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  1. Rift: May 18

    There are actually two bear spawners in the area, so yes, there are a lot of bears!
  2. That terrain looks brutal
  3. Rift May 9th

    Sorry I forgot...I could've actually come, too.
  4. Could I get a room reservation, please? If I bring my alt, I'll just have her stay in the camp ground.
  5. I finally got my first deed, so could you add The Heaviside Layer? https://xanadu.yaga.host/#367,3443 Thanks!
  6. So, I waited the obligatory 3 days, tried to sign up with the same email that has my main, and still...zip! I know there was mention of issues with emails supported by gmail. Does that include Yahoo? That is my email, so I'm beginning to think this is the issue.
  7. So this was the first comment that caught my eye...YES! The journal has been fun in that it does help encourage working in different skills to get people to maybe try things they haven't done before. The problem has been, though, that there isn't an equal distribution to the skills. It looks like the rework idea is supposed to address that, which is great! However, only skipping ONE task per tier is still going to be limiting...do I still grind meditation to get to that unobtainable level (for me!) or do I still try to catch that huge fish I don't care about? Granted, most of the tasks are doable given enough time and blind luck. There are a few, though, that are just.... Also noted were the comments for the treasure hunt. That sounds like a LOT of fun! I do explore more than I used to and I do enjoy the foraging/botanizing/archaeology aspect of things. I do agree, though, that TRACKING would be a good addition. I want to grind that more, but there just really isn't a reason on PvE. Yes, some people can see it as pointless, but ya know, different people like trying different things. I don't mind working on a new skill to get to a certain level or to potentially find new things. For some of us that is the appeal of Wurm and all the options. I'd also love to be able to find cool treasure. I am not a looter (or any other kinder word, recycler, salvager, etc) and I often feel I do miss out on some of the more unique or valuable items just because I don't have the time/patience/skills to break down walls, etc to get the items. I don't begrudge anyone that does that, don't get me wrong. It would just be nice to find cool stuff without fighting off a bunch of other players trying to get there first. Another mentioned issue is figuring out how the camps and treasure guards would work. I also agree to not kick them up to the point of needing a hunting party. Yes, it is fun to play with others and have a group project; HOWEVER we are all on different time zones, not everyone has a devoted chunk of time to go hunting, not everyone has high fighting skills, etc. Rifts are different in that you know where they are, you know what you are fighting, and we know to work as a group and protect those that are injured/dying or have very little skill (to the best of our ability). Considering how much conflict has been raised due to unique specialty hunting parties, do we really need to add this strife into the mix? If someone wants to organize a group to go looking for treasure, great. It shouldn't be required, as you would get the "professional" treasure hunters collecting pieces of the map/going out of their way to get what they can and then just inviting their friends to snag up what they can. The workaround I can see for that is if there is basically the unlimited possibility for treasure...then that might not be a huge deal. It still seems better to leave that to those that want to search on their time and not depend on a group to be able to get together. (case in point, it took our group of 6-8 two months to find a time to go through one of the mazes together...it took that long to find a day/time we'd all be on and could play. Even then, a couple had to stop because it took way longer than they were able to play.) All in all I see the ideas being worked on as fun and a move in the direction to give us what we've been asking for-the ability to do more and adding extra challenges. I'm not sure how else to say this, but there is no one way to play Wurm! It can be crafting, fighting, exploring, fishing, hunting...the list goes on and on. Adding the variety keeps everyone playing instead of just catering to a select few that ONLY want to xxxxxx. If there weren't new things to do or new skills to work on, I know I would've left a lonnngggg time ago!
  8. This is my first, and hopefully only!, alt account. I made sure the email was different than my main account, but I don't have unlimited emails to keep setting up attempts. I'll just have to wait and see if I can get this to go through in a couple days.
  9. I checked all the obvious things, and cleaned out my spam folder immediately, just so anything new would really stand out. I guess I'll go monkey with it a bit more and see if I can figure out what is going on...
  10. I didn't see anything recent, so I just wanted to ask. I wanted to create a new character in game, and went through the initial set up; however how long does it take to get the email for the next step in registration? I have been waiting for about 12 or so hours, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn't panicking for nothing. If I need to be patient, that is fine. Most of the time these things seem to be fairly quick. I also am curious so I can let my son know when he's ready for his own Wurm insanity. Thanks!
  11. Happy Easter!

