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  1. Or they could be clay, as I can imp them as necessary. If possible, runes for increased volume would be great, as well. Just let me know what you have and price/trade value. Message here or JingerJAS in game.
  2. Players can auction items, and if someone disbands their deed and auctions all the rare and unique items, that's not a huge deal. The GMs are still people and part of the community, so I don't see a problem with them selling off some of the items they have sitting around. They can be part of the game and culture just as much as any other player. I honestly don't see these auctions any differently than the players that sell off/auction all their rare items and I can't win because I don't have 4g (and I am not using real $$ to convert to coin!). Yes, it can seem that "only the richest" players will benefit...but guess what?? Everyone starts at ground zero at some point! I didn't have tons of money when I first started playing, so no, I couldn't buy any of the cool things. Fast forward 8 years, and now I do have in game money to buy things. Because people hoard the rare things, I know there are MANY items I will never get because they are so hard to come by. Economies ebb and flow, so at some point if something becomes so common, the price will drop and then the poorer/newer people have a chance to snatch things up. Part of the draw for this game to me is that fact that there are so many people willing to give/donate/share when someone is in need. I have had a couple items turn rare at impalongs, which was so nice as I got a rare high ql item back! I've made a few rares, I've been gifted some cool rare items....yet on the flip side I've had rare/supreme items stolen from me by nefarious players. Friends stepped up to replace what they could, and that goodwill carries well beyond that simple act. I go out of my way at times to help others, passing that spirit along to the next player. The bottom line is, while buying things is the most direct way to get something rare/valuable, it's not the ONLY way, and just by playing the game you will come across plenty of treasure in many forms. It's OK to have fun, this is just a game! I want the GMs and Devs to play, too, so they understand when we do bring up issues. And I admit, I like being turned into weird random things at impalongs!
  3. Sucked in by someone else... "It's fun!" he said "You'll like it!" he said "Oh yeah and by the way, you'll be my slave and do all the chores on the deed. That's ok, right?"
  4. So I like all the seasons, obviously with the different harvesting and such BUT I do have to say I really like winter. I like seeing where I'm going, if I'm about to be jumped by 5 trolls, and just have a less claustrophobic experience while exploring. Plus, snowballs are very helpful for food storage. I do like Spring, so that is my next pick, as things start to grow and you can still see around you pretty well. That's just me, I know. I don't mind having the different seasons, as it also helps display the passing of time, which can get lost if you see the same environment day in and day out.
  5. I still buy premium with money, and honestly, for the cost of ONE fast food lunch, I can play Wurm all month. I don't see it as anything over the top and I don't mind supporting a game I enjoy. I like the extra marks, too, which is a nice benefit for the prem time purchase. It's great you want to help others, and hopefully people appreciate that! I'd send my son over, but I just bought him a couple months prem time, in hopes we'll have the black friday sale again.