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    Currently working towards 100 Fletching (99.15 currently), as well as any other skills along the way. Bowyery should probably be next...only 77.34.

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  1. I didn't keep track of all the info, so I can't fill everything in, but I did find a cache with 20 fragments. My reports were in the 70s for ql, my arch was 89 when I found it, and being on Indy...I really don't remember how old the deed was. I was VERY surprised to get 20, but I know I didn't get anything super fantastic. Higher ql is always nice, just no really rare pieces that I noticed.
  2. OK, finally found something I can't live without.
  3. Not sure if the timing will work out or not, but I would love to participate. I had a great time at the Lunalong and I have some tools that are badly in need of some TLC! I have quite a few skills at 70+, but it looks like most are already covered. I fill in where I can.
  4. Logged on, so hopefully good to go?
  5. Rift May 28

    We got the trees and such cut down yesterday, and there is some hilly terrain for the rift. I guess forethought was a good thing, as we won't be able to do anything until the servers are back up. At least we are mostly ready to go!
  6. Nice little gathering...not hard to find, either.
  7. Looks possible, so I may have to take a break from building my new knarr.
  8. I try to mine what I can when I pass through, but I don't have tons of time to sit and just mine there. Hopefully the little bit I get each time does help. I understand the desire to have an open waterway, and not have to maneuver around those darned columns of metals...
  9. The gift was much appreciated! Thank you so much!
  10. longbow staff iron lump send to jingerjas, please! Thanks so much. This is a good idea for cleaning out all the extra stuff we tend to accumulate!
  11. There isn't a lot of space at this site (so I really hope we have the right place!), and carts/horses aren't even necessary. We will be very crowded in, so just jam in where you can.
  12. OK, I think we found the location. The tower was hidden on a hill, behind a cedar grove, just off the waterline. Confused? Yep, we were too! I did cut down some of the cedars at the water level, to help make it more obvious something is going on. There are a couple boats already, with my Kitten's Triumph moored there. If desired, I can replant the cedars I cut...I have some sprouts with me! Just wanted to make it a little easier to see, open some space and provide a lot of wood if anyone needs it.
  13. anything more specific for location? this doesn't appear to be as obvious as it originally sounded...