    Can we find eggs now? I've seen the bunny, but no eggs...
  12. I can see this as a multi-layered issue and while I do see some of the issues you are pointing out, there are other aspects that people choose to focus on which makes their use of alts perfectly acceptable to their game play. I am one that has had a single character the whole time I've been playing. I honestly couldn't understand how or why people would want to have multiple characters, and it seemed to me to make the game that much more complicated. However, this does go to how someone wants to play/enjoy the game. As Hvergi points out...some people like playing on their own, supplying their village and having various characters to build different skills with. Yes, it can seem to be "unfair" to a certain point, if someone is using an alt to mine while working on other things; HOWEVER why does that provide an issue to other players?? This discussion can go on and on, and I get it. I just wanted to say, yes I understand the basis for the comments, although at the end of the day, what does it really matter to everyone else in general? My main issue with alts has been (and probably always will be!) when it comes to unique hunts. People bring their 10 alts to get more blood/scale, which in the end reduces what everyone gets, since as I understand it, there is xx amount per creature (scale/hide, not blood!) which is divided amongst everyone in local. So, if there are 250, people get less per character because of the excess of alts. Honestly, though, that is a minor issue. At the end of the day...who cares?? Money goes into supporting alts, as they have to be premium to gain a lot of these benefits, and if someone wants to spend $$$$ like that, sure, whatever. It would be nice if people were more cooperative in play, so alts aren't as necessary, as I caught as part of your point. Xan will really not allow that, with the current player base. I mean, I don't mind helping people out, but the alliance I'm part of is all the wayyyyyyyy up north and I'm all the wayyyyyyy down south. Travel time alone isn't workable. Other servers, it's much easier to run across the continent to help out. We all have different time zones, amounts of time to play, interests....those of us that can connect and play together, we do. One reason I like attending impalongs. I was soooo hesitant to do that in the beginning, but as my skill set grew, it just made sense to start to help others out where I could. We get together, we play silly games, we get things imped or enchanted, we go home. I I definitely like the PvE aspect....BUT I HATE THE PVP AND IT FRUSTRATES ME THAT PEOPLE PLAY THAT WAY!! While most people enjoy the cooperative play, there are those that, well, don't. I still can't believe someone stole my supreme chisel, rare rake, rare rope tool, golden scythe and teddy bear FROM MY (supposedly locked) TENT when I was out rifting/exploring!! I mean....seriously??? The attitude is out there of "if I can take it, I will!" That alone leaves many people very hesitant to open up to "strangers" when asking for help or needing a service. If someone has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their deed/game play in general, I absolutely understand the thinking that making alts is much more secure and in general safer. Yes, this topic can continue on and on...those were just a couple points that I've been thinking about and have thought about since I started playing. That said, I am going to be making my first alt, and here's why....I want to deed a piece of land, but I don't want to leave the deed/community I'm already a part of. I just want to have a piece of land that I can work, that isn't attached to what is already existing, and know that other people aren't going to mess with it (points to full paragraph above). I absolutely don't mind sharing, and my "deed" has been open up to this point for others to use if needed. I'm just over the idea of some taking advantage and want to protect this pet project I want to have. Again, I don't have unlimited time and I won't be playing that one much...I love my main and have worked hard with it. This alt is a potential for moving into priest skills, which will be different than existing priests in my community. I just need a "place holder" for deeding and that's about it. Everyone game plays differently, so unfortunately, I don't see this being a prospect that will ever realistically happen. Some enjoy the challenge of multiple toons, some don't.
  13. Where are the pics?? My guess of 263 in local was low, and I think people would enjoy the view of so many characters drawn together for a single event.
  14. OOOhhhhh!! This could be fun, if we needed to also get priests to dispel energies, etc. Hmmm, this could have a lot of cross potential for different players/skills...