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  1. WTS Rare Oven & Forge - SPs

    1x rare oven 1x rare forge 3 SP pickup NE Xanadu
  2. wts rare forge & oven

    wts rare: forge & oven. also have 3x SP that can be delivered/picked up too. PM for delivery or pickup
  3. Cheap garage sale

    90.25 stone chisel. 10c Mrzodiac
  4. WTS rare forge & oven & unfinished marble brazier

    Rare unfinished marble brazier pillar sold.
  5. rare forge rare oven rare unfinished marble brazier pillar pm in game @ mrzodiac will deliver
  6. Tools for Sale

    Iron Tools: Bulk Tools for Enchanters: Weapons: Horse Shoes:
  7. Horse Shoes
  8. Bulk Tools for Sale

    Click link to view bulk to for sale.
  9. wts 93ql star emerald

    pm me in forum or in game @ mrzodiac
  10. supreme iron lamp 7s rare iron lamp 2s both for 8s
  11. WTS Shields

    Large Iron Shield 77ql 50c Large Birchwood Shield 55ql 89coc 85c Iron Shield 43ql 85coc 75c PM in game @ Mrzodiac
  12. 6x 60ql range 25x 70ql range 1x 80ql range 32x total asking 2.9s for the lot i also have: 1x oakenwood mallet 81ql 41coc 1x oakenwood mallet 81ql 35coc 1x oakenwood mallet 80ql 17coc