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  1. Hey, need some advice. Some random player put up a settlement deed somewhere he was not supposed to and an admin deleted the token instead of disbanding it. Is there a way to disband the settlement "remotely" using commands, or spawning in a new token with the settlement attributes or something. Thanks, Carbonade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOLVED with help from the guys at the wurm ultimate IRC channel: Open the wurmzones.db (in Serverfiles /Adventure/sqlite/wurmzones.db) with a database browser. I used Find the settlement in the table and look up its ID. Copy or remember that ID. Ingame as a GM, use the wand and rightclick the ground > create > Settlement Token You will get a Settlement token in your inventory, drop it on the ground. Then right-click the token and Item>Set data, and set "data 2" to be the same as the settlement ID. The token is now a token for the town you want to disband.