friends) using autism to insult Broc. [21:48:30] <Gringal> >cant have nice things since autism triggered by change I didn't want to interfer at start but took few minutes to see what you are [21:10:01] <Alke> seems like there's some disagreement [21:10:15] <Mikesandy> don't care [21:12:05] <Mikesandy> a month from now there won't be a desert here [21:12:20] <Mikesandy> might pave a road through it too [21:15:05] <Alke> hasn't this been desert for long time? [21:15:14] <Mikesandy> yup, time for a change Griffits post just opened my eyes wider. So you are saying misterinformed framed you? Person (or obvious forum alt) who trolled Brocs recruiting post and blamed him for stealing from his villagers. Funny, you used the same words before [21:45:11] <Mikesandy> especially brocules, who steals from his own villagers Man up already as Gringal said and finally take some responsibility for your actions. That's least you can do.
  6. Sorry Jake, how would you translate this then we're not turning a desert into a steppe because we can we're turning a desert into a steppe because we like ruining autist lives We're turning a desert into steppe because we like ruining long houses lives? Yeah, that makes sence. But lets not make this a case, let community decide what should be out of Skeleton Desert.
  7. Thank you Uisge. That insults go on and on. I've been in Black Pearl for less then 2 months and I've seen it several times. Now that we know who you are Melzen we will speak to you. That agreement was made on one big fat lie, just to use Wulfgarrs words. That lie was that you intended to convert desert because you want to hunt bisons there. Your only purpose was to grief Broc and Griffith provided proof: Methshot Methshot come join muh village on Exodus we turning a desert into a steppe just because we can join #HBE go to and use the interface there if you cannot into IRC otherwise 2 days ago Sir_Gallonhead Sir_Gallonhead to join the village go to, register for a free account, skip the tutorial (or not, it's srs useful info for the game) and spawn on exodus in the freedom cluster. 2 days ago Sharpcharm Sharpcharm we're not turning a desert into a steppe because we can we're turning a desert into a steppe because we like ruining autist lives 2 days ago Harmless_Venom Harmless_Venom You call that community project? And there's autism thing again. Gringal, you think it's funny when autism "kicks in"? Takes special type of cruel to enjoy ruining lives of autists. You dropped the deed in that part of Skeleton Desert naming it R.I.P Desert, mayor of that deed is Tenglemepeck. Now that is really mature. Yeah, name of that deed is just in purpose to promote steppe and hunting? Nice alliance and empire, btw. Three deeds of yours including RIP Desert. Friends leaving you is not Brocs fault. You are so full of anger and you can't do anything right: griefing, trolling Brocs recruitment post, your deeds, not even turning desert into steppe. So maybe it's your fault for friends leaving you. And I can't blame them for leaving you. Turning to community is not to gain their sympathy. It's how it should be done. It's not true only you hunt there, I've seen in local many names. It is community hunting area yet you never asked of community opinion. This can't be only yours decision since this will be model for all other griefers on all other servers. Be it community chooses steppe or sand, we will honor that opinion. And there's huge steppe (Badlands on community map) just 5 minute ride from you. Last time I was there, there was dozens of bisons (in herds) and hellhorses. Next time I went there I didn't even made it there since I spend more then an hour hunting just around Blackburn Estate on my way to Badlands.
  8. I see this topic as chance for both sides to do this thing right way, either would it be steppe or sand. You should all know better then myself that Skeleton Desert has long been community hunting area. That desert was changed without anyone asking about community opinion. Lets not bring emotions into this and please stay on topic. If anyone wants their opinion to count please use your real accounts and not forum alts.
  9. Right now we have options to Light up certain radius, summon corpse and town teleport. How about adding new spells? Those could be new spells or certain priest spells with limited effect, like buff and healing spells. Maybe refresh. Or even some unique item rewards that have only cosmetic purpose, like straw hats, capes etc. This would add more meaning to playing personal achievements.
  10. +1 as long there's no chance for abuse.. i don't see any harm of having NPC to tend your animals for example while you are on short brake from a game, so paying them would be renting them for limited time. I would also like to see NPC in starter towns that will replace recruitment board, or have both NPC and board. Something like herald, not sure if that's right name, you know - person that was responsible to spread news in medieval, with drum or trumpet. And please make recruitment board little bigger.
  11. No flutes or similar solutions please. Where's hunting in that? That's just solution for FS grinders.
  12. Anyone else noticed that warm, hot, etc. status of items in smelter or oven doesn't updates until window reopening?
  13. This one really was strange to me. Materials for Archery target 2 shafts 7 large nails 4 planks 1 rope Why planks and large nails, 7 of them? You don't need large nails to make large cart.
  14. Not sure if anyone suggested this under exploration: Right clik on tent gives option to go to Sleep. Sleep bonus may be same as given from sleeping in bed or for example 1/3 of it. This could also be applied to bed ql or type. Also, making bed for new player is really hard, getting cotton, then making loom, then kill a few bears (with med shield and small sword??? that's not even funny, that's mean!) then all the failurs once you gather all materials, then material loss. Add straw bed that would require simple materials or bed roll.