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  1. WTS silver - 1s=1usd thru paypal wts rare clays, iron lumps, mortar message mrzodiac
  2. WTS 50ql Iron Lamps - 9c each Message me in game @ MrZodiac
  3. Mortar: 3x supreme - 40c 6x rare -20c Marble brick - 25c Iron Lump - 20c Stone Shards: 1x supreme - 9c 4x rare - 4c
  4. message me for pricing: will continue to update as created. 2x supreme mortar 4x rare mortar 1x rare marble brick 1x rare plank 4x rare rock stone shard 1x supreme stone rock shard 1x rare iron lump
  5. 1x supreme stone shard [20c] 4x rare stone shards [8c each]
  6. wts: 3x rare stone shards 1x supreme stone shard 2x 45ql saddles - 10c each 40x horseshoes ranging from 20ql [2c each] to 70ql [5c each] long bow willow 65ql - 5c longbow willow b63bt21 -60c 4x 70ql huge axes -5c 5x 70ql two handed swords -5c 2x willow fishing rods - 5c each opal willow staff - 10c sleep powders 3x - 1s each fireworks champagne goblin skulls 2x Frost Turrets - best offer 10x meditations rugs large crates bsbs large chests
  7. slate brick, sandstone shards. yea or nay
  8. Rare Oven Rare Forge 3 SPs Message me in game MrZodiac