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    Currently working towards 100 Fletching (99.15 currently), as well as any other skills along the way. Bowyery should probably be next...only 77.34.

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  1. It happened to pop up close to where I was camping, so I hopped over to get it set up. I really don't want to do this on my own, and the location is fantastic for terrain and accessibility. Previous rift was nearby, so alters close. http://celebration.yaga.host/#922,1496 P16
  2. I got suckered in by an existing player to be a slave on the deed...Or rather, I did all the physical labor in exchange for a place to stay. It worked, since I didn't want to create my own deed and I had no idea what I was getting in to. I like Wurm because I could just do crafting and explore various skills, and it wasn't like so many other games where you kinda HAVE to fight and struggle to survive on a minute by minute basis. I wanted to focus on the crafting aspect and I just hadn't been drawn to anything until Wurm. It helped having someone already here to explain things, and while it took me a good 5 years to be comfortable enough to travel on my own, I'm now having a good time exploring the various servers and finding the old deeds. With the addition of Archaeology, I think that really kicked it up a notch for me and what I enjoy. There are so many skills I do enjoy working on and while grinding can be very tedious, there is still a sense of satisfaction to get to that next level and people are more than supportive of that insanity. The Impalongs and such have also been a wonderful piece of the experience, and I have enjoyed participating and giving back to the community. Yes, I know plenty of people sell skills or materials for in game money (I have upon occasion). I don't mind doing things for the sheer fact of doing them though, and helping others out is a great way to connect and get to know other people in game. I honestly don't have any desire to play other games, as this one does take a chunk of commitment to build skills or explore the vast areas that are available. I know there are plenty of ways in Wurm could be improved, but for now, I roll with the punches and just have fun with doing what I enjoy.
  3. One the one hand, this sounds great, on the other, it sounds like more work than just sitting there and cooking! I need to do this at some point, I only have 110 recipes so far, but I don't know if I'm ready for this kind of commitment. I can definitely supply people paper if they want/need it. I am working on papyrus making right now, and my low ql paper is 30+ql. Just throwing it out there if that would help someone else get more motivation than I have.
  4. Nope, not seeing how that would benefit anyone at all, sorry. It's already a pain in the butt getting high ql wood, and those of us really trying to get woodcutting up for decent logs would get completely screwed by that change. Tree ql is what it is. They take damage very quickly, so if you cut, you need to use it promptly or it starts decaying. To me, that helps mitigate the "too much of a good thing" attitude this is implying. And trees are a renewable resource, so it's not like we'll run out. Ores are more of a danger of running out, as they don't "grow" like trees. I'd rather have focus on skills than changing QL of resources...
  5. Heading in that direction, so hopefully I can get there before the beginning.
  6. The Lunalong on Xan is in Dec, if I remember right. I know she said she was in the planning stages, so it sounds like a go.
  7. 20S...I'll go for it! In game to Jingerjas.
  8. A room for JingerJAS would be appreciated! Since I apparently lost my journals, I'll need to work on new ones for imping.
  9. Aww! Poor babies! They must be avenged!!
  10. OK, that is actually much cuter than the normal ones. I would consider having one for a pet.
  11. Looks like I will be able to make it there, at least for part. A room would be helpful, if there are any left! Jingerjas