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  1. Guard tower: Yes, there is a deed there, but I swear I needed to find this for an old map and had no idea where it was. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#2646,7356 Jpopper 378 (Surefall Bay T13)
  2. I would be interested in 2 Wurm University Tall Banners and 2 Flags, if available.
  3. I'm working on perimeter but I haven't gotten a pen made yet. There are a lot of goblins around, and other desert critters. Also, there will be plenty of resources up the mountainside, in case anyone wants to plan for climbing.
  4. Yes, this is very short notice, but I just tracked this down for a specific location. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#5804,4100 If there aren't people here, I'm not sticking around
  5. So we just leave them in the coop? I thought we needed to put them on the ground for them to hatch, but if they will possibly hatch if I leave them there, even better!