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  1. [Fixed] Spyglass crashes the game

    causes a crash for me aswell. Bobbing on
  2. Guess its being looked into then. 30ish ql fishing net in a storage chest, got 30 dmg in a little over a day or two
  3. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    +1 Would be great
  4. Chicken coop feed.

    Would be nice if more things would go into the feed box, such as cut grass (which chickens eat outside of the coop) and also corn kernels (fish bait), not only the whole corn cobs. Most fish bait should fit in the feeder, like wurms and grubs also. Maybe also the ability to "crush" bread or other items into "chicken feed" (crumbs in the case of bread)? The "Only seeds" is kinda harsh. Hope others have other good suggestions for things to fit in the coop feeder, and that this might be added!=)
  5. New Wall Types

  6. Sell rare stuff or potions/oil

    My bad, missed the scale purchase. Cod the hide then please
  7. Sell rare stuff or potions/oil

    - ql91 red dragon scale, leather, 0.17 weight for 50c per 0.01 - ql94 black dragon hatchling dark hide, leather, 0.02 weight. for 40c per 0.01 If agreeable, Cod to Tallion please
  8. Rares/Supremes/Fantastics! New stuff added today!

    All drake hide to tallion please
  9. Closed

    Thank you very much.
  10. Closed

    Nr. 19, Botd 95 Saw please. Cod Tallion