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  1. howdy, i been using this since the day it hit and i love it, however here lately i am seeing a trend and its like nails on a chalk board to me.


    Take a look at this map....




    Neato, but square.  No matter how many times i go through it, even with a seed i manually input, its square. There may be some varied areas, but its still pretty much square.


    Is there something i am doing wrong here?  It did not do this until 2.2.  Hundreds of generations later, the map comes out roughly the same, nice and square. Perhaps its something i am not setting properly? 

  2. Hi I'm relatively new to modding in java but I've programmed in other languages. The weird thing about the server.jar is I am seeing lots of "Compiled code" in all of the class files which I cannot edit.


    This is kind of frustrating knowing what I want to do but being unable to do it.


    Could someone tell me how to unlock/decompile the code? Is there source code out there that I've missed?


    Maybe I'm using the wrong tool for the job? (Netbeans 8.1)