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  1. Guess its being looked into then. 30ish ql fishing net in a storage chest, got 30 dmg in a little over a day or two
  2. Would be nice if more things would go into the feed box, such as cut grass (which chickens eat outside of the coop) and also corn kernels (fish bait), not only the whole corn cobs. Most fish bait should fit in the feeder, like wurms and grubs also. Maybe also the ability to "crush" bread or other items into "chicken feed" (crumbs in the case of bread)? The "Only seeds" is kinda harsh. Hope others have other good suggestions for things to fit in the coop feeder, and that this might be added!=)
  3. My bad, missed the scale purchase. Cod the hide then please
  4. - ql91 red dragon scale, leather, 0.17 weight for 50c per 0.01 - ql94 black dragon hatchling dark hide, leather, 0.02 weight. for 40c per 0.01 If agreeable, Cod to Tallion please
  5. Closed

    Thank you very much.
  6. Closed

    Nr. 19, Botd 95 Saw please. Cod Tallion
  7. Got a runed mailbox, able to mail one of them Longbows? If so, id like the middle one with AD please.
  8. 30c, CoC grooming brush to Tallion please Edit: and the 20c Rake 61 Coc
  9. Folkvangr

    Loving the map! Volcano is awesome and dosnt feel out of place I've set up a trade hub on the volcano island, using it as a spawn/safe area. Aum's really made a masterpiece here. As you can see there are large mountains aswell as flats. Mountains are very smooth and wont cause alot of sticky impassable slopes. Many thanks to Aum for this!
  10. Just for fun it would be nice to name our spirit templars. "Was just minding my own business leveling my deed when a black wolf attacked me! Luckily Sir Hummlewerdt came running and saved me." -random noob
  11. Title. Traps on mobs would be neat, though its easy to see how some would kill all kinds of powerful mobs by planting tons of traps. A mob could get a trap immunity after triggering one?
  12. Title says it=) Would be really great being able to have 2 backpacks on the mount, extremely usefull for hunting trips. If considered OP, could be limited to certain items.
  13. Pretty much what title says. Ive got a server running a custom map, with freedom kingdom. Epic setting is on and i see the game refer to its cluster as "epic" now and then, but the locate artifact spell gives the "The artifact was cloaked from sight by the gods" message. I would really love to add the artifacts somehow. Any way to mod it? (I know i can simply spawn them in, but this is not a creative map. Its with other players playing fair adventure. Simply spawning em in random and giving em to people would be somewhat retarded. Ive thought of some workarounds if its not possible, like having people make a specific number of mats, items etc and "sacrifice it" to my gm for a random artifact. The sacrifice being extereme and worthy of an artifact) Pretty much i want everything wurm has to offer available on my server.